Dwarves are stocky, hardy folk, that like being in the thick of the action. Whilst they revel in the front line of combat they also have a spiritual side with a natural sense of what is wrong and right.

During the early history of Onathien the dwarven race was a kingdom that stretched across entire continents and they held the most metallurgical knowledge of any of the races. This kingdom was shattered during the wars of the gods and the royal line was forced to seek refuge in 'the spray', a huge arcing archipelago of islands that stretch far from the largest continent. The majority of dwarves remained on the mainland, assimilating within the newly forming empires and forgetting the old kingdom.

Those who had fled to the spray spent hundreds of years maintaining the royal line and tradition in exile. The greatly changed environment meant that traditional food sources changed dramatically and they directed the same determination towards fishing and seafaring that had once been directed towards metalworking and mining.

After the fall of Edarr, with Onathien shaken and previously strong empires on the verge of failure, the dwarven royal line at last stepped back out of the shadows and onto the mainland. Their reception among the Dwarves that had remained was mixed. Many were eager to join the cause of resurrecting the old Kingdom, particularly those who had struggled to leave behind old racial enmities and longed for a genuine dwarven society. Against those though were equally many who found the old ways backwards and had no desire to become subjects of a royal line that had spent several hundred years ruling fishing villages.

This internal conflict sours the relations of Dwarves across Onathien and the desire to create (or restore depending upon your viewpoint) a kingdom has understandably led to friction with those who control existing cities and territories on the mainland near the spray. Dwarves in cosmopolitan cities now find themselves under suspicion as potential rogue agents working to re-establish the kingdom and this suspicion impacts their daily lives dramatically, feeding new life into racial tensions that had largely been washed away hundreds of years ago by the wars of the gods.


Loribela Runeflask

Dwarf Alchemist (Female), Supporter 

Loribela RuneflaskLoribela is a rotund boisterous dwarf who is renowned for her alchemical knowledge. The daughter of a blacksmith, Loribela became obsessed with the chemical side of her father's work, excelling in metallurgy and helping her father forge some of the finest armour in the Eastern Reaches. As her skill in alchemy developed she experimented with chemistry outside of metals and became well-known for the production of remarkable (and potent) Dwarven ales. After her father's death she became a trading alchemist in her own right and her potions and brews came into demand across the realm.

Loribela is a good hearted soul, loved and respected by those in her community for her wicked sense of humour and generousity. Her knowledge of metals and prowess in the traditional headbutting competitions shows a respect for the old ways that lead many to feel she would be a strong royalist. In reality Loribela sees little value in a resurrection of the old kingdom, she has found a perfect niche as an alchemist and holds no hatred for the other races.

When summoned to In-Between, Loribela creates flaming alchemical flasks that she can hurl at opponents and can even summon larger kegs that detonate powerfully. These can devastate your opponent's plans by throwing enemy heroes out of position, often into the clutches of her warband or the many monsters that lurk in the Shadow Plane.

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Sven Oaklost

Dwarf Druid (Male), Soulgazer

Sven Oaklost

Sven is a recluse who spends most of his days in the company of forest creatures. He is rarely seen these days but his counsel is sought by any who recognize him.

Sven has spent his life in the wilds and has developed a command of wild beasts that is legendary.

This ability to dominate the will of animals in Onathien translates to In-Between where he can even influence the denizens of that plane, preventing them from ever attacking him and even driving them forward into his opponents.

Upon her return to the mainland the Queen sent immediately for Sven since she knew that his acceptance would be a great aid in swaying the opinon of dwarves across the land. When he appeared in answer, his right arm and shoulder had been transformed into solid oak and he greeted the Queen in a tongue not heard on the mainland since before the exile. She answered in that same tongue and refused to question him about his ailment, which seemed to please him. That conversation alone ensured her more supporters than any other action of her reign.

It appears that, during his life in the wilds, Sven has acquired a strange affliction which is slowly transforming him into a dryad. How this occurred remains a mystery that he will not discuss.

Sven is unique in that he is the only model in the game able to harvest two unbound souls in the one activation. His ability to manipulate beasts means your enemy will have to be constantly on their toes and he is one of the most resilient Soulgazers in the game, able to withstand heavy opposition while gathering game-winning souls.

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Thrommel Ironbeard

Dwarf Warrior (Male), Defender

Thrommel Ironbeard

Thrommel is a keg. An armour-plated immovable object with a warhammer that stands higher than his own head. Black hair and beard shrouded in heavy helmet, thick muscles and no neck. A will of iron and a heart of gold.

Thrommel was a royal guard from birth, decided by the village elders to enter the training regime that persisted through the long exile, generating some of the greatest dwarven warriors to ever stride Onathien. He excelled at training and in the rare actual battles that sprung up across the islands of the spray from time to time. By the time he was of age to be chosen for the royal guard he was already a renowned warrior, known for his stubborn unwillingness to let those around him fall to the blows of the enemy. His readiness to put himself in harms way over and over again and steadfast refusal to yield made him an ideal choice to the guard and his age made him an ideal close guard for the young prince of the royal line.

Their relationship began unsteadily, Thrommel found the Prince's optimistic approach to the world naïve and the Prince in turn found him to be far too pessimistic, reminding him of the older guards of his mother. In time though they developed a deeper bond, recognizing in each other a balance that would serve the royal line well. It was an unexpected boon that their relationship developed into love, granting them an unshakeable trust that made Thrommel the ideal emissary between the Prince and rulers on the mainland.

Thrommel is a clear example of the old dwarven ideals and his dedication to the royal line makes him one of the strongest royalist icons, which makes him loved and despised among mainland dwarves as the divide in their society deepens.

Thrommel is a defender in the true sense of the word, his abilities are focussed around holding the line against any enemy, keeping his allies safely behind him as he blocks the path of those who seek to attack them. Under the right circumstances, his warhammer can dish out astonishing amounts of damage, particularly to those who seek to evade him and strike at softer targets. The nature of his weapon means a parting blow from Thrommel can return even the hardiest opponent to their effigy.

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Zaffen Ironhelm

Dwarf Hunter (Male), Aggressor

Zaffen Ironhelm

Zaffen lives in a small village deep within the spray, days travel by ship from the mainland. He has devoted much of his life to hunting the Gratin on the spires that dot the ocean around the spray and through that process he has become a true expert with his own unique crossbow, a huge device that can hurl bolts hundreds of strides with enough power to still punch through armoured hide and shell.

He has hunted on the larger islands extensively, there are islands that only he has seen, beasts which perhaps only he has ever killed. He has learned the hard way that a true hunter uses all the tools at his disposal to bring down his prey and Zaffen often coats his crossbow bolts with various toxins and commonly sets traps to ensure his safety against unexpected assailants.  

Zaffen is an aggressor with a difference, relying on good position and the protection of allies to maximise his damage output. He is the closest thing, in Judgement, to an artillery piece. If he is able stand still and fire, he will wreak havoc on the enemy force.

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