Two Player Starter Box - Wave 2 Kickstarter Add On

Two Player Starter Box - Wave 2 Kickstarter Add On

$110.00 AUD

The Two Player Starter Box is available as an add-on from our Wave 2 Kickstarter,  therefore you must already have backed us for one of the 4 core pledges to include the starter box in your pledge.

The Two Player Starter Box contains everything you need to play the game, including 3 finely detailed, high quality plastic, miniatures of the wave 1 heroes Rakkir and Bastian, and the monster Gloom.

Included in the box are:

  • 3 finely detailed, 54mm scale, high quality plastic miniatures
  • Professionally illustrated "Shadow Plane" theme 2 foot, quad-fold, square gaming board
  • 32 page full colour rule book
  • 7 professionally illustrated hero/monster cardboard standees
  • 8 professionally illustrated cardboard measuring widgets
  • 10 Judgement 6 sided dice
  • 2 standard 6 sided dice
  • 46 in-game status tokens
  • 30 full colour, double sided cards (6 heroes, 3 monsters, 2 shrines, 13 magical artefacts)

The Kickstarter price includes a 21% discount and is estimated the starter box will ship in October 2018.