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Vassal League Season 2 Kicks Off!

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Vassal League Season 2 Kicks Off!

The Season 2 Vassal league has kicked off involving 16 players representing the USA, Canada, The Netherlands, England and Australia. It is fantastic to see the league grow and we are really looking forward to some epic battles over the coming weeks.

Season 2 has seen us expand the format with a 7 round group stage, followed by an 8 player play-off series. For the group stage, players are divided into 2 pools of 8 and are scheduled to play each other once using the 3v3 pick & ban format on both the cobblestone and swamp map. Warbands are locked in for the entire group stage forcing the players to pick 5 heroes that can navigate their way through a variety of maps and monsters.

The top 4 from each pool will then progress to the play-offs where the game are stepped up to 5v5 with pick & ban, before the 5v5 final is played using a full 30 hero draft! You can view the standings, entire draw, and each player's Warband on the season 2 page.


We all love statistics so here are some Warband numbers! First of all, 28 of the 30 heroes are represented with only Barnascus and Loribela not getting selected in any player's Warbands.

  1. Skoll (6)
  2. Zhonyja (6)
  3. Brok (5)
  4. Thorgar (5)
  5. Marcus (5)
  6. Skye (4)
  7. Bastian (4)
  8. Jaegar (4)
  9. Saiyin (3)
  10. Haksa (3)
  11. Fazeal (3)
  12. Gendris (3)
  13. Rakkir (3)
  14. Svetlana (3)
  15. Thrommel (2)
  16. Viktor (2)
  17. Xyvera (2)
  18. Doenrakkar (2)
  19. Allandir (2)
  20. Kvarto (2)
  21. Nephenee (2)
  22. Piper (2)
  23. Zaron (2)
  24. Kogan
  25. Kruul
  26. Istariel
  27. Styx
  28. Zaffen

Class Breakdown

Class Breakdown

Race Breakdown

Race Breakdown

The Season 2 Vassal League page will be updated as the results come in and we look forward to seeing who will be crowned the season 2 champion!



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