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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Judgement Vassal League - Season 1

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As the game continues to grow, and the wave 2 Kickstarter starting to ship, we thought we should have some fun with our community and run a Vassal league. The league is open to any Judgement players across the globe and requires that each player commits to playing 1 game a week. The over-arching themes are to have fun games, get better at playing the game and socialise with other Judgement players.


Congratulations to Justin Shearer (Aus) for talking the inaugural Judgement Vassal League title!

With none of the remaining fixtures able to alter the players that qualified for play-offs, we are going to kick things off! The three players that qualified are:

  • Justin Shearer (Aus)
  • Tort (Aus)
  • Marc (Canada)

Vassal League


The players will play each other in a league style, therefore each player will play 2 games. Number of Souls, then number of Levels gained, will be used as tie-breakers if required. If players are still even after the tie-breakers, we will have a single game play-off for the title.

Game Type

All play-off games will be 5v5 using the full 28 hero draft. Players will roll a d6 to determine the map for each game. An independent person can be brought in to set terrain before the battle if required. :)

Current Standings

Pool A

Pool A

Pool B

Pool B

Pool C

Group C

The three things players of the league need to do are:

  1. Install Vassal
  2. Download and import the Judgement Vassal module
  3. Join the Judgement Discord channel where we will be organising games

    League Draw

    Players are able to play a round ahead if they can organise it with their opponent.

    Round 1: 3v3 Cobblestone

    • Player 1 vs Player 4
    • Player 2 vs Player 3
    • Pick & Ban (5 models)
    • Randomise the map

    Round 2: 3v3 Swamp

    • Player 1 vs Player 2
    • Player 3 vs Player 4
    • Pick & Ban (5 models)
    • Randomise the map

    Round 3: 5v5 Cobblestone

    • Player 1 vs Player 3
    • Player 2 vs Player 4
    • Pick & Ban (7 models)
    • Randomise the map

    Finals: 5v5 Cobblestone

    • 28 hero Draft 
    • Randomise the map

      League Rules

      Each player plays each other in their pool once.

      Players try to get their games done within a week. Not a hard and fast rule however please try your best.

      Each game record the following:

      • Winner
      • Souls held by each player at the end of the game (Destroying Effigy counts as maximum souls)
      • Number of levels gained by each player

      Send results through to or via the Discord channel.

      Have fun! :)

      The Judgement Team