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Rakkir - Orc Rogue (Aggressor)
Rakkir - Orc Rogue (Aggressor)
Rakkir - Orc Rogue (Aggressor)
Rakkir - Orc Rogue (Aggressor)

Rakkir - Orc Rogue (Aggressor)


*** Note: Rakkir is included in the Two Player Starter Box so is not available for individual sale. ***

Rakkir is a deadly killer, specialising in the various toxins and poisons of Athien. Exceptionally agile and stealthy for an Orc, Rakkir quickly rose through the ranks of his local thieves guild, before striking out on his own as a hired assassin. His reputation stretches the length and breadth of the land and anyone rumoured as being a target of the Blood Shadow is considered a dead man walking. Rakkir is a veteran of many battles on the shadow plane of Between, since he was the 1st hero that Zaron Bogdan recruited to the cause.  

Zaron created the shadow orbs and presented them to Rakkir as payment for his services and loyalty. The orbs contain the essence of the shadow plane itself, enabling Rakkir to travel short distances in a heartbeat, by slipping in and out of the plane at will. The shadow orbs have elevated an already deadly assassin to supernatural heights that make him a terror to behold on the battlefield. Rakkir cares little for his appearance, often seen wearing a torn and blood spatter hooded cloak and ill-fitting armour, stolen from his victims. In combat he wields a single short dagger, often coated with deadly poison.

Rakkir will take some time to master, however once you do he will strike fear in your opponents. He has the rare ability to drop heroes in a single activation and can get himself around the battlefield better than most, enabling him to wreak havoc where you need it most. As his background suggests he also has a wonderful synergy with Zaron. Another good hero to partner Rakkir with is Zaffen Ironhelm. The dwarf hunter can apply poison to Rakkir's targets, removing the need for him to do so.

Learn more about Rakkir in this heroic tale:

Sculpt: Tom Lishman
Illustration: Sarah Bates
Studio Artist: Glenn Lamprecht

All Judgement models are cast using the highest quality resin on the market. Every sculpt includes a themed scenic base.