One of the big advantages of Judgement is the no faction system, allowing players to choose any heroes they like when they sit down to play a game. It also means the depth, and tactical choices, exponentially grow with every single hero we release. While we were very happy with the success of our 1st Kickstarter campaign, there was a tinge of disappointment that not all the wave 1 heroes were unlocked. We currently sit at 14 heroes from wave 1, and just recently added a 15th with the release of Loribela Runeflask, however the general consensus is the game would benefit from having more heroes, which brings us to wave 2!

Plans are well underway for our Wave 2 Kickstarter, scheduled to run in April 2018. In all, there will be 12 heroes and 3 monsters included in the Kickstarter. This page will be regularly updated as the illustrations, and sculpts, for the heroes come to life, and will be the one place to keep up to date with what is happening with our Wave 2 Kickstarter.

Ashtooth - Werewolf (Monster)

Illustration by Helge C Balzer; Sculpt by James W Cain

Ashtooth is one of 3 monsters we are including in Wave 2. He was an unlocked stretch goal from Wave 1, however he has long been a favourite monster for many Judgement players. In the most recent patch, Ashtooth's bounty was raised to 2, now making him one of the most sort after targets for monster hunters on the shadow plane.

Allandir - Elf Ranger (Aggressor)

Illustration by Helge C Balzer; Sculpt by Tom Lishman

Allandir was the 2nd of our 20th century World War themed heroes, and was the first sculpt we completed for the Wave 2 Kickstarter. Allandir is the first aggressor that has a RNG attack type, and also has the longest range so far with 10" on his Bow.

Loribela Runeflask - Dwarf Alchemist (Supporter)

Illustration by Helge C Balzer; Sculpt by Tom Lishman

While still being officially a wave 2 champion, Loribela was released independently as a lead-in to the Kickstarter. She was also the first time we deviated from the fantasy timeline, dipping our toes in the 20th century World War theme. Loribela is also one of the few champions that includes rules that synergise specifically with particular races, in her case, dwarfs and minotaurs.

Xyvera - Minotaur Necromancer (Soulgazer)

Illustration by Shane L Cook; Sculpt by Tom Lishman

Xyvera is another hero created solely for wave 2, and is the 3rd minotaur in our range. A female, ancient, minotaur necromancer, just sounds cool and her illustration captured that perfectly. Xyvera is the 4th soulgazer in the range, however she is perhaps the most divergent from anything we have done before. The premise of her kit is that she damages heroes in your warband to power her abilities, which lends her to have strong synergies with high health heroes, as well as those that heal. We think Xyvera will take time to master, and will be loved by some players, and loathed by others.

Haksa - Orc Shaman (Supporter)

Illustration by Shane L Cook

Haksa was a play tester's favourite, however did not get unlocked during our 1st Kickstarter. A signature of modern day fantasy, the orc shaman hero rose to prominence with Thrall from the Warcraft series, and sits proudly among the ranks of Judgement heroes. Haksa is a major player in the rich storyline of the game and has a big role to play in future releases. The illustration is amazing, and continues our goal to really push the boundaries in wave 2. The design team are sure he will be a highlight of our range for years to come.

Kogan - Minotaur Warrior (Aggressor)

Illustration by Helge C Balzer;

Minotaurs have proven to be some of the most popular heroes from wave 1, and the hype has been extended into wave 2. Kogan is our 2nd Minotaur aggressor, after Thorgar, and while he does pack a decent punch in melee, he is actually a very handy ranged hero. If anyone gets too close to this guy's blunderbuss, they are going to get hurt, bad. Kogan is the 3rd World War 1/2 hero, after Allandir and Loribela.

Nephenee - Elf Warrior (Aggressor)

Illustration by Helge C Balzer; 

Nephenee was a hero that did not appear at all in the 1st Kickstarter, even though we did perform a fair bit of play testing of her at that time. With Nephenee, we pushed the timeline thousands of years into the future to a vastly different landscape, effectively a space age version of Athien. She is an aggressor with a difference, wielding two weaker weapons, however with a cool on hit effect and arguably, the most manoeuvrable kit in the game.

Skye - Elf Monk (Defender)

Illustration by Shane L Cook

Elves were the only race to not have a hero of the defender class, in wave 1. Designing a new defender was something the Judgement team took their time with, because we really wanted to create a defender that was both different to the ones already out there, and also quintessentially elf. The defender class is home to some of the most influential heroes in the game, and we did not want to let the elf race down. Skye ticks all the design goals perfectly, and is a wonderful addition to the range. As his illustration suggests, he is the 3rd hero in our future timeline, along with Styx and Nephenee.

Styx - Human Cyborg (Supporter)

Illustration by Helge C Balzer

Styx was one of the heroes that remained unlocked in our 1st Kickstarter. He has a unique kit, and brings a lot of dynamism to any battle he is involved in, so he was always going to be one of the 1st heroes we included in wave 2. Early adopters will recognise some significant changes to the appearance, and background, of Styx, however his abilities are largely left untouched, and his role, as a top tier support remains.

Viktor Clerval - Halfling Warlock (Aggressor)

Illustration by Helge C Balzer

Viktor introduces a few new concepts to the game, including being a halfling, having a 40mm base, and height 1 (instead of the standard hero height of 2). He is also the 2nd hero, after Zaron, that can summon a familiar to join his Warband. Being a Warlock, Viktor summons demons to fight for him, and as part of the Wave 2 Kickstarter, his pet demon, Al'garath, will be available. Viktor's powers are focused around the manipulation of unbound Souls that float around the battle field, making him a tricksy, and powerful, little Halfling. Al'garath serves as Viktor's bodyguard, and good use of the demon will go a long way to ensuring the halfling's survival.

Zaffen Ironhelm - Dwarf Hunter (Aggressor)

Illustration by Shane L Cook

For many of the early Judgement play testers, Zaffen was an old favourite. The closest thing we have to an artillery piece in the game, with the kind of dwarf resilience you would expect. The latter being a trait that sets him apart from other ranged heroes. Zaffen was another hero that remained an unlocked stretch goal in our original Kickstarter, so has been waiting in the wings ever since. 

Zaffen remains firmly in our main fantasy time-line, but that did not stop us adding a little bit of intrigue with his mechanical left hand. The story of how that came to be will be published a little down the track, however for those of you that want to learn more about this mighty hero, have a read of Colin Hill's excellent piece called "The Hunter".

Zhonyja - Orc Warrior (Aggressor)

Illustration by Sarah Bates & Shane L Cook;

Zhonyja was one of the 1st heroes ever created for Judgement, however as fate would have it (pun intended) she missed out on getting released in wave 1. This time around we are determined to get her out there, she is just such an awesome hero. Owners of the 2 player starter box will know there was a Zhonyja card included in the card deck, however we have made a few slight changes to bring her in line with the other wave 2 heroes.