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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Judgement Vassal League - Season 3

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We are back for the third instalment of the Judgement Vassal League. The first two seasons were a lot of fun and commensurate with the growth in the game we have a whopping 25 players taking part in season 3. We are using a similar format to last time with a play-ins section that sees players divided into pools based on their region. From there, the top 8 will progress to the playoffs which will be a knockout tournament to decide the champion. For those interested in the playing Judgement on Vassal, you can download the latest module here.


Grand Final

LOS_Jaden (w) vs TheGuardDog

You can read an in-depth analysis of the final draft by Cheddarcaveman here.

Semi-finals Draw

  • Guns vs LOS_Jaden (w)
  • TheGuardDog vs Tirrith

Quarter-finals Draw

  • Guns (w) vs mad_dasher
  • LOS_Jaden (w) vs Nightflier
  • TheGuardDog (w) vs Wankekong
  • Tirrith (w) vs M4gnetic


  • Top two players from each pool and the two best 3rd placed players advance to an eight person play-off series.
  • Group winners and the 2nd placed player with the best record are seeded for the quarter-finals draw.
  • Players are unable to be drawn against an opponent from their pools in the quarter-finals.
  • The winner of the quarter-finals will advance to the semi-finals where pairings are randomly determined.
  • The final will be played between the two semi-final winners.
  • Quarter-finals and semi-finals are played using pre-announced Warbands (see below).
  • All play-off games are 5v5 with Pick & Ban.
  • The map type (Scorched Earth or Cobblestone) and map number are randomly determined before each game.
  • The final will be a 34 hero draft.

Player Warbands

Play-off Warbands



  • The play-ins will be the 5v5 pick & ban format on the Scorched Earth map.
  • Each player will play a game against every other player in their pool.
  • The map number for each round will be pre-determined.
  • Players can play their round games in any order they want by merely organising the game with their opponent.

Player Warbands

Player Warbands

    Current Standings

    League Tables

    Play-ins Draw 

    League draw

    League draw

    Playoffs Format

    • The top two from each pool and the best two third-placed players (wins/souls/levels) will progress to the eight-player playoffs tournament.
    • The players will be seeded as follows:
      • The three pool winners and the 2nd placed player with the best record (wins/souls/levels) will be top seeds.
      • Top seeds cannot draw each other for round 1 of the playoffs. Their opponents are randomly selected from the non-seeded players.
    • Playoffs will be 5v5 pick & ban on Scorched Earth.
    • Players will be allowed to submit new Warbands for the playoffs.
    • The final will be a 31 hero draft on Scorched Earth.