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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

3 - Trinities of Synergy and Deadly Doubles: Using Pre-Synergised Modular Teams to Help List Building in 3v3's and 5v5's.

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Why Bother?

Picking warbands for the different pre-made formats of Judgement can be tricky, especially when picking and banning are involved. This T=0 (where T is time into game) meta-game is the first part of playing Judgement. It involves committing to a particular (usually 2 or 3) set of win-conditions and playstyles. It also involves attempting to deceive your opponent and avoid their deception in turn.

Using Deadly Doubles and Trinities of Synergy to build a modular roster for your warbands in different combinations allows you to react adequately to the map selection & PnB portions of the game, and hopefully give you an advantage in the overall macro-game.

You could for instance build a 5v5 roster out of 2 Deadly Doubles and a single filler, a Deadly Double and Trinity of Synergy, or even 2 overlapping Trinities of synergy.

Deadly Doubles:
This game is like a tele-novela of passionate couples of intense chemistry falling in and out of love with each other (and each others' exes). Some of the most famous Brangelina-style couples include:

Thrommel & Kvarto *Pronounced in the original Australian = Kuh-Var-Doh* 
-One of the most passionate pairs, Kvarto not only helps pull in unwilling victims into reach of Thrommel's big hammer, but he allows him to swing that bad boy twice. A straight 100% damage increase is just that big. In turn Thrommel is the Kevin Costner to Kvarto's pudgy (but fragile) frame. With Thrommel to sit on a soul, Kvarto can soul harvest in peace whilst putting out game-winning TK's or massive damage spikes + knockdown.

Zaffen & Kvarto
-The long distance relationship that Zaffen and Kvarto have is undeniable and it based once again on that dwarf mechanic of 2A basic attacks, which come with a correspondingly generous damage grid. It's less intense and passionate than Kvarto's relationship with Thrommel, but it's obvious that the midget siamese twin thing on Kvarto's chest has a thing for dwarves.

Pre-patch Xyvera and Doenrakkar.
-Possibly the most epic love-story of two heroes in this game ever, it was a soul-forged bond that could withstand any iceberg that fate could throw at their loveboat of steamy RES 3 damage-transferring abilities which basically rendered both heroes invulnerable for pretty much the entire game. It's probably a good thing they fixed this. The modern, post-patch remakes feature Xyvera and Skoll, using bulwark on Xyvera as an ablative shield to cover her 5HP heals that she wants to put out every turn. In turn he provides her with a big fat hitpoint pool to draw from for putting out that auto-hitting true damage. 

Skoll & Bastian
-Somehow, a man with one eye is able to drastically improve the visual acuity of a 2 headed Ettin. No one enjoys the two extra attack dice bonus from Bastian's sticky staff & aura more than Skoll. Nephenee lies jealously plotting plans to seduce Bastian in the background of the scene, threatening their relationship in the next season of 'Judge Judy & Executioner'. Really anyone with dual-wield in particular have a tendency to get into highly dependent relationships with the one-eyed bandit.

Thorgar & Anyone
-Thorgar is a typical jock man(cow)-whore. He will get it on with any hero in Judgement, because he is a synergy slut. All heroes appreciate the breathing room that an 800 pound battering ram buys you. The knockdowns, the huge damage, the massive threat-range, threat-level and hit-points means that he takes the pressure of your other heroes so they can win you the game.

Saiyin & Doenrakkar
-This controversial inter-racial couple came in the spotlight early on in the show and have remained a steadfast synergy since then. The Don loves the sweet healing Saiyin gives, but cares much more about her ability to counter his only real weakness: fire. Saiyin definitely enjoys the protection from attacks, giving her a big, muscly wall to hide behind so she can soulgaze her heart out and run the table.

Piper & Zaron
-There are actually 4 people involved in this "duo" but they all do work. Between illusions and skeletons there are some great ways to play with the table. A table controlling combo this allows for great positioning plays, flanking shrine holds and some serious soul-game. Don't rely on the backstab bonus though, the fact that it takes 2 activations to set-up makes it too easily counter-able. Zaron himself has been eyed up by the suave and sophisticated Skye for seduction in the next. Will he be able to resist Skye heroic standing abilities, or will he remain faithfull to Piper?

Marcus & Nephenee
-Nephenee's KD addiction became obvious very early on in the season. She would show up to work strung-out, make simple mistakes and go to the bathroom for conspicuously long periods of time. Meeting the knockdown dealer of the century resulted in the kind of fiery, whirlwind relationship that only a 24 damage activation brings and that ends in a final shoot-out with the entire local police department in an abandonded mexican farm-house.

Kvarto & Styx
-The mind-bending, teleporting duo that made "we gotta stop meeting like this" a  thing back in the 90s, these guys team up most effectively during the pick & ban phase of the game, ensuring that you can always sneak in at least 1 auto-hitting teleport ability that to place neutral monsters inside your opponents' formation. This provides massive amounts of table position, damage superiority and shrine advantage in many cases.

Trinities of Synergy:
An ideal Trinity of Synergy actually contains 3 Deadly Doubles, as in; Hero A independently synergizes with hero B, Hero B independently synergizes with hero C and Hero C independantly synergizes with hero A.

Thorgar, Thrommel & Kvarto.
-An incredibly dense formation that brings superior damage and Crowd Control [ In Judgement i consider CC to be 1)Pushes 2)Knockdowns & stuns 3)Slows and obstacles 4)Taunts and 5)Others] whilst also being completely ban resistant. People might think that a Kvarto ban cripples this Trinity but it doesn't. Thrommel & Thorgar kicking ass was never dependant on Kvarto, they are perfectly capable of synergizing with your remaining picks to make a game-winning composition.

Rakkir, Zaron & Styx.
-This threesome is simply called 'The Movement'. Being able to drop two teleport markers very far upfield turn 1 and being able to use and recycle those markers indefinately brings some serious next level play. Styx provides crucial dice by engagement for Rakkir, along with an incredibly powerful Turn 1 2nd-activation kill (styx gets 2 runs, teleports Rakkir up, Rakkir charge + extra attack + fate = 18" threat range for out-of position squishies to get insta-gibbed). Ethereal passage working on Zarons skeletons is just added hilarity to throw some serious spanners at your opponent.

Bastian, Skoll & Thorgar.
-These guys became friends after realizing they all equally enjoy helping each other stack huge amounts of attack dice on enemies and do incredible damage whilst providing soul pressure and great defensive capabilities. With bulwark and Bastian heals + Thorgar's regen, these boys have a tendency to stick around to close out a game.

Marcus, Istariel & Barnasus.
These three are the rowdy out-of-town cousins that get drunk and trash your house and set fire to something in your garden. Knockdowns and fire is what these guys apply, liberally. bringing a tank as well as a literal tank gives you grinding power, whilst istariel just does her thing in peace, leaving others in pieces.

Bastian,Piper & Skoll
"Bastian's aura does an incredible amount of work with those two, and his healing can make Skoll very difficult to bring down, while Skoll's Bulwark can keep both the squishy guys alive for a long time." 
-Andrew Galea

Haksa, Xyvera & Skoll
A threesome that runs the largest hitpoint-trading operation on this side of town they met their end during a high-speed car chase at the end of a police raid gone bad. Until their apprehension they had been known to trade up to 2D6 + D6 + D6 + 5 direct target, auto-hitting damage and at the same time raking in 3D3 + D6 + D6 + 5 + 2 in heals per turn 

If you have discovered any Deadly Doubles or Trinities of Synergy of your own, then let us know in the comments below!

See you guys next time!


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