Physically elves are nimble, quick and wild. Their origins are not well recorded since their early society had no use for written word, their traditions being almost entirely oral.

They were a tribal society, with hundreds of tribes forming a cohesive net across Kaeshar and many smaller tribes to be found scattered and hidden away across Raspier. They had been one of the most primal societies to be found on Athien, deeply invested in worship of the four primal gods, which gave them a somewhat unique control of the weather. This meant that tribes could commonly shape unique ecosystems around themselves, forests in a desert or hot, dry valleys in a rain forest. This deep integration  of the primal gods into their society meant that they were perhaps the race most devastated by the war of the gods. The war shattered the cohesion between the hundreds of disparate tribal groups, conflict drove tribes from their ancestral homes and into unfamiliar territory. During this period their history was fragmented and largely lost along with the lives of the majority of their race.

The remnants of the tribes were scattered to the four points of Athien and found niche's in the societies of others. Their appearance and wild ways ensured that they rarely integrated well, being perceived as arrogant and aloof. This persecution combined with their natural proclivity for religion has led to the development of several disturbing cults that claim entire tribal groups as members. These cults in turn further the mistrust of the other races and make life even harder for those elves that seek to fit in to modern society.