Hero Line Up

The characters of Judgement are mighty heroes that were champions of their respective races even before their powers were enhanced by being summoned to the Shadow Plane. Their backgrounds are as diverse as they are rich and many a bard earns decent coin regaling stories of their amazing feats by the hearth of taverns across the land.

The initial launch of Judgement includes 20 heroes. The heroes are drawn from 5 races (Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Minotaurs, Orcs), who operate within 4 classes (Supporter, Defender, Aggressor, Soulgazer), defining their role on the battlefield. When playing Judgement you are free to select any heroes, from across the 5 races, to fight in your Warband. Whilst there are several exploitable synergies that may sway your decision making, there are no hard restrictions, you can field whatever heroes you want!

Heroes are from different areas of Onathien, even those of the same race. They have been summoned to the Shadow Plane to fight on behalf of a demigod. The heroes have diverse motivations and varying attitudes regarding this summons.

Judgement heroes are represented on the table-top by finely detailed 54mm scale resin miniatures and a detailed statistics card that explains all their powers and abilities in the game.