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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

4 - Interacting with Monsters.

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Today we talk about the neutral monsters and how they can, and will, do whatever they can to hinder your gameplan. Having ways to interact with the neutral monster roaming the board can sometimes be an outright game-winning strategy purely in itself.

Different ways to interact with monsters; a guide to the different types of heroes in Judgement.

The melee one-rounders:
[Brok, Thorgar, Zhonyja]
-These three heroes can single-handedly crank out enough damage with enough dice to allow you a quick round 1 kill of a gloom or inferno if placed a moderate distance away. Brok is the undisputed king in this section with his crit's ability to 1-shot a neutral. Zhyonyja sometimes needs to spend a fate to get it, which can put you in awkward positions, but also allows her to one-round Asthtooths, which is something the other two have much more difficulty with. She's also better against Vujasha than the other two because of her dice advantage.

The mailmen:
[Styx, Kvarto, Svetlana]
-These heroes allow you to gift your opponent one of the neutral monsters. These abilities usually result in a perfectly delivered 5 to 7 damage (plus or minus poison and fire) and a negative table state for your opponent for maneuvering, finding charge lanes and having to worry about parting blows. Styx has the longest range, allowing you to target enemies way in your opponent's back field. Kvarto's TK has the best pin-point placement, whilst Svetlana's is the only one that doesn't cost fate, but is on a slower delivery vehicle and thus a smaller threat-range. 

The trick-shotters:
[Allandir, Gendris] 
-These guys can actually get kills on enemy heroes by targeting a nearby neutral monster instead, and then chaining a shot to the unfortunate hero. Disadvantages are that you'll commonly be shooting into melee, and that it takes 2S's to pull off the trick shot, so your best bet is to use Asthtooth or Inferno as your bounce targets.

The Executive secretaries:
[Bastian, Haksa, Gendris]
-Our collection of super supportive and friendly roadside 3" melee assistance providers give you a great way to set up for a quick kill by providing that dice support for your melee aggressors and occasionally a few extra points of damage or inches of pushes. Bastian gives the best in raw dice, but loses out on surviveability and damage output. The other two give you additional board-presence abilities in their totems & forest that they place on the table.

Having a flexible, but robust strategy that involves neutral monsters and how they shape the table is an important part in warband selection and picking and banning. If you have suggestions or examples of particular hero-monster interactions you've had then let us know!

Till next time!


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