King of the Grove I

We are excited to announce the first of many events to be held at a great new venue in Sydney, Kingsgrove RSL. Gunmeister Games thanks Company of Dice ( for sponsoring this event and allowing us to use their newly acquired gaming club venue.

This is a fully licensed venue, great food options, comfortable gaming room and very close to Kingsgrove train station.

King of the Grove I

Date: Sunday 18th March 
Cost: $20, $15 goes towards prize support and $5 towards Company of Dice.
Number of rounds: 3.


10:00 am Welcome and Registration
10:30-12:00 Round 1 (3v3) Random cobblestone map (2 foot diameter)
12:00-1:30 pm Round 2 (3v3) Random cobblestone map (2 foot diameter)
1:30-2:00 pm Lunch
2:00-3:30 Round 3 (3v3) Random swamp map (2 foot diameter)
3:30-5:30 pm Round 4 (5v5) Random cobblestone map (3 foot diameter)
5:30pm Presentation and finish
All games will be using the Pick ‘n’ Ban format.

Game Timing:

Each player is given 45 minutes for 3v3 games and 55 minutes for 5v5 games. The clock must be paused for each communion phase and for extended rules queries. The rest of the game is played with the clock being active. 

Submitting Warbands:

Players are required to have 2 warbands (5 heroes for the 3v3 game, and 7 Heroes for the 5v5 games). Both warbands must be constructed from a maximum of 7 heroes. This means the 5 heroes for the 3v3 game must be included in the 7 heroes used for the 5v5 games. Both warbands must be submitted before the first round. 

Many players have been trialling the new Wave 2 heroes and we wish to keep the excitment building towards our Kickstarter (April 2018), therefore we are allowing each player to use 1 paper doll standee of their choice, if they wish. Only 1 hero from the entire 7 heroes is allowed per player. Players must download and print the standees and cards for these heroes from the Judgement website.

Modelling and Painting:

All models must be completely assembled with glue, with no proxies allowed. There are no painting requirements but, when determining leaderboard placings, the 1st tie-breaker will be warbands that have at least 3 models completely painted. 

Subsequent tie breakers will be Souls captured (at the end of the game) and levels gained.

The Venue

Membership for Kingsrove RSL is $5 for 1 year. We plan on running regular events at Kingsgrove and Company of Dice have their monthly gaming days on the 1st Saturday of each month. Multiple gaming systems are played (including Judgement) and all are welcome. Joining the RSL club is well worth the discount on food and drinks. If/when you join please make it known (on the form) that you are part of the Company of Dice group.

Thank you and hope to see you at Kingsgrove!!