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Zhim'gigrak Sculpt Reveal

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Zhim'gigrak Sculpt Reveal

The Judgement team have never had so many concurrent projects. The considerable growth of the game over the last 12 months, and subsequent sales, have enabled us to bring forward projects that had been on our roadmap for a long time. Soul, effigy and shrine models are all in the works, a prestige dice range, along with models for Terra, Isabel, Cradol and Zhim'gigrak.

Zhim'gigrak is a hero that has had us buzzing for a few months. Not only was his artwork, by Helge C. Balzer, one of the best we have published, he was also the first hero to be born from the story of our unfolding origins. Zhim is, in fact, Zaron Bogdan of the future. A spoiler of Zaron's successful quest to become an immortal lich and the first undead to walk the mortal plane of Athien.

You can read the latest chapter in that story here. However, we are excited to announce plans to release the next chapter in comic book form. The Judgement team are in collaboration with Shane L Cook to see what is possible. We are hopeful we can realise our long-held vision to publish a Judgement comic book series. So, stay tuned.

Back to the Zhim sculpt. We revealed the first version a few weeks back on stream, but after some reflection and excellent feedback, we decided to go back to the sculpting phase. We did not feel the sculpt reached the heights of our earlier work, particularly when you consider the enormous potential in the undead lich concept.

The rework would delay production and cost us more; however, after seeing the final results, we believe the cost is more than justified. We hope you do too!





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  • Jan 22, 2020

    This without questing is my new favourite model you offer

    — Jason "The Bruce"

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