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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021


General Attributes

Goblins have an average height of 4'5" and are slight of build. They are nocturnal creatures that inhabit the dark, dank, caverns of the Athien underworld. As a result, they have large eyes and ears making them excellent hunters under minimal light. Their heads are also large in proportion to their bodies. Goblins normally live to the age of 60 years, however many die a lot younger at the hands of the ferocious beasts that dwell in the underworld.

Goblin History

While goblins have been around since creation, they have never, at any stage, rose to a level of prominence. For the most part, they kept to themselves, and have had minimal dealings with surface dwellers. There have been interactions with the dwarfs who mine deep into the earth, however these dealings have been relatively peaceful, outside of the odd dispute when metal veins lead the dwarf miners into goblin lands.

Goblin society is tribal, with large groups of the creatures living together in huge caverns scattered across Athien. Many tribes trade with each other and sometimes band together to overcome particularly powerful creatures or infestations of communities of vermin, however there is yet to be an instance where multiple tribes have formed into a war host.

Most goblins have never forgiven the major races for not including them in The Gathering. It was a black mark in their history to be treated in such a way and it did irreparable damage to the relationship between surface dwellers  and goblins. Only recently, Jaegar, a renowned hunter and hero of the goblin peoples, was summoned to Between to join the ranks of The Chosen. This has enhanced Jaegar's reputation even further as well as contributing to his already formidable powers. There are sure to be more goblins bestowed with the honour and many goblin chiefs see it as a sign that the gods are righting the wrong that was the snub of The Gathering.