We created the company Gunmeister Games because we are passionate about gaming and had a fantastic idea for our first game. None of us would rest until our vision for Judgement was made reality so we set out from scratch, with little knowledge of how we could make it happen, dived in the deep end and swam like crazy. :)

Through countless hours of collaboration, hard work, perseverance and more than a little bit of fun, Judgement was born. We are already proud of what we have achieved however the hard work is literally about to begin. We are going to Kickstarter in January 2017. With a lot more hard work, a dose of luck, and the support of people like you, we hope to make our vision a reality and share our love of Judgement with thousands of gamers around the world.

Without further ado here is our mission statement. Something we take seriously and refer to on a regular basis to make sure we stay on track to our original goals.

  • We commit to placing the integrity of our game rules above profits.
  • We pledge to produce miniatures of the highest quality.
  • Our relationships with our sculptors, manufacturers, wholesalers and customers are built on honesty, integrity and trust.
  • We create games that people love to play, using miniatures they are proud to own.

The Judgement crew:

Andrew Galea - Judgement Creator
Darren Whittam - Art Director
Jeff Galea - Game Designer, Play Test Coordinator
Gavin Clarke - Studio Artist, Product Development