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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021


Sir Marcus, The Winter Knight

Sir Marcus, The Winter Knight

Sir Marcus, the Winter Knight

Sir Marcus is a towering man, proud, stern and righteous. Age has not diminished his strength nor his fierce visage and he remains as unbending and determined as he was 30 years ago. Once the head of a militant order of knights dedicated to the Church of Eldir, Sir Marcus became disillusioned about what he perceived to be the church's softening stance towards non-believers. His fiery rhetoric saw him clash with the church's ruling clergy until he became alienated from those he swore to protect. Eventually his post became untenable so Marcus gathered his most loyal knights and lead them north from their base in Grimstrand.

Through high mountain passes and snowy peaks his knights soldiered on, driven by their desire to set up a new church order where Eldir's true doctrine would be strictly adhered to. Four weeks into their journey they were set upon by a viscous tribe of mountain trolls who were far more accustomed to a battlefield covered in 3 feet of snow. Marcus' knights fought valiantly performing a fighting withdrawal to the defendable position of a small cavern where they had time to regroup whilst their attackers feasted on their dead brothers.

Trapped, decimated in numbers and far from home Marcus petitioned Eldir to save his men and lead them to salvation. He cried out with a fierce roar, challenging his god to deliver the last of his true believers so that they could further his cause in the realm of mortal men. In his time of great need, when all hope seemed lost, Eldir answered Marcus' call. He appeared to him and spoke at length, primarily about the growing threat of the chosen 5 and their ascension to demigod status. Eldir had found a way to have Marcus summoned by the demigods instead of another they called allowing him to learn more about them in the hope that Eldir could bring them down.

Eldir presented Marcus with "Ice", a mighty broadsword forged over 300 years ago by his ancestors, a long lost family heirloom. With it Marcus would have the power to withstand the harshest winter storm and gain power over the elements to manipulate the ice and snow that had tormented him on his journey north. He was the Winter Knight, a vassal of Eldir, the bringer of cold, hard justice. At that moment the trolls breached the cave entrance and began slaughtering his last remaining knights. Sir Marcus strode purposefully towards them, Ice in hand and the fury of Eldir by his side. He exacted revenge for his fallen kin slaying every troll in the cave before continuing to destroy their entire tribe. Justice, cold fury.

Sir Marcus patiently waited for his first summons to the Shadow Plane, it came shortly after. Marcus relished the opportunity to do his god's bidding and hoped he would have the chance to personally slay the usurpers that dared threaten his lord and maker. 

Sir Ma

Sir Marcus is a defender in every sense of the word. He is one of two heroes with a base Resilience of 2 and combined with a hefty 18 health at level 1 he certainly takes some shifting! Marcus' bread and butter play is his Shield Bash which comes with a 1S Combat Manoeuvre that knocks down his opponent, and his Wall of Ice Fate ability can scupper your enemy's best laid plans. 

Once he reaches level 2 or 3 the Winter Knight will cause havoc in your opponent's back line, knocking them down, slowing their movement and reducing their Ranged and Magic attacks. Equipping Marcus with the Vorpal Blade (+1 Melee) greatly increases his chances of getting the Shield Bash knockdown. Alternatively you can go beast tank mode by giving him the Glyph of Warding (+1 Resilience). Another good artefact choice are the Boots of Speed making it very easy for him to reach your opponent's squishy characters at the back.

Sir Marcus is a rock solid choice in any Warband, highly dependable and quite flexible once you learn the intricacies of his kit.

Sir Marcus, The Winter Knight

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Full Game Commentary Video

Full Game Commentary Video

As we get closer to the Kickstarter launch we will be releasing more of the rules, game play and tactics of Judgement. Today we published a full length video of a play test battle using all the features of the game. In this particular battle both Jeff and I thought we would have some fun and play test race flavoured Warbands, him Elves and myself Orcs. 

One of the things I love about Judgement is the depth of tactical options available. Beyond choosing the 5 heroes for your Warband, you have to also consider your in-game magical artefact strategy and the levelling up priority of your heroes. And of course the last 2 plans can and will change and adapt to what your opponent does. The in-game strategies are so rich and really sets Judgement apart from other table-top miniature games on the market.

The Full Game Commentary video demonstrates a lot of the challenges that can be thrown up during the course of a game. Alternate activations result in a constantly swirling battlefield forcing each player to consistently refresh their strategy. Coupled with heroes unlocking new abilities and enhancing their powers with magical artefacts the ruleset makes for very dynamic gameplay.

An area of the game that will really allow us to stretch our wings is the creation of more interesting and challenging maps including a diverse range of monsters. Neutral monsters are another a unique aspect of Judgement and one area we are very excited about expanding upon once we successfully launch the Kickstarter. The rewards for killing them are great however they do soak up a lot of your Warband's resources to bring them down. Simply ignoring them will work for a time however their movement towards the nearest model each turn makes them a ticking time bomb that must be dealt with at some stage.

Despite the Judgement development team and early play testers having played hundreds of games so far we are yet to see any dominant tactic or Warband. We are still at that exciting stage of trying out combinations and in-games strategies. I can't wait to unleash the game onto the masses to see what amazing things the community comes up with, particularly once we launch the tournament packs for competitive play.

Over the coming weeks we will be publishing more battle reports using lots of different heroes and combinations for you guys to get your teeth into. So stay tuned! :)

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Istariel - Mistress of the Flame

Istariel - Mistress of the Flame

Istariel - Mistress of the Flame

Elmo lay motionless beneath the undergrowth, lungs burning from his recent efforts, struggling to keep his breathing under control for fear of alerting his assailant to his location. His sources ensured him she was not meant to be home, he took a mental note to extract greater payment from them, should he get out of this one alive. Onathien contained only a few living souls that could survive a pursuit by Istariel, Mistress of the Flame. He cursed for allowing himself to be caught in this position, he was better than this. He had become too blase and it looked like it would cost him his life.

Istariel closed her eyes and calmed her senses, listening for the slightest sound of her quarry. The audacity, a human no less, trying to steal from her. Her rising fury made it difficult for her to focus. The mere touch of her feet on the forest floor charred leaves and produced trails of smoke, smoldering from the heat of her soles. Despite this she moved silently, at one with the woods, as was habitual for her kin. Istariel was well known across the realm for her mastery of fire, however at her core, she was still an elf.

Elmo knew it was only a matter of time before she would find him, hiding like a frightened child would not get him out of this predicament. In a heartbeat his mind was made up and he was once again scurrying through the forest. All sense of caution thrown to the wind, he ducked, weaved and tumbled to make himself as difficult a target as possible. The heat of a searing bolt of fire passed over his right shoulder before cannoning into the trunk of a huge oak. It seemed that she was prepared to burn the entire forest down to get him. Perhaps these jewels were worth more than he first thought...yes, he would extract a greater payment than was agreed…

The adrenaline coursed through Istariel’s body, as did the searing hot flame. It was pure ecstasy. Her prey would not get away, none ever did. The elf’s thought pattern suddenly shimmered, strayed and then broke. A searing pain burned her chest. Could it be she underestimated the one she chased? Was he more than a mere rogue? The pain intensified until she doubled over on all fours, unable to do anything else. Thoughts of pursuit left her as her basic survival instincts kicked in.

Istariel looked at her hands, they were translucent. This was magic she had never seen or heard of. Who was this thief? Consciousness threatened to abandon her, the dark deep beckoning. Cold enveloped her body, an unusual sensation for the Mistress of the Flame. She had a feeling of weightlessness, a lack of knowing which was up or down. Not an altogether uncomfortable experience, albeit an alien one.

With a thud she hit the soft earth, her consciousness returned. Instincts kicked in and she sprang to her feet, expecting some kind of threat. Her surroundings were familiar although somehow not so, grey, drab, lacking in colour and life. Four others stood near her. 2 humans, an orc and a hulking minotaur with manacles around his wrists, broken chains hanging loosely. Before them stood a 12 foot tall stone structure, some kind of obelisk, crackling with energy and lightning. A searing blue arcane symbol burning brightly near its top. As her eyes gazed into the symbol she felt a slight tingling in her chest. Looking down she saw the same symbol glowing upon her skin. Istariel was snapped out of her reverie when the human barked something about protecting him, so he could gather souls for his master. Soon after the sounds of battle echoed. The four others immediately darted towards the noise, weapons drawn, she followed. Eager to learn more of this mysterious grey place and hopefully make sense of the madness she had witnessed in the last few minutes of her life...

Istariel - Mistress of the Flame

Istariel is a potent aggressor, dealing her damage from range. Her use and manipulation of fire, coupled with her Heat Conductor innate ability, means she is the bane of high armoured tanks and a welcome addition to any Warband.

Istariel is the only hero with no melee weapon and has the lowest starting health in the game. This means she requires  protection, particularly if your opponent is fielding the melee assassins such as Rakkir or Zhonyja. Her biggest defense is her high agility. Augmenting that with the Boots of Agility magical artefact will ensure even those two will have a tough time bringing her down. Another valid tactic is positioning her next to Doenrakkar or Thrommel, who will both take the edge of any would be killers, largely nullifying their initial attack.

Another built in defensive mechanism is Blaze, an interesting ability, effectively making her immune to Parting Blows. It also lets her traverse difficult terrain, walls, and even impassable terrain. However Istariel really starts to shine when she can pull off the Incendiary Combat Manoeuvre. Once her enemy is on fire she is able to dish out extra damage with Conflagration, and at both levels 2 & 3 the enemy will be in a world of hurt.  

Istariel is set to be the 3rd miniature we get sculpted after Rakkir and Bastian and I personally can't wait to see what Tom can do with her. There is a lot of cool details in the illustration and the surrounding flames are going to be a modeller's dream. :)

Istariel, Mistress of the Flame

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About Orcs - An Introduction to the Orcs of Onathien

About Orcs - An Introduction to the Orcs of Onathien

Orcs are the 2nd most populous race of Onathien, after humans. They are one of the original 5 races, have their own pantheon of gods and for many years were the most powerful and dominant race in the world.

Orcs are steeped in tradition and reverence of their ancestors. Their reluctance to change their ways and embrace advances in technology (such as metal work) has seen them secede the mantle of power to the more ambitious humans. The size and power of orcs results in humans, elves and dwarfs being wary when in their presence, however orcs are no more likely to cause harm to a stranger than any other race.


Rakkir, Orc Rogue

Orcs are on average slightly taller than humans, around 6’ 2” being the norm for a healthy male. They are broad of shoulder, possess a slightly stooped gait and have a thicker and more dense bone structure, which often leads to powerful physiques. Their skin colour ranges from a grey/green to a very light grey, that under certain light conditions looks almost pure white.

Two of their lower jaw teeth are quite large and grow to fangs in their adolescent. They grow facial hair similar to humans, however baldness is more common amongst orcs. Hair colour generally ranges from black to red/browns, however on occasion, an orc cub will be born with pure white hair. More often than not this indicates the cub is marked with the gift of commune and they grow into Shamans.


Orcs tend to be divided into clans. Immediate family is not a concept orcs hold dear, they will much sooner identify themselves with their clans than their family. Orc cubs are grouped together from a very young age and the raising of young ones is a shared responsibility amongst the clan. This ensures orcs from the same clan are taught the same values and beliefs and also means the loss of a parent or sibling is no where near as keenly felt as those of other races.

A clan will have a single chieftain that is normally the most powerful male warrior. In more recent times there have been occasions where an orc with guile and cunning can lead a clan, one who is able to negotiate with other races and manipulate other more powerful warriors into his servitude however he is often running a fine line and must always be on his guard. Shamans very seldom lead clans. They prefer to be advisors and provide spiritual guidance to clan chieftains.

There is often good will between clans and usually an orc will side with an orc of another clan against someone from a different race unless the two clans have diametrically opposing views. Wars between clans are not uncommon however such conflicts are normally short lived and once the initial dispute is resolved the clans normally become friendly once again. Shamans as a rule are not warlike and during times of conflict between clans they are often working behind the scenes to come to a diplomatic solution.

Ancestral Scrolls

Orcs record their history on large parchments that are referred to as ancestral scrolls. The scrolls detail the rich history of the clan, its triumphs, defeats, achievements and disasters. Orcs, more than any other race learn from their past. Ancestral scrolls are passed on from generation to generation and are the most valuable possession of any orc clan.

On the occasion of major wars between clans the victor has been known to destroy the scrolls of a vanquished foe. However this only occurs in the most extreme circumstances where the hatred between the clans is beyond reproach. The destruction of ancestral scrolls is utterly devastating for any surviving clan members, many of whom will take their own lives rather than live on without that sense of identity.


Hausa, Orc Shaman

Haksa - Orc Shaman

Shamans hold a special place in orc society as they provide direct commune to the orc gods. Their counsel is often sort and normally followed, even by the most powerful orc chieftains. Even though the Shamans hold such a elevated position they are very rarely leaders, that position is normally reserved for the most powerful warrior of the clan.

A clan’s shamans are entrusted with the protection and upkeep of its ancestral scrolls, a task they are given immediately upon their identification as having the gift from an early age. The gift can reveal itself in many ways, pure white hair or skin, a pupil less eye or even a physical mark upon the skin. Regardless of the manifestation the gift is always the same, the ability to commune with the orc gods.


Kruul, Orc Witchdoctor

Kruul - Orc Witchdoctor

Witchdoctors are relatively new to orc society, the first ever was Krognar, one of the 5  champions sent to the Shadow Plane at The Gathering, some 300 years ago. Since Krognar, many young orcs with the gift have turned their back on their ability to commune with the old gods to gain favour from Krognar, who they believe is the one true orc god.

Whereas shamans provide wise counsel and promote peace, witchdoctors denounce the orc gods and promote war and conflict. Witchdoctors believe orcs were destined to rule the world only to lose their way and sucede power to the other races.

The rivalry between witchdoctors and shamans is the biggest threat to the orc race in his history. It is based on a similar dilemma all the races of Onathien face, the struggle between the old gods and the new upstart demigods.

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54mm Sculpt of Bastian Oriel, The Lore Keeper

54mm Sculpt of Bastian Oriel, The Lore Keeper

Our 2nd sculpt in the Judgement range is for Bastian Oriel, a support hero that brings a diverse, interesting and powerful range of abilities to the battlefield. Bastian provides a buffing aura for melee oriented allies, can remove in-game effects and is one of the best healers in the game, and that is all at level 1!

One of the main challenges we faced when designing Judgement was to get the balance right between all out damage heroes and those that provided support and utility. It is a fine line however if the core mechanics are right and the paths to winning a game are diverse enough it is possible, and getting it right makes for a much more interesting and compelling gaming experience. Another positive aspect of this process is that support/utility heroes gives us the chance to make amazing looking miniatures that are not just armed to the teeth combat monsters!

Bastian Oriel, Lore Keeper

Bastian's in-game abilities and rich background presented an opportunity for the creative team to really cut loose. For example:

  • The Lore Keeper resides in Epoch Tower, a magical structure that disappears one day to appear in a completely different location the next, often hundreds of leagues away.
  • He made a pact with a Djinn who replaced his left eye with a green crystal of true seeing, giving him the power to see into the Shadow Plane whilst physically still in Onathien. The Djinn's crystal has the unexpected side effect of causing the growth of crystals over the left side of Bastian's face and chest, a calamity that grows daily. Making a deal with a Djinn is fraught with danger however Bastian still considers he came out on top in the exchange...
  • His knowledge of history, the gods and ancient powers rivals that of the oldest elf. Bastian is an enigma and a mystery and few, if any, know his motivations.

The challenge was to capture the essence of Bastian in a static miniature and we believe we have absolutely nailed it. This particular sculpt portrays Bastian in the act of reciting a Heroic Ballad, his passive ability that gives nearby combat heroes +1 to their Melee statistic.

Bastian Oriel, Lore Keeper

Creating Judgement has taken an enormous amount of effort and hard work filled with trials and tribulations and we are still a long way from our destination of a successfully funded Kickstarter. However days like today when we get to share one of our creations in such an amazing way is certainly a rewarding moment. 

Very interested in your thoughts on Bastian. As a design team we are extremely pleased with him and he is a wonderful follow up and complimentary model to Rakkir.

Can't wait for the next one! :)


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The Birth of a Minotaur

The Birth of a Minotaur

Doenrakkar Minotaur Shaman

Dwarfs, Elves, Humans and Orcs kind of pick themselves when creating a fantasy setting, however the 5th race was pretty much open to debate. Nonetheless during the early discussions the design team pretty much settled on Minotaurs for the 5th race of Judgement from the outset. This may have had something to do with one of the initial designers having the nickname Doombull for most of his adult life. :)

A fundamental design principle of Judgement was the game would not have factions, guilds, teams or anything that limited what miniatures a player could use in a game. If a player liked a hero for any reason, fluff, imagery, the miniature, anything, then they would be able to use it in a game. Despite this we still wanted to have clear delineations between the races. Each would have unique histories, traits and play differently in the game, not through hard and fast rules but through subtle differences that help set them apart.

Minotaurs presented the design team with a challenge to write rules that suitably represented the hulking 8 foot form of a half beast, half man without breaking the balance against the other races. For me Doenrakkar, the Minotaur Shaman, has absolutely delivered on all fronts. He epitomises what Minotaurs are all about, a classic Defender with a host of great rules and characterful abilities. Before we look at his rules let's take a look at his illustration.

The fluff tells us that Doenrakkar is a leader of his people, a rock upon which they can rely on to lead the herd's migrations across Onathien. His pose had to portray that fortitude, a figure of authority and a tower of strength. You can see those themes clearly in the initial sketch by Sarah. 

Doenrakkar Initial Sketch

This was a great start which gave us something to work with. The first thing was the weapon, Doenrakkar was a Shaman so a mighty battle axe was not going to suit his kit. The second element was equipping him with some kind of armour. Being in the Defender class he would have decent Resilience and in the fluff Dwarfs, who have a close relationship with Minotaurs, forge armour plates and weapons for their large friends. Therefore on went a breast plate and then Sarah fleshed out the rest of character with suitable trinkets and details.

Doenrakkar Final Sketch

Once the final sketch is signed off we then enter the colour phase. For the 1st edition of the game it is a very important process since the colours will dictate what each race looks like moving forward. It is at this point our studio artist, Gavin, enters the fray to discuss colour options and combinations with Sarah and I. My background material for Minotaurs describes how as a race they don't build permanent structures. They roam the planes and deserts of Onathien in large herds following the stars and congregating around ancient ruins. This means they would be sun kissed with dark fur/skin and light hair and manes. 

Once the decision on colours is made Sarah weaves her magic and we end up with the wonderful illustration below. Doenrakkar, the Minotaur Shaman, comes to life. :)

Doenrakkar, Minotaur Shaman

With Judgement the hero rules were written before imagery and illustrations were considered. I always had an idea of what I wanted the various races and heroes to look like but we were play testing the game well before we embarked on the journey of illustrating things. Often the look of a hero would be influenced by what he or she did in the game.

Doenrakkar was always meant to be an anvil that a player could rely upon to hold a position and protect defensively weaker heroes. It actually took a few iterations to get him right however eventually we managed to get him into a good place. You can see his statistics card below.

Doenrakkar Hero Card

Minotaurs tend to have lower Agility but more health and Regeneration is a racial trait. At level 3 Doenrakkar has a massive 25 health, the equal highest in the game and also Regeneration (3). Combined with a Resilience of 1 he is certainly going to take some shifting. His two other signature plays are Stone Form and Stone Grasp. Contesting Shrines is very important when trying to win the Fate war so Stone Form basically guarantees you will be doing just that for the following turn.

Stone Grasp on the other hand is an amazing ability to engage ranged units and render them basically useless until they somehow get out of Doenrakkar's melee range without moving. Not having an action in its costs means Doenrakkar can move 12" (3 move actions @ 4" each) deep into the enemy lines and then activate it to lock the back ranged heroes in place. There are ways to get out of Stone Grasp, most commonly by the Push Combat Manoeuvre however that is not always easy to do. And on the turns where Doenrakkar can move 4" to engage and then spend his final 2 actions to do Stone Form followed by Stone Grasp...well lets see you get out of that one. :)

Doenrakkar is one of the 6 heroes to be included in the Judgement Board Game edition and would make an excellent hero in any player's collection. We will be featuring him in an upcoming battle report video series we will be producing in the coming weeks.



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1st Judgement models roll off the production line!

1st Judgement models roll off the production line!

The journey from concept to Kickstarter is dotted along the way with milestones and wins. Today we hit a major one with our first miniatures rolling off the production line. So much time, effort and collaboration goes into getting a miniature from concept to physical form and I can say now from first hand experience what a great feeling it is to have the final product!

Rakkir the Orc Rogue was the hero that came to my head right at the beginning when Judgement was still forming in my head. The game is inspired by the MOBA genre however those who have played Dungeons & Dragons over the years will recognise a large influence from the role playing genre as well. Orcs are often depicted as huge warriors devoid of subtly and brutal in nature. I always preferred the settings where orcs mingled with common folk, sure they were still dark in nature and hung out in the seedy part of town however they could offered another angle to the stereotypical orc. That is Rakkir!

Once I had the vision for Rakkir in my head the next step was getting that on paper and that is where Sarah, the Judgement illustrator comes into the frame. She is great to collaborate with and really captured the essence of what Rakkir is about in her illustrations.

Rakkir initial illustrations

Initially she did a concept art of Rakkir simply standing to get a better feel for his look, his clothes and frame. We then started to think about his pose and what the miniature would actually look like, the result of which is below.

Rakkir sculpt illustration

In this image we have both front and back views enabling the sculptor to get a 3d view of the model and we also including a close up of his face for details. Finally we get a side view so the sculptor can get a better handle on the detail of his shoulder pad and the side of his face.

Rakkir side view

As you can see it is quite a detailed process to get to the stage where the model is ready to cast however with all this information the sculptor is able to do a 3d render of Rakkir which is then sent off to the manufacturer to produce a run of miniatures. The 3d render is below.

Rakkir sculpt render

Rakkir will be getting the treatment from our resident studio artist, Gavin Clarke, in the coming weeks so I will showcase that once it is ready to go. Exciting times ahead! :)

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Judgement is upon us!

Judgement is upon us!

Just on 30 years ago I sat down to my first Dungeons & Dragons session with a piece of paper in my hand, a pencil, eraser and a some really weird shaped dice. Little did I know that I was about to embark on an amazing adventure that would somehow lead me to writing my own game so many years later. During the last 3 decades I have played 4 editions of D&D, countless board games, Magic: The Gathering, the entire Warcraft computer game series, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, League of Legends, Hearthstone and so many more I cannot even start to name them all.  I have always had a curious blend of table-top miniature games and computer games, although that is not so unusual these days.

Judgement is my attempt to combine the best of both these gaming worlds, the most enjoyable aspects of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena combined with the cool game mechanics, strategy and hobby aspects of table-top miniatures. At first it was nothing more of an indulgence collaborating with 2 old gaming buddies of mine. However I soon become engrossed in the process and once the creative juices started flowing I was unable to stop it!

The thing I did realise fairly early on was that writing a game is not easy, well let me re-phrase, writing a highly strategic, balanced and fun game is not easy. After a lot of false starts, self reflection and several months of hard work I remember sitting down for a play-test session and thinking afterwards "now that was not too bad". Since then there has still been another solid 6 months of writing, re-writing and play testing to get to the point we are now however that initial break through was a great moment in the process.

Throughout the development phase I stuck to my initial ideals. I wrote them down at the time:

  • inspired by the hero brawler computer game genre
  • easy to learn
  • great amount of depth in strategy, list building and game play
  • no "gotchas" (rules that catch a new player out that would instantly lose them the game)
  • 54mm scale models
  • no factions/armies/teams so a player could field any models they wanted across the entire range in a game
  • both a quicker & smaller board game version and a full blown table-top version

Each time the game got to good stage where it played well and for all intents and purposes was finished I would go back to the hero brawler genre and take something else to add in. First it was the ability to purchase magical items, then it was neutral monsters and the final piece was hero levels. Each time I added such a big element it would send the game back a month or two before we could work the new rules into it and build it back to a great game once again.

I have to say I am just so proud and happy about how good Judgement has become. It is truly a fun, challenging and highly rewarding game to play. The depth in strategy is enormous, I spend my days thinking about synergies between heroes and strategies putting my Warband together. Then you have the added ability to adapt your strategy through magical items and levelling heroes during the actual game!

Whatever happens from here, whether the Kickstarter is successful or not, it has been an amazing journey. My only hope is that I have the chance to enable other people to enjoy the experience and pleasure of what it is like to play Judgement. All the play-testers I have worked with think the same way. We just want the game to become a reality. There is a lot of work to be done between now and January 26 when the Kickstarter will launch but I am confident with the people in the Judgement team it will be a huge success. 



Ps - if you want to keep up to date with everything you can do it via the web site, our official Facebook page, our Twitter feed or our YouTube channel.


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