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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Zaron Story Arc

Zaron Zhim

The narrative of Zaron is definitely one of the most iconic Judgement story arcs that includes several significant milestones. Here are a few things about our favourite necromancer that you may not know!

  • Zaron was the first mortal hero to be summoned after his commune with Krognar, the orc demi-god. It was only through Zaron's relentless pursuit for power that Krognar was able to create the first Effigy and kick-off the events that lead to Judgement.
  • He created the Shadow Orbs for Rakkir and was instrumental in recruiting the orc rogue to the cause, making Rakkir the 2nd hero ever to be summoned.
  • During his early mortal years, Zaron worked as an undertaker for a local village. It was through this line of work that he was able to begin experimenting on corpses in his quest to understand mortality and in the end, become immortal.
  • Styx devoted his entire life to serving Zaron in what became a zealous love for his master. Styx's loyalty and dedication was the reason Zaron was able to transcend to a life of un-death. As a reward for his services, Zaron altered Styx's body over time replacing frail pieces with mechanical equivalents. This continual work over many years meant Styx became Athien's first cyborg.

Below are Zaron's heroic tales in chronological order. There is plenty more to come in the Zaron story arc, so stay tuned.