Judgement Kickstarter

The pledge levels from the Judgement Kickstarter, set up on our web site, for late pledges. These products are also an opportunity for existing backers to upgrade their pledge to a higher level. 

New Backers

For new backers, simply purchase the pledge level you want to back for. You can also add any of the add-ons to your cart to include them as well. 

Existing Backers

Existing backers can upgrade their pledge level by purchasing them off our website and use the appropriate discount code listed below (based on your original pledge) during checkout.

  • Lone Wolf discount code: KM4SW97XRPWK
  • Warband discount code: 9DS1NAQVECNR
  • Six Pack discount code: 5BJ6C5616FN8

Existing backers can also just purchase the add-ons they want directly from our website.

Note that the free unlocked goals are not available for late backers. Whilst we very much appreciate the support from late pledges, the free stretch goals are being kept as a reward for those backers who supported us early during the Kickstarter. We trust you will understand.

Free Shipping

For existing backers that want to pick up one of the add-ons you can use the "FreeShipping" discount code to avoid paying for shipping twice. 

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Barnascus - Wave 2 Kickstarter Add On