After years of study in my master's tower library, with time spent pouring over ancient parchments from unknown authors, dated pre The Gathering, I am finally able to pen my thoughts.


The archaic tomes depict, often in rough drawings and sketches, the roles of the old gods and how they affect our world. I have attempted to construct a cohesive explanation, piecing together the drawings and scraps of parchment I could salvage, discovered many years ago, during a dwarven excavation. My life’s purpose is the quest for knowledge, these are dark and unpredictable times, I hope these documents can shed light and hope for future generations.

- Adept Lorien, scribe for Bastian the Lore Keeper, Epoch tower, year 304 PG.

Our Solar System


The planetary system in which we live consists of 4 main planets and their surrounding stars, Forathien, Wellathien, Ardathien and Onathien. These realms are under the watchful eyes of the 4 main elemental gods, Forin (fire), Wellin (water), Arden (air) and Eldir (earth). Torin, the god of time, ensures no single god or planet can have too much of an influence on the balance.

 God Planet Element
Forin Forathien Fire
Wellin Wellathien Water
Arden Ardethien Air
Eldir Onathien Earth
Torin InBetween Time

Weather Patterns, Planetary Movement & our Calendar

Torin regulates the movement of the 4 planets as they rotate around each other. The proximity of the planets, to each other, affects the weather patterns on all 4 planets. Torin allows each planet to have an equal amount of time nearer Onathien, therefore creating 3 distinct seasonal patterns in one cycle, called a year. This equates to roughly 100 days per season. The days and nights are dictated by the rotation of Onathien, on its own axis, and its exposure to Forathien.

The three seasons, as dictated by the proximity to the corresponding planets, have different names, depending on what part of Onathien is being described. Essentially, they are the Dry, Windy and Wet seasons. Eldir is rumored to reside in the core of Onathien and helps to keep the planet stable during the extreme weather patterns.

The 4 planets vary in size and their proximity to each other affects each planets climates and weather patterns. There is quite possibly life on all planets but this is open to conjecture. Each planet is surrounded by smaller stars (planets in their own right) and it’s these planets that the souls from the dead are distributed between, once they have been Judged. In their afterlife the souls of people can take various forms and this is dictated by the way they lived their lives. There is some sort of judgement, handed down by the gods, as to where exactly the soul will reside.

InBetween is found on the borders between the four elemental planets, equidistant from each planet. It is relatively simple to shift between the different InBetween areas (example bordering Ardethien and Onathien, or Forathien and Wellathien, etc…) but no explanation or instruction on this travel is given. This is the realm of Torin, the god of time.

The New Gods & the Threat to Balance

The newer gods are stealing souls that have been used to keep the balance between the 4 main elemental gods and their planets. This interference is causing instability and weather patterns are now getting more and more unpredictable and extreme. It seems it was a mistake trying to meddle in the affairs of the gods and I fear for future generations and what will become of our fair planet.