Judgement is played using 54mm scale resin cast fantasy miniatures. We currently have 13 completed sculpts, 12 heroes and 1 monster. Our successful Kickstarter means we have the funds to create 14 heroes in total, so we have 2 more to go!

We put a lot of time and effort into getting our sculpts as close to perfect as can be. Every detail on each miniature is carefully considered to help realise our goal of having the best 54mm scale range on the market. Our sculpts to date have been created by Tom Lishman and James W Cain.

Kvarto - Human Pariah (Hybrid)

by James W Cain

The 3rd and final sculpt from our "Become a Hero!" backers, Kvarto is definitely something outside the box, in terms of the Judgement style. Gary, the backer, had a clear idea of what he wanted and after a few attempts all parties were over the moon with the final result. Kvarto is an exciting mix of 1980s horror and classic fantasy. Fittingly, in the game, he fills the role of a hybrid, being able to adapt as necessary through the course of a battle. The attention to detail of Kvarto is what stands him apart, from his helm to his weapon and the amazing scenic base. James did a wonderful job on this sculpt.

Kvarto, human pariah

Brok - Dwarf Berserker (Aggressor)

by Tom Lishman

Brok is the 2nd hero to come out of our "Become a Hero!" backers. The dwarf berserker is a classic archetype that appears in many forms across various fantasy game settings. We were very excited to have the opportunity to include one in our 1st wave Kickstarter. The fact our entire range of miniatures include thematic scenic bases meant we were able to go the minimalist route for Brok himself, and weave a rich tapestry of background and theme into the base itself. As usual our 54mm scale also enabled us to include incredible detail and depth in the miniature, producing an emotive and powerful rendition of a dwarf killing machine.

Brok, Dwarf Berserker

It is difficult to continually come up with superlatives for Tom's work. He has personally contributed so much to the amazing Judgement range. Brok is the 8th miniature Tom has sculpted in our 1st wave, and he has really warmed to the task over the last 12 months. The success of Judgement, and the amazing miniature range we have, is in no small part due to the wonderful work by Tom.

Skoll Bonestorm - Ettin Mystic (Defender)

by Tom Lishman

Skoll Bonestorm was one of the three heroes designed in collaboration with the "Become a Hero!" backers during our 1st wave Kickstarter. A lot of Judgement's rich background material is born out of years of our team playing Dungeons & Dragons, and the Ettin has always been a classic D&D monster. Therefore we jumped at the chance to include on in our game! Skoll falls under the Orc race in game terms but has a definite unique Ettin feel about him rules, and obviously miniature, wise. Skoll is the first hero to have two seperate level up skill trees reflecting the fact he has two heads. One skill tree enhances his ability to protect allies directly, whilst the other protects them via denying enemies their powers.

Skoll Bonestorm, Ettin Mystic

Tom has gone above and beyond with this sculpt, particularly when you consider the two heads have a likeness to the two guys that partnered to back the "Become a Hero!" pledge. We wanted to capture the fact an Ettin's two heads often work independent of each other, despite being attached to the same body, and Skoll demonstrates that perfectly. We are so pleased to have such a unique and interesting sculpt as part of our 1st wave of heroes.

Doenrakkar - Minotaur Shaman (Defender)

by James W Cain

Doenrakkar was the second minotaur in the range, however he has a vastly different background to Thorgar. Doenrakkar is a leader of his people, a rock on which their future is built upon, and the one that will keep their traditions, in the face of massive change across Athien. One of Doenrakkar's main abilities is Stone Form, making him impervious to all but the most powerful enemy attacks. He wields potent shamanistic magic that commands the very earth around him, and this is what we wanted to capture in the sculpt. Muscles bulging, as every ounce of his strength is focused on splitting the earth around him, Doenrakkar is a picture of absolutely concentration and power of will.

Doenrakkar, Minotaur Shaman

Sir Marcus - Human Winter Knight (Defender)

by James W Cain

The challenge with Sir Marcus was to present a dynamic pose whilst staying true to his stoic nature, his age, and dependability. Sir Marcus' in-game kit is as much about his Shield Bash ability, as anything else, so it was always going to be a focus for his sculpt. This was a tough to get right however once again James' skill came to the fore and he executed it perfectly. A fine addition to the range, and 1 of 3 Defenders available in the first wave, the others being Thrommel Ironbeard the dwarf, and Doenrakkar the minotaur.

Sir Marcus, The Winter Knight

Zaron Bogdan - Human Necromancer (Soulgazer)

by James W Cain

Zaron is the 3rd and final Soulgazer that was unlocked during our Kickstarter. He is also the closest thing we have to an undead hero in our initial launch. A necromancer of great renown with the ability to summon the skeletons of slain foes. The goal with the sculpt was to capture the raw power of Zaron, mid summoning, with skeleton minions erupting from the earth. A lot to capture in a still sculpt, however James has managed to pull it off superbly.

Zaron Bogdan, Human Necromancer

Included with the Zaron sculpt is a seperate sculpt displaying one of his skeletons, mid-summoning.

Skeleton, Child of Zaron

Saiyin - Elf Priestess (Soulgazer)

by Tom Lishman

Saiyin is a nice shift to finesse after the sculpts of brutal heroes such as Thorgar and Kruul. She was the first time we had a race repeat in our range, the second elf, so it presented a challenge for the design team to ensure a measure of consistency. The beauty of Judgement is we don't have distinct factions along race lines, however we still want the heroes of a particular race to contain a consistent element.

Saiyin - Elf Priestess

A major theme of the sculpt was to capture Saiyin's elegant beauty, and her effortless dominion over Souls. Saiyin combines mastery of the Soul Harvest, as well as some very powerful healing and utility, a fine addition to any Warband.

Kruul - Orc Witchdoctor (Soulgazer)

by Tom Lishman

Kruul is the first Soulgazer to be sculpted in our range. An orc Witchdoctor that is prominent in the back story of Judgement, Kruul is sure to play a big part in the unfolding saga of the struggle between the old gods and the new.

Kruul, Orc Witchdoctor

Thorgar - Minotaur Gladiator (Aggressor)

by Tom Lishman


Thorgar is the 1st Minotaur we have done in the range. His signature play in the game is to charge relentlessly forward knocking away anyone that stands in his path, and the sculpt captures that movement and aggression perfectly.

Rakkir - Orc Rogue (Aggressor)

by Tom Lishman

Rakkir - Orc Rogue (Aggressor)

Rakkir was the very first hero we created and we really wanted to capture the essence of an orc assassin, a hired killer. The miniature captures the moment Rakkir is leaping over building ruins, about to plunge his dagger into an unsuspecting victim. The billowing cloak, facial expression and leg positions combine to give a terrific sense of movement.

Bastian Oriel - Human Lore Keeper (Supporter)

by Tom Lishman

Bastian Oriel - Human Lore Keeper (Supporter)

The challenge with Bastian was to capture a similar sense of movement and realism within the static pose of a man standing tall in the midst of battle. The swirling drapes of his cloak, his hair and facial expression gives a sense of swirling winds and sounds of battle, as Bastian recites magical words from an ancient tome.

Istariel - Elf Mistress of the Flame (Aggressor)

by Tom Lishman


Istariel uses fire to devastating effect in the game. A fire mage without peer, so we were tasked with capturing that mastery over flame without making it too overbearing for the actual sculpt. The sculpt captures her perfectly in the middle of harnessing the raw energy of fire before unleashing it on her unsuspecting foes. Istariel is a strong willed, powerful elf woman who does not suffer fools lightly. The sculpt successfully combines her power, strength and beauty.

Thrommel Ironbeard - Dwarf Warrior (Defender)

by Tom Lishman

Thrommel Ironbeard

Thrommel is an absolute tank in the game, also affording considerable defence to nearby allies. He is often a key part of a player's level up strategy since at levels 2 & 3 he really ramps up his ability to influence the battle. Dwarf sculpts can often make or break a fantasy range so we went above and beyond to get Thrommel right. He also sets the tone for the rest of the dwarfs in the range. We want our dwarfs to be dwarfs! Hence the scale is also something we painstakingly adhered to.

Thrommel by tlishman on Sketchfab


Gloom - Shadow Hound (Neutral Monster)

by James W Cain

Gloom, Shadow HoundGloom is a neutral monster that features in both initial 3v3 battle maps, as well as some of the larger 5v5 maps. Shadow Hounds are natural inhabitants of In-Between, the shadow plane where the battles of Judgement are raged. For Gloom, the summoned heroes are a menace and she has taken it upon herself to make it as difficult as possible for them to harvest souls. 

As a design team it was important for us for the neutral monster sculpts to be on par with the heroes in the range and we are very pleased with the first monster sculpt. The miniature successfully captures the ferocity of the Shadow Hound combined with its ability to hunt and stalk its prey.