Humans are the most numerous and technologically advanced of the Onathien races. Their cities are vast, with impressive architectural features, huge libraries, and institutions devoted to learning. They are the first race to build for aesthetic and lifestyle reasons as opposed to pure necessity, and actively promote trade and formal political agreements between the races. Human society is dominated by the Church of Eldir, a strict and overbearing religious movement, openly opposed to the demigods that summon mortal heroes to the Shadow Plane. The church's followers hold many seats of power across the human realms and their influence is at an all time high.

Humans are able to effectively fill any role on the battlefield and there is a human version of every class in the game of Judgement.

Bastian Oriel

Human Lore Keeper (Male), Supporter

Bastian Oriel

Bastian spends most of his days poring over books. He travels the length and breadth of Onathien seeking knowledge to the point where he rivals that of even the most ancient elf. He knows more of the collective history of all the races than any other mortal being.

Bastian resides in Epoch Tower, a magical structure that disappears one day to appear in a completely different location the next, often hundreds of leagues away. It is all part of the Bastian mystique and rumour has it he has some of the first ever written parchments in the tower's library. The left side of Bastian's face and left shoulder sprout green crystals that are slowly creeping over his body. This is a result of a pact Bastian made with a Djinn who replaced his left eye with a Crystal of True Seeing. Bastian still considers he came out on top with that trade.

More than any other hero, Bastian's kit is geared almost exclusively towards buffing and supporting other heroes. In a melee oriented Warband his Heroic Ballad aura (+1 Melee) is extremely powerful. 

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Human Monk (Male), Aggressor


Cassio is a wanderer whose origins are unknown. The only mainstays on his travels are an ancient leather scroll case and a bead necklace. No one knows what significance the items have, however stories abound of Cassio killing anyone who tries to take either from him. Cassio's mind and body are completely in tune, he is a master of unarmed combat and has been known to knock out a minotaur with a single punch.

In-game, Cassio plays a bit of a bruiser roll, bringing more utility and defence than other Aggressors. Possessing the Agility of an elf and the ability to suffer less when being knocked down, Cassio can be a menace to your opponent, especially when equipped with the Boots of Agility (magical artefact).

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Eredeth Wildflower

Human Druid (Female), Hybrid

Eredeth is tall (6’1”) and sinewy, her body honed from years living and roaming the wilderness. Her auburn hair has streaks of grey, reflecting her 41 years. She wields a 6’ staff of oak inscribed with ancient runes, that still sprouts leaves from time to time. A master of the elements, Eredeth commands lightning without peer and can pass through the thickest forest growth without hindrance, melding into the trees and at one with nature.

Eredeth is also a shape changer, a trait that has become less common since the rise of the new gods. At will she can transform into Berne, an 8’ tall grizzly bear. It is a form Eredeth almost prefers these days, socialising with the wild animals and learning from their innate wisdom about the follies of the humanoid races. Little known except to those closest to her, Eredeth is a member of the Druid’s Conclave, an ancient order of Druids that have stood the test of time and endured where others have perished. Druids of the Conclave are actually able to resist the calling of the new gods to do their bidding on the Shadow Plane, however Eredeth has been chosen by her peers to accept the calling and learn what she can. There is a growing feeling amongst the Druids that the new gods must be stopped, and Eredeth will play a major role in any direct action that is to be taken.

Eredeth's shape changing ability means she is easily the most versatile hero in the game and is the only hero to be categorised as the "hybrid" class. In human form she is a potent ranged magic wielder in her own right, and in bear form she can play the tank role with the best of them. The skill and challenge is choosing which form to take at the appropriate time and leveling up the form, to enhance the role you need her to play in any given battle. 

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Sir Marcus

Human Knight (Male), Defender

Sir Marcus

Sir Marcus is a towering 6’4” human “winter” knight in his twilight years (61 years old). Despite his age, or as a result,  he is a proud robust and hardened warrior of many battles. Covered in the finest plate mail and carrying a huge kite shaped shield, Sir Marcus is as intimidating as he was 30 years ago. He wields “Ice”, a 300 year old broad sword, forged by his direct ancestors. Pale skin, deep blue eyes and white hair, he is the embodiment of winter. Icy cold and fierce.

Along with Thrommel, Marcus is one of the 2 heroes with a base Resilience of 2. He revels in the thick of the action, knocking enemies down with his shield and disrupting their plans with a well placed ice wall.

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Human Mortician (Male), Supporter


Never smiling, always brooding and with a devilish look in his eyes, Styx is often shunned in social circles of his home town, Brittlemire. Morticians are never the most popular individuals, however persistent rumours that Styx delves into the dark arts have made things even worse for him. Hushed whispers tell tales that he experiments on corpses before performing the mortician's work.

In truth Styx is an understudy to the infamous Zaron Bogdan and most of the rumours are in fact true. Styx performs important work researching the dead, contributing valuable knowledge to Zaron's quest for immortality. In exchange Zaron instructs Styx on how to manipulate the inherent powers of the Shadow Plane, to move short distances in the blink of an eye. 

Styx's strengths are not as obvious as other heroes, however once mastered, he is a very formidable opponent and a powerful weapon in your arsenal. His Switch ability in particular can totally alter the state of a battle. Many a hero has scoffed as they watch Styx walk into the clutches of a monster before suddenly realising their positions have switched and they are the ones the monster is devouring!

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Zaron Bogdan

Human Necromancer (Male),  Soulgazer

Zaron Bogdan

Zaron’s age is unknown although he is thought to be several hundred years old. Pale flesh stretched over gaunt features, deep sunken eyes and cracked lips, his visage strikes fear in the common folk who these days give him a very wide birth. Zaron is still human although that tenuous link lessens every day as he continues his quest for immortality. 

Zaron was actually the first mortal to travel to the Shadow Plane since the 5 chosen, 300 years ago. He openly sought a means of getting to the plane of Shadow and through his endeavours actually communed with Krognar, the orc demigod. Through mutual effort Zaron and Krognar were able to open a gate that transported the necromancer to InBetween. Over the next few months they continued to work together constructing the first Effigy that would make the transportation easier and more powerful. Eventually increasing the Effigy's powers until it was able to transport 5 heroes at a time. Zaron's quest for immortality continues unabated and he is close to achieving his goal.

In the game Zaron has the unique ability to summon skeletons, which open up a host of tactical options, not least the opportunity to harvest un-bound Souls through them. Zaron also has a strong synergy with Rakkir, being able to create Shadow Orbs and even teleport through them at higher levels.

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