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Judgement Patch Notes #2

Judgement Patch Notes #2

Herein lies the very second clarification and errata document for Judgement. From the very beginning we socialised the fact Judgement would be a regularly "patched" game, in keeping with its MOBA origins and to ensure the game's rules are kept in an optimal state. Our patch schedule is quarterly, with the changes becoming official on the 1st day of the start of the next quarter. Therefore the official date for this patch is the 1st of April 2018.


Fate: Try Again

Using Fate to re-roll dices one of its most common uses, however it was not clear what to do when multiple re-rolls are triggered on the one dice pool. We have named the Fate re-roll as "Try Again" to help with distinguishing it from other re-rolls.

When used for Try Again, the model spends 1 Fate point to re-roll the entire pool of dice they just rolled. Any dice roll in the game can be re-rolled using Fate (except monster attacks). However, dice can only be re-rolled once, regardless of the re-roll source.

In some circumstances dice can be re-rolled by other means, for example by magical artefacts or hero abilities. In those situations, a player can use Fate to only re-roll the remaining dice that have not been re-rolled. For example, Kogan uses his Battle Cry ability to re-roll two dice from his attack pool of 5 dice. The active player has the opportunity to use a Fate to re-roll the remaining 3 dice that were not re-rolled via Battle Cry.

Forests and Line of Sight

We felt we needed to clarify how forests work due to confusion with how they work in other games.

Forests do not block line of sight to, or from, models that are within the forest, regardless of how big the forest is.

Healing an Effigy

Clarified that the health reduction on Effigies, by opponent's capturing Souls, cannot be healed.

Heroes can use certain active abilities to heal their Effigy during a game, since it is a friendly model to their warband. However only direct damage can be healed this way, damage reduction from captured Souls cannot be healed by heroes. Similarly, heroes are unable to provide temporary health to their Effigy, by any means.

Killing Heroes

Clarified the order of things when a hero dies.

The death of heroes is an integral part of Judgement. There are two stages that trigger when a hero dies.

Stage 1 “Zero Health”: Trigger any ability, or effect, that relies on a hero reaching zero health.

Stage 2 “Death”: Trigger any ability, or effect, that relies on a hero dying.

If multiple abilities, or effects, trigger on either stage, the active player decides the order the abilities, or effects, are triggered.

Dead heroes will always re-spawn at their Effigy next turn; there are no permanent effects incurred as a result of dying (see step 5 of the Communion Phase).

New Game Definition: Damage

There was some confusion around what a hero getting damaged actually means.

A model is considered to have suffered damage when the model has its health reduced by 1 or more.

Soul Harvesting

The intention was always that a Soul must be targeted to be harvested, however the word target, up until now, had been omitted from the rule book.

Souls that are not bound to a hero are unbound. A hero can harvest a target unbound Soul by successfully rolling a Soul harvest skill check while within 2” of it.

There were instances where players were including a +1 bonus for heroes that other heroes were Soul harvesting through, such as via Xyvera's  Unholy Harvest.

The following modifiers apply to a Soul harvest skill check:

  • Add the hero’s Soul harvest ability.
  • +1 for each friendly hero within 2” of the Soul other than the hero attempting the Soul harvest, or a model the hero is attempting the Soul harvest through.
  • -1 for each enemy hero and/or monster within 2” of the Soul.


Order of Application

As we increase the number of heroes in the game there has been a greater need to have a clear order of application blanket rule to resolve the timing on various triggers.

There are times where the interaction of rules and abilities results in tricky situations. The following section provides rules on how to deal with those situations. If a particular situation is not covered by these rules, we suggest you roll a dice to determine the order of execution.

Effects & Conditions

In a game, models can be affected by multiple effects and conditions. When this occurs, the effects are applied in the order in which they were placed on the model chronologically.

Re-rolling Dice

When two or more rules allow the re-rolling of dice, apply the following to determine the order.

The active player is given 1st option to re-roll any dice they are able to. This could include multiple re-rolls, such as using Augury (Saiyin’s ability) and then a Fate for the remaining dice. 

The non-active player is then given the option to force the active player to re-roll any dice that have not already been re-rolled. Even if the non-active player has the ability to force the active player to re-roll their entire dice pool (such as through the Gift of the Gods artefact), only dice that have not been already re-rolled can be re-rolled at this point.

Finally, if a monster has the ability to force a re-roll, its ability will execute last.


Aiming Bonus

Add a few more restrictions to what a model can, and cannot, do when claiming the aiming bonus.

Aiming Bonus: +1 dice if the attacker does not perform an advance action (aiming bonus), for all ranged attack actions this activation. Once a model claims the aiming bonus, they are unable to perform an advance action, attack action (using a melee weapon), or Effigy recall later in this activation. However they can use symbols to push themselves via the combat manoeuvre mechanic.

Heroes - Wave 1

Bastian Oriel

Bastian's nerfs from the previous patch placed him in a decent place, we just wanted to ease him back slightly with an increase to his staff's critical damage.

Bastian Oriel, Lore Keeper

  • Clarified Time Bender to explain what happens when the model dies with conditions on it
  • Staff critical damage increased to 4


Istariel has always occupied a decent level, however with the introduction of a few RNG based heroes we felt she needed a bit more of an edge. Her kit as a fire mage is pretty much perfect, however a little more damage for her Conflagration ability will keep her in the mind's of the demi-gods.


  • Conflagration damage increased to D3+2

Skoll Bonestorm

Skoll was arguably the player's choice for most powerful hero when wave 1 was released. This was understandable as he was able to pretty much excel at all facets of the game. Skoll was nerfed fairly heavily in the last patch, and while we felt he was still a strong choice, the fact he had been nerfed saw his use drop a fair bit. We don't want to swing back and forth with hero changes, however we did feel there were a few areas where he could be improved. The most notable is the fact, unlike all other defenders in the game, Skoll was not really able to "defend" his allies until he reached level 2 and gained access to Bulwark. We believe this was one of the main reasons other defenders were chosen instead. Besides that change we brought his Soul harvest ability in line with most other defenders.

Skoll Bonestorm

  • Soul harvest increased from 3 to 4
  • Bulwark swapped with Combo Strike, so is available at level 1
  • Bulwark can only be cast on hero models

Zaron Bogdan

Simple wording update to reflect the changes to the Leech ability.

Zaron Bogdan

  • Leech can only be triggered once per attack action.

 Heroes - Wave 2

This patch signifies the official release of the wave 2 hero rules. Wave 2 heroes are now officially part of the game, and will be treated exactly like wave 1.

We took the opportunity to errata a few of the heroes before they were locked in for 3 months, so we listed them first, along with the changes.


With no RNG heroes making the cut from wave 1, it had been a long time since the RNG heroes had been heavily play tested. Once they were thrown in to the mix we felt that 10" range on their weapons was pretty strong, particularly in light of the fact that 3v3 is now a legitimate long term game mode.


  • Range of Bow dropped from 10" to 9"


Skye has been an interesting addition to the defender ranks, being a AGI based defender. We just wanted to tweak his kit slightly.


  • Heroic Stand cost changed from 1F to 1A+1F
  • Heroic Stand can only be cast on hero models


Simple change to his Cyber Repair ability to reflect the global change to Leech.


  • Leech can only be triggered once per attack action


Removed a loop hole for her Soul Link.


  •  Soul Link cannot be cast on Effigies. Just hero models only.

Zaffen Ironhelm

With no RNG heroes making the cut from wave 1, it had been a long time since the RNG heroes had been heavily play tested. Once they were thrown in to the mix we felt that 10" range on their weapons was pretty strong, particularly in light of the fact that 3v3 is now a legitimate long term game mode.

Zaffen Ironhelm

  • Range of Bow dropped from 10" to 9"

Magical Artefacts

One area of the game we have always been keen on expanding is Magical Artefacts. However before we look to introduce new artefacts we wanted to make sure the initial artefact deck was balanced and all were viable options in the game. In light of that we decided to buff two rarely used items.

Blood Sucker

  • Leech increased from 1 to 2
  • Includes text about the global change to Leech only triggering once per attack action

Minotaur Essence

  • Regeneration increased from 1 to 2
  • No longer stacks with other Regeneration
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Wave 2 Launch in 2 days + Zaffen Sculpt Reveal!

Wave 2 Launch in 2 days + Zaffen Sculpt Reveal!

We have put in an enormous amount of work preparing for the wave 2 Kickstarter. Even though we have an abundance of knowledge gained from our 1st one, we raised the bar so much this time around that it pushed us to the limit. The reaction from each and every illustration and sculpt has been amazing, as the team behind the scenes collectively made the decision to exceed all expectations, and do something special this time around. 

We are ready to pull the trigger on this, so thought, why wait until the 1st of April? Why indeed? So without further ado, we have decided to launch the wave 2 Kickstarter in just 2 days time

Wave 2 Kickstarter go-live times:

Chicago - Thursday, 22nd @ 8:30am
Sydney - Thursday, 22nd @ 12 midnight
London - Thursday, 22nd @ 1pm
Berlin - Thursday, 22nd @ 2pm

We are pumped for this, and regardless of how well we go with our funding goal, we would like to thank each and every person that has contributed to this Kickstarter. That includes the early Judgement adopters, the players who through their enthusiasm and support have spurred us on in times of doubt. We said from day 1 we are in this for the long haul, that we want to build a thriving world wide Judgement community, and we have not wavered on that one bit. The wave 2 Kickstarter is another important step on that journey. We hope you choose to join us. :)

Zaffen Ironhelm

To celebrate the Kickstarter and further whet your appetite we chose to reveal the Zaffen Ironhelm sculpt to you in all its glory!

Mr Tom Lishman, takes  bow! The man just seems to get better with each sculpt and Zaffen is a beauty. A fantastic interpretation of Shane's illustration, and without doubt the best scenic base of the range. 

Bring on wave 2 I say. :)

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Styx Sculpt Revealed

Styx Sculpt Revealed

Styx is an enigma, partly because he has been alive for almost 1000 years, and partly due to his utter devotion to his master, Zaron Bogdan. Styx originally served as a mortician in Zaron's morgue, and it was during this time he uncovered Zaron's obsession with necromancy. Before long, Styx was assisting Zaron with his experiments on the dead, and later saved his master from certain death when an angry mob of local villagers stormed their manor seeking retribution for their loved ones. Styx's "reward" for his loyalty was to be slowly, and agonisingly, transformed into a cyborg, which was the only way he could delay his mortality, and continue to serve Zaron following his transformation into the ranks of undead. 

Styx was a rules and sculpting challenge for the design team. We have said it before that creating heroes devoid of straight up damage are normally more difficult to get right, both in terms of balance and being interesting to play. Similarly, we continually push ourselves to come up with unique characters and with Styx, being a mortician cyborg, we had a wonderful idea palette to work from.

James W Cain was commissioned to sculpt Styx with a directive to maintain clean lines to reflect his cyborg elements, however we also wanted to pay tribute to his time, earlier in life,  as a finely dressed mortician. For the scenic base we opted for a simplistic industrial theme, which once again suited his background.

Once again, a wonderful job by James, and he held true to the equally impressive illustration by Helge C. Balzer.

Styx will be available in our wave 2 Kickstarter which goes live in just under 2 weeks, and we have continued our drive towards raising the bar across our range. 

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Judgement @ Adepticon

Judgement @ Adepticon

Huge news today with the announcement that Judgement will be at next week’s Adepticon convention in Chicago! Adepticon has always been on our radar, however our roadmap had it pencilled in for next year as 2018 always seemed a little too soon. Nonetheless as the game continues to grow at an exponential rate, we are finding new opportunities to work with established companies in the industry, and so it is with Adepticon next week.

Muse on Minis

We are proud to announce that the MuseOnMinis crew will be selling Judgement miniatures in their Adepticon stall, and have also produced a new set of Judgement themed plastic tokens, widgets and counters, once again available for purchase in Chicago. The Muse guys have always been synonymous with high quality products and excellent online content so we are very pleased to begin an association with them and look forward to exciting times ahead.

But wait, there is more! Judgement’s creator, Andrew Galea, will also be at Adepticon to demo the game, meet new players and talk all things Judgement across the 4 days of the convention. So if you have ever been interested in the game, Adepticon 2018 is a wonderful opportunity to dive in and find out what all the fuss is about. Also, with our wave 2 Kickstarter just around the corner (1st April launch), Andrew will be on hand to answer any questions, show sneak peeks of our latest sculpts and discuss future plans for the game.

There is so much going on with the game at the moment which is a bi-product of the exponential growth we have enjoyed since shipping our Kickstarter in September last year. All the signs are positive that Judgement will continue to grow and become a major game system in the industry.  It is a white knuckle ride however it is one that we are more than happy to be on! One of the most enjoyable aspects of the journey is the amazing Judgement community we are building and interacting with on a daily basis. So if you are lucky enough to be in Chicago next week, attending Adepticon, make sure to drop by the MuseOnMinis stall to take a look at the awesome Judgement miniatures, and if your interest is piqued, book in a demo game with Andrew!

Looking forward to seeing everyone @ Adepticon!


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Battle of the Six Armies Run & Won

Battle of the Six Armies Run & Won

Six Judgement veterans, including the game's designers, gathered today to fight out the fun themed Battle of the Six Armies. We explained the tournament concept and players in a previous blog post, so today we will get straight into the results and highlights of the day's proceedings.

Rank Player Race Record Souls Levels
1 Jeff Elves 4/1 18 19
2 Evan Minotaurs 3/2 12 22
3 Lloyd Dwarfs 3/2 12 17
4 Andrew Orcs 2/3 11 17
5 Kyle United Nations 2/3 8 11
6 Steve Fury Humans 1/4 9 12


Once the dust had settled Jeff and his mighty elves won the event, dropping just one game all day against Kyle's United Nations Warband. Ironically, Kyle's two wins were against two of the power houses in the elves and minotaurs. The Doombull (Evan) was a firm favourite coming into the event and he looked unstoppable early, winning rounds 1 & 2, before coming unstuck against the elves. Evan still managed to steer the course into 2nd place, pipping Lloyd's dwarfs on the 2nd tie breaker (levels). Andrew's orcs had a rough start to the day but recovered late in the piece to post a more respectable 2/3 record. King Kyle, who was 2nd favourite before the event had a really rough start losing his 1st 3 games before posting 2 huge wins against the elves and minotaurs, however it was too little too late as he came in 5th. Bringing up the rear was Steve Fury, who to be fair was fielding what most people thought was the weakest Warband. The lack of damage in the humans was telling as the Fury struggled to close out games from winning positions.

The games were streamed across an 8 hour marathon via our Twitch channel, which will be uploaded to our YouTube channel in a few days.

We actually ran a poll on the Judgemental Facebook group a few weeks ago, so thought it would be interesting to list where the people thought the races would place. The rank of races, with their votes in parenthesis, are listed below.

  1. Minotaurs (13)
  2. United Nations (9)
  3. Elves (8)
  4. Dwarfs (8)
  5. Orcs (6)
  6. Humans (2)

You can see that the public voting was pretty close, with the only real anomaly being the United Nations. Perhaps people underestimated how much Kyle was hindered by the fact he was not allowed to double up any single race in his Warband. 

At the end of the day, this was a fun tournament theme to celebrate having at least 5 of each race in the Judgement range following the pending launch of the wave 2 Kickstarter. Single race Warbands is not how Judgement is meant to be played, and the races are not particularly balanced against each other. In saying that, it was a load of fun and maybe sometime down the track we will run something similar again. Finally we would like to thank the guys for taking part in the event.

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Svetlana Oaklost, a tribute to fantasy traditions

Svetlana Oaklost, a tribute to fantasy traditions

While we all love dynamic heroes that jump out at you, at times the design team like to get back to their Dungeons & Dragons playing roots. Staying up with a bunch of mates battling it out against mighty dragons in the early hours of the morning. Svetlana Oaklost is a tribute to the real traditional fantasy days. A female dwarf druid, full of adventure and life, who could slot into any D&D party with ease. It was a pleasure working with Helge on Svetlana, taking care to get the details right and create a hero that once again is unique within our range. We wanted her to be wearing a traditional leather jerkin, and holding a sickle, which she is just as adept with when gather herbs or in the midst of combat. Extra details like the leather sling at her waist, and a basket of saplings attached to her belt. Svetlana is a beautiful illustration that adds some class and quality to the Judgement range, and is one of our favourites.

In game, Svetlana is quite a strong Soulgazer, with several abilities that stand her above all else as a master of beasts. Also, Svetlana is the only hero in the game that can harvest 2 souls in the one activation. A soulgazer with a decent amount of versatility, Svetlana is a fine addition to the already strong soulgazer class.

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Haksa Sculpt Revealed

Haksa Sculpt Revealed

Ever since we released Haksa's illustration 6 weeks ago, he has been one of the most highly anticipated sculpts from our wave 2 Kickstarter, and the finished product did not disappoint. Tom Lishman's interpretation of Shane L Cook's illustration is absolutely spot on, and we are rapidly running out of superlatives to describe our amazing range wave 2 sculpts. 

In the blog post Gods & Usurpers, we revealed insights into the background of Haksa, who is one of the more interesting players in the unfolding Judgement story. Haksa has remained true to the old gods, resisting the rise in popularity the demi-gods have enjoyed, and most of all he despises the rift the new gods have caused to his people. Kruul, a witchdoctor that has embraced the demi-gods remains Haksa's arch rival, and we have plenty in store for those two in the future.

The sculpt captures Haksa casting his level 1 fate ability Equilibrium, while a healing idol sits before him, protecting his allies. We look forward to revealing 3 more wave 2 sculpts before launching the Kickstarter page in a few weeks, and the Kickstarter proper on the 1st of April. 

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Inferno Sculpt Released

Inferno Sculpt Released

Inferno made a huge impact when he was released during early play testing. A real risk/reward opportunity for either player, and a monster that cannot be ignored, since he has a powerful ranged attack. We actually provided some background for Inferno in an earlier blog post. Fire elementals are a classic monster in many fantasy games, including of course, the ancestor of them all, Dungeons & Dragons. Gloom and Ashtooth were the first 2 monsters developed since they are traditional natural inhabitants of the Shadow Plane, however once we looked to expand the monster range further, the fire elemental was at the forefront of our minds. There are various interpretations of the fire elemental, from a pure flame being, with little solid form, to a molten rock body, all fire and brimstone. The Judgement rendition is more towards the latter. Helge C Balzer capture the essence of Inferno magnificently in the illustration, however it left a tough task for James W Cain to represent that in 3D form. After a lot of work collaborating with the Judgement team, we are over the moon with the final sculpt, and here it is.

James painstakingly sculpted the numerous plates all over Inferno's body to truly capture the molten rock look we were aiming for. More than any other model in the range, we believe that Inferno will be transformed once he is painted. Rivers of yellow/orange lava running between the outer plates of his body are going to make this model pop, and he is going to look amazing on the battle fields of Between. Despite being a beast of raw power, the sculpt has captured the grace and beauty of a being at one with its environment. We are incredibly excited to release Inferno, and are pumped to include him as a free add-on for high level backers of our wave 2 Kickstarter.


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Battle of the Six Armies

Battle of the Six Armies

The no factions element of Judgement, is a foundation stone of the ruleset. We love the fact that players of our game are free to choose any heroes they want to play with, for whatever reasons they may have. However, the wave 2 Kickstarter has seen our hero pool grow in size, to the point where we now have 5 or more heroes for each of the five races. Therefore, for a bit of fun, and to celebrate the imminent Kickstarter launch, we decided to invite a group of our players to partake in a mini-tournament where each of them represented, and exclusively played, one of the 5 races. Then, to even the numbers out, and to add a little spice, we included a sixth player, who would field a Warband comprising of one of each of the races. Here is the line up for the inaugural Battle of the Six Armies!


Andrew "Guns" Galea

Rakkir, Zhonyja, Haksa, Skoll, Kruul


Steve "Fury" Drury

Marcus, Bastian, Zaron, Victor, Styx


Jeff "Tirrith" Galea

Nephenee, Skye, Piper, Saiyin, Allandir


Lloyd "Former World Champ" Mirto

Zaffen, Thrommel, Svetlana, Loribela, Brok


Evan "Doombull" Ferris

Thorgar, Doenrakkar, Kogan, Xyvera, Gendris

United Nations

Kyle "World Champ" Elbourne

Zaffen, Saiyin, Marcus, Thorgar, Zhonyja

 The tournament format is 3v3 Pick 'n' Ban, and will be a full round robin, with each player playing against each other across 5 rounds. We will be playing 3 rounds on the traditional cobble stone maps, and 2 rounds on the swamp map.

The Battle of the Six Armies will be held on Sunday, 11th March, and we will be streaming a game from every round. So 5 games being streamed across the day, and each race will feature, on stream, at least once. You will also be able to track the results on!

We are all pumped for the event, and are looking forward to seeing how well each of the races performs on the day. It will also be a fantastic opportunity to share the day with you all via our Twitch stream. :)

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A Halfling, an Orc and a Minotaur walk into a bar...

A Halfling, an Orc and a Minotaur walk into a bar...

Things are moving so fast for us, at the moment, as we go full throttle towards our wave 2 Kickstarter. Just one month away from launching our Kickstarter page, and 6 weeks to the start, we are all hands to the pump to ensure we get our illustrations, and rules, in order. We are on track to have 6 out of the 12 hero sculpts completed, and 1 out of the 3 monster sculpts done, however most importantly, we will have full illustrations and rules for all 15 models done. 

Recently we have seen 3 new illustrations drop, for 3 very diverse heroes. In today's blog post we touch briefly on all 3, and will expand up on their back stories and tactics in later posts.

Viktor Clerval & Al'garath - Halfling Warlock (Aggressor)

Illustrations by Helge C Balzer;

Viktor introduces a few new concepts to the game, including being a halfling, having a 40mm base, and height 1 (instead of the standard hero height of 2). He is also the 2nd hero, after Zaron, that can summon a familiar to join his Warband. Being a Warlock, Viktor summons demons to fight for him, and as part of the Wave 2 Kickstarter, his pet demon, Al'garath, will be available. Viktor's powers are focused around the manipulation of unbound Souls that float around the battle field, making him a tricksy, and powerful, little Halfling. Al'garath serves as Viktor's bodyguard, and good use of the demon will go a long way to ensuring the halfling's survival.

Kogan - Minotaur Warrior (Aggressor)

Illustration by Helge C Balzer;

Minotaurs have proven to be some of the most popular heroes from wave 1, and the hype has been extended into wave 2. Kogan is our 2nd Minotaur aggressor, after Thorgar, and while he does pack a decent punch in melee, he is actually a very handy ranged hero. If anyone gets too close to this guy's blunderbuss, they are going to get hurt, bad. Kogan is the 3rd World War 1/2 hero, after Allandir and Loribela, and brings a few really interesting tactical choices to a battle. There is more to this guy than meets the eye, and good players will learn to get the best out of him when inherent synergies, with other heroes, are discovered and exploited.

Zhonyja - Orc Warrior (Aggressor)

Illustration by Sarah Bates & Shane L Cook

Zhonyja was one of the 1st heroes ever created for Judgement, however as fate would have it (pun intended) she missed out on getting released in wave 1. This time around we are determined to get her out there, she is just such an awesome hero. Owners of the 2 player starter box will know there was a Zhonyja card included in the card deck, however we have made a few slight changes to bring her in line with the other wave 2 heroes. With Zhonyja, she does exactly what it says on the tin, she deals out damage in a spectacular way, in fact, she is pretty much the highest direct damage dealer in the game. The key is keeping her alive so you don't lose the Souls she will inevitably collect. Point her in the direction of the enemy, and unleash her fury.

There are just 3 wave 2 heroes left for us to reveal, Skye (male elf monk defender), Gendris (female minotaur druid supporter) and Svetlana Oaklost (female dwarf druid soulgazer). We cannot wait to get them out there!

On the sculpting front, Nephenee, Styx and Inferno are currently under way and should all be done within the next few weeks. 

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