MEGA Pack - 10 Heroes


It includes:

- 10 mighty Judgement heroes of your choice

- A set of 10 Judgement dice

- A set of Judgement plastic illustrated tokens (55 in total covering all 19 heroes in the game plus the generic statuses and effects)

- Hero/Monster Card Pack (45 double sided, full colour Kickstarter Exclusive statistics cards, includes 2 bonus heroes not on the Kickstarter).

- 2 Magic Artefact card decks (26 full colour cards in total)

- Neutral monster (Gloom) paper doll + 50mm round base + statistics card

- A double sided thick card 2 foot square battle board. Each side depicts a professionally illustrated battle mat which includes illustrated placements of Effigies, Shrines, Soul Pits, Neutral Monster camps and terrain.

- 32 page full colour A5 Core Rule Book

- Judgement Widget set (7 pieces)

- Neoprene Gaming Mat

Note: this product will not ship immediately. It is set up for late pledges of the Judgement Kickstarter and will ship with the rest of the Kickstarter pledges. Scheduled for September 2017.

Note: Late backers of this pledge will not receive the free unlocked Gloom model, that is being left as a reward for the early Kickstarter backers.