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As the game continues to grow, and the wave 2 Kickstarter starting to ship, we thought we should have some fun with our community and run a Vassal league. The league is open to any Judgement players across the globe and requires that each player commits to playing 1 game a week. The over-arching themes are to have fun games, get better at playing the game and socialise with other Judgement players.

Current Standings

Pool A

Group A

Pool B

Pool B

Pool C

Group C

The three things players of the league need to do are:

  1. Install Vassal
  2. Download and import the Judgement Vassal module
  3. Join the Judgement Discord channel where we will be organising games

    League Draw

    Players are able to play a round ahead if they can organise it with their opponent.

    Round 1: 3v3 Cobblestone

    • Player 1 vs Player 4
    • Player 2 vs Player 3
    • Pick & Ban (5 models)
    • Randomise the map

    Round 2: 3v3 Swamp

    • Player 1 vs Player 2
    • Player 3 vs Player 4
    • Pick & Ban (5 models)
    • Randomise the map

    Round 3: 5v5 Cobblestone

    • Player 1 vs Player 3
    • Player 2 vs Player 4
    • Pick & Ban (7 models)
    • Randomise the map

    Finals: 5v5 Cobblestone

    • 28 hero Draft 
    • Randomise the map

      League Rules

      Each player plays each other in their pool once.

      Players try to get their games done within a week. Not a hard and fast rule however please try your best.

      Each game record the following:

      • Winner
      • Souls held by each player at the end of the game (Destroying Effigy counts as maximum souls)
      • Number of levels gained by each player

      Send results through to contact@judgement.game or via the Discord channel.


      The winner from each pool, after the 3 rounds, play each other in a new round robin. The winner of the play-off round robin is the champion. Souls and levels will determine tie-breakers are per normal.

      Jeff and Andrew are available for practice. If there are any late comers we will form a 4th pool with them.

      Have fun! :)

      The Judgement Team