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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Kruul Story Arc

Kruul Bust

Of all Judgement heroes, Kruul is perhaps the most evil of nature. He craves power and knowledge above all with total disregard for any that get in his way. Kruul believes orcs should reign supreme and saw the rise of the demi-gods as an opportunity to advance his agenda. Orcs are traditionally shamanistic, and their societies were founded upon the peaceful teachings of the old gods as a whole. Through a combination of revering all the elements, they became balanced and at one with nature. Kruul despised the peaceful life of his people and from a young age sort knowledge of the dark arts to bring out the raw aggression and power of the orcs that lie dormant within. Here are several things you may not know about Kruul.

  • Kruul was the first witch doctor of his people.
  • He converted the young to his cause in an attempt to influence, and subjugate, the next generation of orcs.
  • One of his star pupils is Zhonyja. A fighter of renown whose base instincts have been brought to the fore via a combination of training, mind altering drugs and dark magic.
  • Zhonjya see Kruul as a father figure and a life time of indoctrination has made her totally devoted to his cause.
  • Haksa is the mortal enemy of Kruul. Haksa is one of the most powerful shamans of his people and the living embodiment of the old gods and their peaceful ways. 
  • The rivaly between Haksa and Kruul threatens to lead the orcs into a civil war. The battle lines drawn between the young (Kruul) and old (Haksa).

Below are heroic tales that tell the story of Kruul, Haksa and Zhonyja.