Carry Bag + Foam Load Out

Carry Bag + Foam Load Out

$174.95 AUD

This product includes a sturdy, light weight, carry bag from Knights of Dice, filled with a full load out of custom cut Judgement hero trays. The best way, without a doubt, to transport your Judgement models. 

The following foam options are available with this product. You can select any of the options when you purchase it.

  1. Select any 10 hero trays, other than Doenrakkar or Thorgar.
  2. Select any 8 hero trays, plus Doenrakkar's tray.
  3. Select any 8 hero trays, plus Thorgar's tray plus the dice tray.
  4. Select any 6 hero trays, plus Doenrakkar and Thorgar's trays, plus the dice tray.

Note: all the above options include the Judgement foam topper.

Bag dimensions are: 42cm long x 22cm wide x 13cm high

Note: models, dice and tokens not included.