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Brok: A Judgement Miniature Painting Guide (PART ONE)

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Brok: A Judgement Miniature Painting Guide (PART ONE)

For many, the Judgement range of miniatures is their first foray into the collecting, construction and painting of 54mm miniatures. The Judgement team with this firmly in mind has, and will continue to, create miniatures that are visually appealing with amazing detail but easy to construct with very few pieces. The focus of this article Brok has an amazing 4 PIECES.

Part 1 Brok’s Base

Contextualizing a Judgement miniature is an important part of the narrative and background in Judgement. Each Judgement hero comes with a crisply detailed scenic base that augments and adds atmosphere to the miniature that it comes with  To this end each of the heroes are strategically attached by their feet to the scenic bases. This enables you to:

  1. Mix and match your scenic bases to use with various heroes and monsters in the game.
  2. Easily separately paint both your scenic base and hero.

The Aggressor Dwarf Hero Brok stands atop a rocky outcrop triumphantly holding aloft the head of the monster Ashtooth. The outcrop is littered with trophies of the vanquished and this is where I will begin in my painting of this model.


As a general rule I always prime my miniatures in black and then give them a 'zenithal' type highlight with very light grey or white. This can be done with a spray can or your airbrush and will help guide you with placement of highlights and shadows.

Using a diluted VMA Armour Brown I airbrush thin layers leaving the shadows and highlights exposed or translucently covered.

With Mig Ammo Dark Rust I hit the highlights on the base. Whilst there is no need to be overly neat or too accurate at this stage other than to NOT cover our shadow areas. The key to achieving this is ensuring that you are always aware of your over-spray and having the base and your airbrush in motion. Many errors and excessive build-up of paint are the result of having “static hands”….. Keep them moving J

Mixing some VMC Sunny Skintone in with the Dark Rust more highlights are added.

Using P3 Jack Bone the skulls, bones and shield are roughly blocked out. Varying the angle of my airbrush allows me to maintain the shadows created by the armour brown applied earlier.

VMC Dark Sea Blue is a wonderful colour to shade our red brown base. This is a colour that I will also use in my shading on Brok. The Dark Sea Blue is heavily diluted with water and strategically and liberally placed on the base and left dry for a few minutes then hit with air at round 30psi from my airbrush. This creates some very interesting capillary like coloured runs/lines on the stone and adds depth to the stone and earth features of the base. Scale 75 African Shadow and Arbuckles Brown are also utilized and applied in this manner on the base.

We have some nice depth of colour in the base now so it’s time to start picking out details. Using P3 Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight the skulls and bones are highlighted. The shield, chains and stake are also base coated.


Highlighting…. There are some nice textures and features on the rocky outcrops so using a flat brush and mixtures of GW Snakebite Leather, VMC Sunny Skintone, VGC Scrofulous Brown, Mig Ammo Dark and Light Rust we can lightly and carefully dry-brush and hit the edges. Our groundwork is also highlighted and finally using some VGC Dead Flesh and green pigments we add some striking visual contrast to the base.


Some patchy grass tufts are added to finalize the base at this stage of painting. When Brok is finished he will be fitted to the base with blood splatter added and some more work done to ensure that he is harmoniously tied to the environment of the base.


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