The Miniatures

The people behind Judgement have played with, converted and painted table-top miniatures for over 25 years. In all that time we have never seen 54mm scale done correctly. High quality, beautifully sculpted miniatures and a game built from the ground up with the larger scale in mind. This has motivated us since day 1, and what inspired us to create Judgement.

Judgement miniatures - 54mm scale greatness

We have sourced the highest quality resin on the market and partnered with some of the genre's best illustrators and sculptors. The result is a range of miniatures that have to be seen to be believed.

Kruul, orc witch doctor

Every miniature in our range includes a thematic scenic base and we have meticulously worked with our sculptors and manufacturer to limit the number of pieces in each kit. Next to no flash, precise details and easy to assemble models, are hallmarks of the Judgement range.

Wave 1

We launched our initial Kickstarter campaign in February 2017 which enabled us to release the 14 heroes and 1 monster that we now call wave 1. We were also able to manufacture our first two player starter box from the growth the game enjoyed once our wave 1 Kickstarter shipped.

The Wave 1 Range

Wave 1 introduced five races including dwarfs, minotaurs, elves, humans and orcs. It also included three heroes designed by Kickstarter backers in Skoll Bonestorm, Brok and Kvarto. Finally we also funded the first monster model in Gloom.

Wave 2

The city of Chicago, USA, and the Adepticon convention was the place we launched our wave 2 Kickstarter in March 2018. Wave 2 saw us introduce two new hero themes, the World War 1/2 timeline and a futuristic "space" timeline. This allowed us even greater diversity in both our miniature range and the in-game hero abilities. Alongside the new themed heroes we managed to raise the bar even further with some of the most dynamic and exciting fantasy miniatures, of any scale, in the world.

Wace 2 sculpts

 Our wave 2 Kickstarter is scheduled to ship in October 2018.