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King of the Grove Tournament Series 2019

King of the Grove

Following the success of the inaugural King of the Grove series, we have expanded the format for 2019 to include heats in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, as well as having auto-qualifiers with seats at the finals for winners. This page will be updated with more information as it comes to hand, however below you will find enough information for the series to get started. 

Current Standings

34pts - Anthony "Tort" Tortorici
29pts - Steve "Fury" Drury
27pts - Jeff "Tirrith" Galea
16pts - Harry James
15pts - "King" Kyle Elbourne
15pts - Colin "Bobliness" Hill
14pts - Byron te Velde
10pts - Tobias "Desert Spiral" Ford (qualified from CanCon win)
13pts - Theo "Never Lucky" Wenzel
9pts - Andrew Harisson
9pts - "Loud" Chris Davis
8pts - Andrew "Guns" Galea
8pts - Josh
8pts - Lloyd Mirto
5pts - Luke Kellett
5pts - Dan
3pts - Maggie
3pts - Peter Bates
2pts - Sean Darby
2pts - Mitchell Poole
2pts - Alexander Henderson
2pts - Justin "Beiber" Shearer
2pts - Evan "Doombull" Ferris
2pts - Clinton Kenn
2pts - Shane Patmore

Heat Schedule

KotG I - Cancon - Sunday 27th January

Venue: CanCon Convention

KotG II - Sydney - Saturday 16th March

Venue: Rebel Outpost Cards & Games (Central Coast)

KotG III - Sydney - Saturday 27th April

Venue: The Hall of Heroes

KotG IV - Sydney - Saturday 25th May

Venue: Good Games Town Hall

KotG V - Sydney - Saturday 6th July

Venue: Padstow RSL (Company of Dice Club)

KotG VI - Melbourne - Saturday 17th August

Venue: Board Games & Battlegrounds

Heat Formats

Please refer to the official Judgement Tournament Pack for details on our expectations and a basis for how the heats will be run.

The format for each heat will vary across both the 3v3 and 5v5 sizes as well as incorporating cobblestone and swamp maps. All the heats will involve the pick & ban element and we hope to implement the draft format in at least one heat. The draft pool for a heat is established by the two players in a game combining the heroes they bring, however, we will provide more information about this in the future.

Painting Requirements

Unpainted models are allowed at KotG heats, however, every player must use Judgement models only, and they must be fully assembled. Conversions are allowed, however, it must be immediately obvious which hero the model is representing, therefore the vast majority of a model must be comprised of its original parts.

Tournament Scoring

Players will be ranked by the number of wins they accumulate in a heat. Players on equal wins will be ranked using the following tie-breakers in order:

  1. number of fully painted models in their Warband
  2. the accumulated number of souls bound to heroes or banked at the end of each game
  3. the accumulated number of levels achieved in each game

Chess Clocks

Chess clocks will be used for all heats using the time recommended in the official Judgement Tournament Pack and we will be implementing the alternate "Running Out of Time" option as detailed on page 7 of the pack.

Mobile Apps

We recommend that all players download the Judgement mobile app appropriate for their device. 

Android -> "Warband Commander"

iOS -> "Warband Commander"

Series Points

Players that attend each of the tournaments in the series will accumulate points based on their final placing. The total points a player accumulates across the 4 tournaments will determine seedings at the end of year final. 

Points awarded per heat:

  • 1st 10pts
  • 2nd 9pts
  • 3rd 8pts
  • 4th 5pts
  • 5th 4pts
  • 6th 3pts
  • Rest of the field 2 pts

Auto-qualifier heats will still award points as per normal, including to the player that gains auto qualification.

Finals Format

The KotG Finals will be held at a venue to be announced, in late November 2019, and will incorporate a full 31 hero draft (Jaegar, Sharn and Lord Fazeal included!) for every game. The finals will involve 8 players and be 3 rounds of 5v5 on the Scorched Earth map.