Judgement is synonymous with beautifully detailed miniatures. From working with the best digital sculptors in the industry, to using the finest quality resin, we have left no stone unturned to realise our goal of producing the best 54mm miniature range in the world. 

Every single sculpt in our range includes a 50mm round, themed scenic base, made using the same high quality resin as the heroes they support. Even our statistics cards and product boxes are professionally illustrated. High quality through and through.

No-one knows for sure what determines who can be summoned to Between, those who have so far been called include scholars, soldiers, gladiators, morticians and druids with no particular pattern to be found. They have one observed common characteristic: strength of will. On Athien most are well-known since they tend to have ferocious personalities, whatever their focus may be, they are driven to be the strongest, smartest and most powerful in their field. 

Fortunately for those who make their livings from stories, their backgrounds are rich and diverse, they are rarely bashful and commonly come into conflict with those around them. The stories of their exploits are told across Athien, sometimes for inspiration and sometimes as warning.

The summoned are from different areas of Athien, even those of the same race. They are summoned to Between to fight on behalf of the Everlasting and in return they find their power and vitality on Athien is increased. Those who answer the summons do so for a variety of reasons, but for most this power becomes the ultimate motivation.

The initial launch of Judgement includes 14 heroes. The heroes are drawn from 5 races (Dwarfs, Elves, Humans, Minotaurs, Orcs), who operate within 5 classes (Supporter, Defender, Aggressor, Soulgazer and Hybrid), defining their role on the battlefield. When playing Judgement, you are free to select any heroes from across the 5 races, to fight in your Warband. Whilst there are several exploitable synergies that may sway your decision making, there are no hard restrictions, you can field whatever heroes you want!

Judgement heroes are represented on the table-top by finely detailed 54mm scale resin miniatures, and a detailed statistics card that explains all their powers and abilities in the game.