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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Basing Basics - A Judgement Bases Painting Guide.

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Basing Basics - A Judgement Bases Painting Guide.

One of the unique features of the Judgement range of miniatures is that each figure comes with a unique detachable scenic base. Even more exciting is the fact that you can mix and match many of these bases to various Judgement figures!

Basic Basics

There is nothing better than opening and putting together a new Judgement figure and getting it ready for gameplay. This quick Basing Basics guide should enable the average player/painter to get their base ready in less than 1 hour!

The Beginning

There is very little flash to be removed from our base so a quick wash in soapy water and a comprehensive dry has our base ready for priming. After priming I have added some GW Agrellan Earth to the base and accelerated the drying time helping to create some unique cracking and textures. Following these I have airbrushed a layer of VMA Dark Earth (MA71029) and a basic highlight of Mig Ammo Earth (MIG073). In these early stages we are solely interested in laying down with our airbrush our midtowns along with some basic shadows and highlights. These colours will be refined and defined later. [Images 1&2]

Further highlights and shadows are added with Reaper Rosy shadow, Mig Ammo 4BO Shine and Mig Ammo 4BO Russian Shadow [Images 3 & 4].

 Image 1 & 2

Image 1 & Image 2

Image 3 & 4

Image 3 & 4

As you can see we are starting very quickly to get some interesting highlights and shadows.


There are some fabulous pronounced cracks and crevices in the statue that are easy to shade using traditional acrylic washes. The finer lines and shallow cracks in the ground work however are more easily shaded by using oils: in this case W&N Van Dyke brown. Using the capillary action of the oils we can quickly accentuate the ground cracks as well as building up shadows in the statues. A little bit of W&N Sap Green oils is also used sparingly in the deepest recesses on the statue. 

With a soft broad brush we can now also lightly brush the base and some of the statue edges with some of our previously used Rosy Shadow along with some P3 Jack Bone, P3 Menoth White Base and VMA Duck Egg Green. [Images 5 & 6]

Image 5 & Image 6

Image 5 & Image 6


To soften and add further depth and subtle nuances to the statue and ground areas we use a variety of ground coloured pigments. Mig Dry Mud, Mig Europe Dust and Mig Allied Fading Green are our chosen pigments and are carefully blended and then fixed in place;  furthermore these pigments can be sparingly stippled onto the boots and lower portions or our chosen Judgement model to really create a cohesive piece. [Image 7]

So there we have it….a very nice scenic base for our first Judgement miniature Thrommel and all done in just under 1 hour!

Till next time…slap some paint!

Image 7
Image 7

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  • Apr 05, 2018

    At what points did you vanish the models and how did you stop the pigments from rubbing off.

    I have used those pigments before and found if i sealed them after it dulled the effect.

    Cheers for a great article.


    — Clinton

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