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Wave 2 Kickstarter Late Pledges Available

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Wave 2 Kickstarter Late Pledges Available

The Judgement wave 2 Kickstarter successfully funded a little over a month ago, and since that time we took a moment to take a deep breath, before plunging head long into finishing the remaining sculpts, and kicking off the manufacturing. A considerable amount of hype has been generated since the end of the Kickstarter as we release more of the sculpts, and news of this great game spreads.

We have received numerous requests to open up for late pledges, from both existing backers, and people who did not back us, for whatever reason, during the Kickstarter itself. Today we are pleased to announce the launch of late pledges for our wave 2 Kickstarter. The process of backing is quite simple, you just purchase the pledge level as you would any product from our online store. Add-ons can be added to your cart as needed, and we have even setup discount codes for existing backers that wish to upgrade their pledge levels. 

  • Lone Wolf discount code: KM4SW97XRPWK
  • Warband discount code: 9DS1NAQVECNR
  • Six Pack discount code: 5BJ6C5616FN8

Simply enter the discount code, relevant to your original pledge level, during checkout, to reduce your purchase by that amount.

Note that all late pledges will ship along with the rest of the Kickstarter, currently estimated for October 2018.


Q: Can I get wave 1 heroes through the wave 2 Kickstarter pledges? 

A: Yes you can. Any of the wave 1 heroes can be selected as part of the wave 2 pledges. The heroes you choose can be any combination of wave 1 and wave 2 heroes.

Q: Am I able to add a few heroes to an existing pledge?

A: Yes you can. Simply add as many "Lone Wolf" pledge levels you need to get the number of heroes you want.

Q: Do I have to pledge at a certain level to get the add-ons?

A: No you don't. The add-ons are available with any pledge level, including Lone Wolf. Just add them to your cart in addition to the pledge level you want to back.

Q: How do I purchase the add-ons as an existing backer?

A: If you are an existing backer, simply purchase the add-ons from our website, and we will match your name with our backer list. If you used a special name for your Kickstarter account, then let us know and we will make sure your add-on purchase is matched against your Kickstarter pledge.

If you have any questions, not listed above, then send it through to us and we will answer it asap.

Click here to late pledge our wave 2 Kickstarter today!

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