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General Attributes

Humans have a tendency to adapt and survive, and are one of the most populous of all the races on Athien. Their natural adaptability means that they fulfil any and all roles in social, militaristic and political structures, and have maintained a steady influence along the course of Athien's history. Physically, humans are slightly bigger than elves but smaller than Orcs. When comparing the five major races in any context, they are average, not excelling at anything in particular.

Human History

Throughout history, humans have operated from the shadows, puppeteering other races to achieve their goals, and emerging only when it has suited them. In major conflicts, human leaders have always aligned themselves with the most likely victors. The only major political body openly controlled by humans is the church of Wellin, one of the oldest and most powerful churches for over a thousand years. Wellin's church is known for its intolerance of non-believers and its adherence to a strict doctrine. After communing with Wellin, Archbishop Gunter realised that the summoned posed a major threat. He immediately mobilised the church's considerable political and military influence to foster negative sentiment towards the summoned, which soon festered into outright violence. Many of the early summoned were hunted down and killed by the church's militant followers.

Sir Marcus was the head of the church's militant Order of Knights and its chief protagonist, before being forced to flee once it became common knowledge that he himself had joined the ranks of the summoned.