Carry Bag + Complete Foam Set

Carry Bag + Complete Foam Set

$246.00 AUD

This product includes a sturdy, light weight, carry bag from Knights of Dice, fand every single custom cut Judgement hero tray in the range. The best way, without a doubt, to transport your Judgement models. 

    This product includes the following trays:

    • Bastian tray
    • Brok tray
    • Dice & accessories tray
    • Doenrakkar tray
    • Gloom (double) tray
    • Istariel tray
    • Judgement foam topper
    • Kruul tray
    • Kvarto tray
    • Piper tray
    • Rakkir tray
    • Saiyin tray
    • Sir Marcus tray
    • Skoll Bonestorm tray
    • Thorgar tray
    • Thrommel tray
    • Zaron tray

    Bag dimensions are: 42cm long x 22cm wide x 13cm high

    Note: models, dice and tokens not included.