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General Attributes

Elves are the most ambitious and technologically advanced race on Athien. They are political masters, usually working their way to positions of power that enable them to dominate the destiny of other races. Male elves are of a similar build to their human counterparts, however female elves are, on average, more slight than female humans. Elves live up to 3 times as long as the average human, and possess a natural resistance to disease and other malaise. Elves are not necessarily arrogant, however they understand the natural order and quite simply excel in many fields when compared to other races.

Elf History

From the earliest days of creation, the elves have been a prosperous people. Quick to adapt and keen to master the unknown, their natural inquisitiveness has meant that they quickly outstrip other races in terms of political systems and in the fields of chemistry, physics and in turn weaponry. Peaceful by nature, the elves do not look to conquer others or enslave them, and in fact they are big proponents of assimilation and integration. Some of the most peaceful times on Athien have been when the elves have gained the ascendency.

Scholars have long since debated the time when the elves overstepped their mark and threatened their rule. The elf leaders realised that the minotaur curse posed a threat not only themselves but to all the races on Athien. In their wisdom, they took it upon themselves to "fix the problem", which they did by carrying out the systematic cleansing of every cursed minotaur that lived. The minotaurs, understandably, rose up against the elves. This in turn encouraged other races to join their cause, as they saw an opportunity to elevate their own standing in the natural hierarchy.

The ensuing conflict became known simply as "The Athien War". The minotaurs, along with their allies, managed to overthrow the elves and drive them out of the cities and into the wilderness areas. For several hundred cycles, the elves lived in isolation. During that time, they made technological advances that far outstripped anything other races could even dream of. Society, in general, fell into a period of decadence as the minotaurs slowly squandered their power and collapsed beneath the weight of rule. When they judged the time to be right, the elves returned from exile. They quickly conquered the major cities and took over the political centres across Athien. The Age of the Elves had begun, and Athien was returned to a more prosperous peace, albeit at the expense of the minotaurs; by this stage, they had been reduced to a downtrodden and subjugated people, a shadow of their former selves.