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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Judgement Vassal League - Season 2

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Due to the success, and popularity, of the initial Vassal league, and the continual growth of various Judgement communities, we feel the time is right to launch another league. The Judgement Vassal module is very good and provides a wonderful experience for players from various parts of the globe to come together and battle it out on the Shadow plane.

Download the Judgement Vassal module here.

League Play-offs

The play-offs will consist of a quarter-final, semi-final and then the final. All games will be played on the Scorched Earth 5v5 map. The map is randomised before each game.

The Final

Guns (w) vs Chunky

The final was fought about between Guns & Chunky, using a 31 hero draft, on map 6. Once the dust settled, each player drafted the following Warbands:-

Guns: Fazeal, Svetlana, Kvarto, Skye, Istariel
Chunky: Kogan, Sharn, Brok, Skoll, Kruul

Semi Finals

Cheddarcaveman vs Guns (w)

Chunky (w) vs Tobias

Quarter Finals

Dr. Baloney vs Spiral (w)

Cheddarcaveman (w) vs Nightflier

Chunky (w) vs M4gnetic

Guns (w) vs Tirrith

Play-off Warbands

Tobias - Allandir, Jaegar, Nephenee, Viktor, Styx, Marcus, Svetlana
Chunky - Viktor, Brok, Thorgar, Jaegar, Skoll, Doenrakkar, Kruul
Cheddarcaveman - Skye, Saiyin, Allandir, Fazeal, Haksa, Rakkir, Gendris
Dr. Baloney - Skye, Skoll, Rakkir, Thorgar, Viktor, Bastian, Zaron
M4gnetic - Thorgar, Fazeal, Jaegar, Viktor, Svetlana, Styx, Skoll
Guns - Skye, Saiyin, Istariel, Fazeal, Kvarto, Rakkir, Haksa
Tirrith - Fazeal, Viktor, Piper, Saiyin, Haksa, Doenrakkar, Styx
Nightflier - Fazeal, Rakkir, Istariel, Jaegar, Svetlana, Styx, Thrommel


Dor'gokaan appears on maps 5 & 6 and we will be using version 0.91 of his card (below). Note that Dor'gokaan cannot be summoned by Viktor for the league play-offs.


Random Monster Spawns

Several of the Scorched Earth maps have a random monster spawn however Dor'gokaan can never spawn randomly so is not included in the randomisation.

Quarter Finals

5v5 Pick & Ban

  • 1st Pool A vs 4th Pool B
  • 1st Pool B vs 4th Pool A
  • 2nd Pool A vs 3rd Pool B
  • 2nd Pool B vs 3rd Pool A

Semi Finals

5v5 Pick & Ban

For the semi-finals the quarter final winners will be ranked from 1st to 4th based on their league table position. 

  • 1st vs 4th
  • 2nd vs 3rd


  • 30 hero draft
  • Randomised map

League Pools

Pool A (NA + EU)

Pool A

Pool B (AU)

Pool B

Preliminary Rounds

  • Players will play each other player in their pool once across 6 rounds.
  • Rounds do not have to be played in order, players simply organise their game against each opponent at their leisure and use the map associated with the round. 
  • All 30 heroes, including Fazeal and Jaegar, are eligible for the league.
  • Every map will spawn a random monster every time a monster is meant to spawn. Determine the monster that starts the game on each map before pick & ban.
  • Top 4 players from each pool will advance to the play-offs.


Pre-Announced In Warbands

For the season 2 league, each player will lock in a Warband for each of the 3 stage (groups, play-offs, finals).

Group Stage

The group stage will be 3v3 with pick & ban. Each player has nominated a 5 hero Warband they will use for the entire stage.

Cheddarcaveman:- Marcus, Nephenee, Gendris, Skye, Zhonjya

Chunky:- Viktor, Fazeal, Jaeger, Skoll, Brok

Dr Baloney:- Marcus, Piper, Thorgar, Viktor, Svetlana

Dr Worm:- Doenrakkar, Skoll, Xyvera, Allandir, Zhonyja

Guns:- Skoll, Bastian, Thorgar, Jaegar, Piper

Jerick:- Zhonyja, Rakkir, Thrommel, Bastia, Kvarto

Joffrey:- Marcus, Nephenee, Gendris, Jaeger, Zhonjya

M4gnetic:- Thorgar, Skoll, Kogan, Svetlana, Kvarto

Nightflier:- Rakkir, Istariel, Jaegar, Thrommel, Skye

Refyougee:- Zhonyja, Marcus, Bastian, Piper, Allandir

Spiral:- Brok, Svetlana, Styx, Marcus, Thorgar

The Battle Cast:- Skye, Bastian, Allandir, Zaron, Brok

TheConstantWay:- Doenrakkar, Zhonyja, Brok, Haksa, Zaron

Theo:- Xyvera, Gendris, Skye, Skoll and Zaffen

Tirrith:- Fazeal, Haksa, Allandir, Marcus, Saiyin

Tort:- Fazeal, Brok, Thorgar, Bastian, Saiyin

Game Frequency 

Players should try to get their games done within a week. Not a hard and fast rule however please try your best. 

Each game record the following:

  • Winner
  • Souls held by each player at the end of the game (Destroying Effigy counts as maximum souls)
  • Number of levels gained by each player

Send results through to or via the Discord channel.

Have fun! :)

Jeff & Andrew