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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Warlord Challenge

Warlord Challenge

With the most recent spate of hero releases, we find ourself sitting at 35 unique heroes in the game! To celebrate this incredible milestone, the game designers, Guns and Tirrith, have thrown down a challenge where they each have to put together five unique warbands made up of 7 heroes each. That is five full-sized warbands without repeating a hero across any of them.

Guns 3 - Tirrith 1

Battle Log

Battle 1 - Scorched Earth - Map 2

Guns (Win) - Skye, Istariel, Nephenee, Bale & Sarna, Isabel, Viktor (banned), Svetlana (not picked) 

Tirrith (Loss) - Brok, Nephenee, Gendris, Xyvera, Skoll, Bastian (banned), Marcus (not picked)

Battle 2 - Cobblestone - Map 5

Tirrith (Win) - Rakkir, Istariel, Skye, Isabel, Zaron, Thorgar (banned), Saiyin (dropped)

Guns (Loss) - Thrommel, Kvarto, Zaffen, Zhonyja, Loribela, Saiyin (banned), Styx (dropped)

Battle 3 - Scorched Earth - Map 1

Guns (Win) - Sharn, Kruul, Rakkir, Zhim'gigrak, Cradol, Jaegar (banned), Zaron (dropped)

Tirrith (Loss) - Allandir, Jaegar, Sharn, Loribela, Svetlana, Zhonyja (banned), Zhim'gigrak (dropped)

Battle 4 - Cobblestone - Map 2

Guns (Win) - Doenrakkar, Haksa, Brok, Allandir, Kogan, Xyvera (banned), Barnascus (dropped)

Tirrith (Loss) - Fazeal, Piper, Doenrakkar, Haksa, Cradol, Viktor (banned), Bale & Sarna (dropped)

The Warbands


  • Kogan, Zaffen, Thrommel, Kvarto, Barnascus, Styx, Kruul


  • Skoll, Bastian, Piper, Thorgar, Marcus, Fazeal, Gendris

Rules of Engagement

The guys will face off in five separate battles using each Warband only once. At the start of the challenge, they will roll-off. The person who rolls the highest can choose to reveal their Warband 1st or 2nd, and from that point forward it will alternate. Once the Warbands for a given battle are determined, the standard procedure of rolling off to decide to go 1st/2nd or choosing a table side will occur. The player that wins the most battles will be the Warlord of Between!

Each battle will be streamed live on our Twitch channel and then uploaded to YouTube afterwards.