Zaron's Child - Skeleton (Familiar)

Zaron's Child - Skeleton (Familiar)

$40.00 AUD

Zaron Bogdan is a necromancer whose goal is to ascend into immortal status and join the demigods of Between. He already possesses a strong mastery over death, making him a formidable Soulgazer in his own right, however his power extends beyond controlling the Souls of the slain, he can physically raise their skeletal bodies from the ground to do his bidding. This Zaron's Child model is used to represent the skeletons that Zaron raises in the game.

Note that this model can only be fielded in a game of Judgement if Zaron Bogdan is included in the same Warband.

Sculpt: James W Cain
Studio Artist: Glenn Lamprecht

All Judgement models are cast using the highest quality resin on the market. Every sculpt includes a themed scenic base.