The creatures of Between are many and varied, their form shaped primarily by their intent and preference. They flow between shapes as they move from task to task which makes identification of one another by form impossible. One of the inherent results of their will shaping their form, is the creation of distinct markings, regardless of how they shift. These markings are unique to each individual, a reflection of their personality and will, manifest on their form. To change these markings by will alone is almost impossible and considered an abomination among their society.

The denizens of Between feed on the energy of souls, though they return that energy to the plane at a similar rate to their consumption. Rather than hoarding the energy, they consume to survive and grow.

The Everlasting are unnatural beings of Between, they consume and hoard, without returning energy to the plane. This takes from the natural denizens of the plane who, without sufficient sustenance, slowly dwindle.

This is the true death of Between, as it will be reduced to nothing, unable to even manifest the markings that would define self. Aside from this though, death is a meaningless concept to those that dwell on Between, conflict is a clash of wills, opponents are driven off, but they will inevitably coalesce again once they’ve recovered their will. As such they hold no fear of death and will, when provoked, attack without reservation. They can be driven off, but very rarely can they be destroyed. This aspect of Between is what has made it a stable realm, without the prospect of true victory or defeat, war is pointless and coexistence is, eventually, mandatory.

Gloom Markings

Several of the summoned have spent considerable time studying the origins and nature of these creatures, with mixed success. Perhaps it is fitting that the druids, those most in tune with nature on Athien, were the first to have any success in truly understanding nature on Between. The shapeshifter, Eredeth Wildflower, found immediately that shifting on this plane was significantly easier. A task that, on Athien, would require days of preparation and hours of trance, could be accomplished at will on Between, in a matter of seconds. Sven Oaklost, known for his communion with the animals of Athien, has already established a rudimentary communication with the creatures of Between and formed a grudging bond of seemingly mutual respect.

As yet none of the summoned have truly come to understand Between, but perhaps it is not possible for a mortal mind from a material plane to truly understand a realm of immaterial and immortality. The Everlasting have clearly established a far deeper understanding, but they hoard their knowledge even more fiercely than their power and no other can truly say what they have learned in their long period of dwelling on Between.