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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021
Thrommel Ironbeard - Dwarf Warrior (Defender)
Thrommel Ironbeard - Dwarf Warrior (Defender)
Thrommel Ironbeard - Dwarf Warrior (Defender)
Thrommel Ironbeard - Dwarf Warrior (Defender)

Thrommel Ironbeard - Dwarf Warrior (Defender)


Thrommel is a keg. An armour-plated immovable object with a warhammer that stands higher than his own head. Black hair and beard shrouded in heavy helmet, thick muscles and no neck. A will of iron and a heart of gold.

Thrommel was a royal guard from birth, selected by the village elders to enter the training regime that persisted through the long exile, generating some of the greatest dwarven warriors to ever stride Athien. He excelled at training and in the rare actual battles that sprung up across the islands of the spray. By the time he was of age to be chosen for the royal guard he was already a renowned warrior, known for his stubborn unwillingness to let those around him fall to the blows of the enemy. His readiness to put himself in harms way over and over again and steadfast refusal to yield made him an ideal choice to the guard and his age made him an ideal close guard for the young prince of the royal line.

Their relationship began unsteadily, Thrommel found the Prince's optimistic approach to the world naïve and the Prince in turn found him to be far too pessimistic, reminding him of the older guards of his mother. In time though they developed a deeper bond, recognizing in each other a balance that would serve the royal line well. It was an unexpected boon that their relationship developed into love, granting them an unshakeable trust that made Thrommel the ideal emissary between the Prince and rulers on the mainland.

Thrommel is a clear example of the old dwarven ideals and his dedication to the royal line makes him one of the strongest royalist icons, which makes him loved and despised among mainland dwarves as the divide in their society deepens.

Thrommel is a defender in the true sense of the word, his abilities are focussed around holding the line against any enemy, keeping his allies safely behind him as he blocks the path of those who seek to attack them. Under the right circumstances, his warhammer can dish out astonishing amounts of damage, particularly to those who seek to evade him and strike at softer targets. The nature of his weapon means a parting blow from Thrommel can return even the hardiest opponent to their effigy.

Sculpt: Tom Lishman
Illustration: Shane L Cook
Studio Artist: Gavin Clarke

All Judgement models are cast using the highest quality resin on the market. Every sculpt includes a themed scenic base.