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Judgement North American Championship

North American Championship


The Judgement North American Championship is an annually run competition that incorporates a series of tournaments throughout the year that culminates in an invitational final. The Warfaire Weekend convention in St Louis hosts the final each year. Players gain entry to the invitational by winning auto-entry at designated qualifying tournaments or accumulating enough points from competing in qualifiers. The championship final is capped at 16 players and uses the 5v5 Pick & Ban format, however, the top 2 players in the last round will compete using a full hero draft. 

Qualifying Tournaments

Any tournament can nominate to be a JNAC qualifier as long as it satisfies the following criteria:

  • 8 or more players.
  • Pick & Ban format (3v3 and 5v5 are both eligible).
  • Official Judgement hero models only
    • Summoned models cannot be proxied.
    • Monster models can be proxied.
    • Effigy, Shrine and Soul models can be proxied.
  • Number of painted models is the 1st tie-breaker.

To nominate your event as a JNAC qualifier, please write to us at

Championship Points

Players will earn championship points based on their final placing in qualifying tournaments as follows:

  • 1st place - 10 points
  • 2nd place - 9 points
  • 3rd place - 8 points
  • 4th place - 5 points
  • 5th place - 4 points
  • 6th place - 3 points
  • Rest of the field - 2 points
  • Drops - 0 points 

The JNAC rankings table will be updated after each qualifier and serves as a leaderboard in the race for championship qualification.

Auto Qualifying Tournaments

Significant events can apply to be auto-qualifiers which award one or more spots direct to the championship final. The decision on whether a tournament is an auto-qualifier rests with the Judgement team. However, the following criteria is a minimum:

  • 16 or more players.
  • 5v5 Pick & Ban format.
  • Official Judgement hero models only.
    • Monster models can be proxied.
    • Effigy, Shrine and Soul models can be proxied.
  • Number of painted models is the 1st tie-breaker.

The number of auto-qualifier spots awarded depends on the size of the event.

  • Two spots for 16 players
  • One spot for every eight players beyond 16. I.e. 3 spots for a 24 player event and four spots for a 32 player event etc. 

If a player knows they will not be attending Warfaire Weekend, they can decline the auto-qualifier spot, and it will pass down to the next ranked player in the tournament. Note, an auto-qualifier will only pass down once in this way.

Auto Qualifying Tournaments for 2020

Currently, only Adepticon is locked in as an auto-qualifying tournament. This list will be added to as other auto-qualifiers are announced.

  • Adepticon 

Breakdown of the 16 Spots at the Championship Tournament

The methods of awarding the 16 places in the championship tournament are as follows:

  • The previous year's championship winner.
  • Spots won via auto-qualifiers.
  • The top "X" players in the championship leaderboard two weeks before the championship, where "X" is the number of players required to raise the field up to 12 players. 
  • A last chance qualifier tournament runs on the Friday of Warfaire Weekend, the day before the championship. The top 4 from this tournament will gain entry to the main event.


Two weeks before the 2020 championship we have the following number of seats already taken:

  • The 2019 winner (1)
  • Auto-qualified (6)

Therefore, the top 5 players on the championship leaderboard, who have not auto-qualified, are invited to take the total up to 12. Finally, the top 4 from the last chance qualifier gain the final four spots.

How do I apply for my tournament to be a qualifier?

To register your interest in running a JNAC qualifying event, please email us at with details of the tournament. We will work with you to ensure the minimum requirements are met and your event is broadcast to as wide an audience as possible. We can also assist with neoprene mats and prize support where applicable.