Minotaurs roam the plains of Onathien in large herds, just as they have for a millennia. Though they congregate around ancient ruins of an age past, Minotaurs do not have permanent homes, normally following celestial signs they read in the night skies. Their natural hulking visage and huge frames means Minotaurs are treated with some trepidation and suspicion by other races, however they are by and large an honourable race who only go to war when there is no other option. Of all Onathien's peoples, the Minotaurs share the closest bond with the dwarfs, two of the oldest races who have lived in harmony for thousands of years.


Minotaur Shaman (Male), Defender


Doenrakkar is a rock for his people, a traditionalist who practices the old shamanistic ways. A master of the old powers, Doenrakkar is able to manipulate his body to assume a stone like form, making him immune to all but the mightiest of blows. In the face of an ever changing world, Doenrakkar keeps his people grounded, connected to their past and the ways of their ancestors. His ability to read the stars and direct the herd are unsurpassed, as is his knowledge of the ancient ruins the minotaurs are entrusted to protect. Doenrakkar is a firm friend of the dwarf king and they commune regularly to ensure the survival and prosperity of their respective peoples.

Doenrakkar is a strong blend of the Defender and Supporter classes. He excels when in the thick of the action, providing an immovable object you can rely upon, as well as completely disrupting enemy ranged heroes with his Stone Grasp Fate ability. 

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Minotaur Gladiator (Male), Aggressor


Thorgar was captured from a young age by the unscrupulous slave traders of Zaiqah and sold to the gladiator pit operators. Years of torture, arduous training and anger manipulation has resulted in him losing most of his race's traits, to be replaced by a ferocious and borderline psychotic killing machine. He dominated the pits for years, felling countless foes, actually winning his freedom many years ago. Despite this he remains a gladiator by choice, knowing little more than senseless killing for sport, a shell of what he could have been.

Thorgar's legend has extended beyond the Shifting Sands, with bards singing his praises in taverns across Onathien. Word of a huge minotaur dominating the pits of Zaiqah soon reached the ears of Doenrakkar, the minotaur shaman and spiritual leader of his people. Doenrakkar sent one of his shaman pupils, A'kash, south to Zaiqah, to help free Thorgar and return him to his people. A'kash barely survived the first time he was in Thorgar's presence, the sight of another minotaur sending Thorgar into a fit of rage. Since then he has managed to befriend him somewhat and so A'kash begins the journey of trying to salvage what is left of the true minotaur inside the gladiator. 

In Judgement, Thorgar is an absolute close combat monster. He has the highest single attack cost weapon in the game and is able to throw models around via a combat manoeuvre. However, perhaps his greatest asset is his signature play, the Fate ability Enraged Slam. This can wreak total havoc on lined up enemy heroes and can turn the course of a battle on its own.

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