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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Wellin's Champion

Sir Marcus

A short story featuring Sir Marcus, winter knight.

Sir Marcus is a towering man, proud, stern and righteous. Age has not diminished his strength nor his fierce visage and he remains as unbending and determined as he was 30 years ago. As head of a militant order of knights dedicated to the Church of Wellin, Sir Marcus was the hammer that executed the church's tough stance towards non-believers. With the rise of the summoned, Marcus' fiery rhetoric saw him selected to lead a specially assembled force to hunt them down.

Sir Marcus threw himself into his new role with zeal, immediately investigating any rumours of discovery of a summoned hero. One such investigation saw him lead a band of knights through the high mountain passes and snowy peaks of the northern reaches. The knights remained driven by their desire to uphold Wellin's true doctrine under the direction of the church's leader, Archbishop Gunter. Four weeks into their journey Marcus' company was set upon by a viscous tribe of mountain trolls who were far more accustomed to a battlefield covered in 3 feet of snow. The knights fought valiantly, performing a fighting withdrawal to the defendable position of a small cavern where they had time to regroup while their attackers feasted on their dead brothers.

Trapped, decimated in numbers and far from home, Marcus petitioned Wellin to save his men and lead them to salvation. He cried out with a fierce roar, challenging his god to deliver the last of his true believers so that they could further his cause in the realm of mortal men. In his time of great need, when all hope seemed lost, Wellin answered Marcus' call. He appeared to him and spoke at length, primarily about the growing threat of the chosen 5 and their ascension to demigod status. Wellin had found a way to have Marcus summoned by the demigods, instead of another they called, allowing him to learn more about them in the hope that Wellin could bring them down.

Wellin presented Marcus with "Ice", a mighty broadsword forged over 300 years ago by his ancestors, a long lost family heirloom. With it, Marcus would have the power to withstand the harshest winter storm, and gain power over the elements to manipulate the ice and snow that had tormented him on his journey north. He was the Winter Knight, a vassal of Wellin, the bringer of cold, hard justice. At that moment the trolls breached the cave entrance and began slaughtering his last remaining knights. Sir Marcus strode purposefully towards them, Ice in hand, and the fury of Wellin by his side. He exacted revenge for his fallen kin slaying every troll in the cave before continuing to destroy their entire tribe. Justice, cold fury.

Sir Marcus patiently waited for his first summons to the Shadow Plane, called Between. It came shortly after. Marcus relished the opportunity to do his god's bidding and hoped he would have the chance to personally slay the usurpers that dared threaten his lord and maker. 

- Andrew "Guns" Galea -