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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021


Kruul's Plan Hatches

Kruul's Plan Hatches
Kruul had always been eager for power, so it was no surprise that he'd begun drinking from the effigy the moment he'd first seen it. The darkness had come into his soul with it, and he'd never been able to muster the will to drive it back out. That power had instead driven him, up through Orc society relentlessly, dragging his followers with him out of hiding, back into the prominence the witch doctors had fallen from so long ago. The darkness had singled him out among his kin and made him an odd blend of outcast and leader. Continue reading

Kruul's Machinations

Kruul's Machinations
Kruul's Machinations is the 2nd tale in the Kruul story arc, where we find out more about the ambitious Witch Doctor's plans to elevate his people to their rightful place above the other races of Athien. Continue reading

The Mark of Edarr

The Mark of Edarr

Zhonyja stepped down the last few stairs and out into the valley. She breathed in the sulphurous steam that greeted her, momentarily losing herself in the memories it evoked. She had been coming here since the first cycles of her life, when she had received the markings of her clan across her shoulders. Those same marks were still there, though they had been expanded and re-made a dozen times. Now, markings covered most of her skin, different ones visible depending on which tint she wore. Some were elaborate, like the massive serpent that wound around her left thigh to her hip. Others were simple, such as the skull on her left arm. It was tinted to show strongest when her skin wore the red of war, and least when she wore the green of home and peace, as she did now. Today though, she was here to wear something different, something new. Kruul had summoned her, and he intended to tint her himself, something that was almost unheard of in the last hundred cycles.

At her feet, the twisting path extended from the base of the stairs, out across the stony ground and into the mists. She could hear the bubbling of the mud pools all around her, the burps and splashes echoing oddly off the valley walls and providing counterpoint to the underlying snore of the gas caves that pocked the valley edges. Just to the side of the stairs was the first of those caves, and she could see the small tower of delicate yellow crystals that marked where the emerging hot gas met the cooler air of the valley. There were dozens of these caves, hundreds perhaps. The valley was full of vents, caves, pools, treacherous ground and boiling mud. It was a sacred place for her clan from before these more civilized times. The floor of the valley was littered with shards of stone, but with bone too. Bones of enemies from more recent times, bones of the witch doctors from after the fall of Edarr, when the orcs had turned on one another. All of the bones were ground to chips and dust, softened by the moisture and shattered by the feet of new generations. It was now a mark of respect to have bones of your ancestors in this place. Kruul and others had reclaimed it as a place of power long ago, and the legacy of the witch doctors was now returned to a level of respect, if not honour.

Zhonyja stepped out onto the path, lost in her reflections. She was sure-footed, as she had walked this path enough times that it was seared into her memory. She could walk it in her sleep. She passed a dozen sights that had fascinated her as a child, small fumaroles and vents that slowly dusted themselves in crystals of every colour. Those crystals formed part of the base for the tints used on orc skin. In some cases, they were also used in the marking dyes, allowing for marks that would show through one tint but not another, such as her skull mark. Today, Zhonyja strode past them without interest. She only paused when she reached the massive mud pool that she had always had to negotiate using a series of stepping stones, solid islands in a sea of bubbling, scalding mud. Someone had built a sturdy walkway across it, wooden planks arranged and moored to give a stable and simple passage. She watched it for a few moments, trying to asses whether it could perhaps be a trap or trick of some kind, but she could see that it was moored on those same islands she had used for crossing on her last visit. With a shrug and a hint of regret, she stepped out onto the boards and made the crossing, admitting to herself that it was considerably easier and would at least mean fewer orcs with burn-scarred legs and feet. Still, it felt like another minor yielding of culture to convenience... another softening. She remembered that the older orcs saw the marking as a test of their vitality. They had always said that if you were too old to cross, you should give yourself to the mud. She knew that Kruul would see it as another failing, though a treacherous part of her felt sure that he too would have used the bridge.

She stepped off the end of the boards and back onto the trodden path. There were cracks to all sides, venting the sulphurous steam and occasionally spitting scalding water. Each crack accumulated a slightly different shade of crystal, and she knew that the shamans all used each shade differently. The blues and dark greens favoured by the witch doctors were only found at the very back of the valley, and others were not allowed to enter unless specifically granted access.

The marking area was not much further in. She only needed to pass one more obstacle, which emerged from the mist in front of her now.  The ravine, or chasm, depending on who you asked, was hundreds of paces wide in some places, but here it narrowed to a mere twenty or thirty. There had always been stories of orcs in history who had jumped the chasm, but she had never believed them. Now she looked at it contemplatively, feeling the strength in her limbs and wondering whether the new power she had gained from her time Between might make it possible.

On the back of that, she wondered if perhaps those orcs of myth had simply been chosen like her. She hadn’t run across them if so. The orcs she had seen on the shadow plane seemed to all be from her own time, or very close: Haksa, Kruul and Rakkir. Even the new chosen, Sharn, a giant of an orc, seemed to be of this time, however where on Athien Sharn lived, Zhonyja did not know. She would surely have remembered such a large orc if they had crossed paths on Athien. All chosen orcs coming from the same point in time was an oddity as far as Zhonyja could tell. Kruul thought it was important, though he wouldn’t say, or didn’t know, why. At first, she had thought it meant that her race didn’t exist in the future, but she had spoken with the strange elf and a minotaur who also lived in the far future, who both confirmed that orcs still lived, though they were not comfortable discussing specifics. 

She snapped out of her reverie and stepped out onto the rope bridge that had been used by everyone she had ever seen cross. It consisted of three ropes, representing mind, body and spirit if you believed the shaman. Your spirit walked the path, guided by mind and body, so went the coda she had recited with her class the first time they had all crossed.

Today, with no one else watching, she indulged herself and placed her feet on the lower rope, the spirit, and walked without any other contact, hands by her sides. Her balance was better than ever, and she felt sure that she could jump from this rope to one of the others if she felt the urge to tempt the gods. Zhonyja did feel the urge and fought it. Having recently acquired a much more personal comprehension of the gods and their lesser cousins, the everlasting, she now knew that the old gods had no love for her. Crossing the path in five or six bounding steps, she did a summersault on the last to land on the other edge with both feet.

The rest of the path from here was under the eyes of the shaman and witch doctors. Though Kruul knew her nature, she wasn’t eager for the others to know as yet, so she consciously returned her stride to normal, and self-consciously adjusted the vest that covered the spreading tell-tale mark that gleamed dully on her chest above her heart, reaching towards her shoulder. The Chosen mark showed through every tint, and made that area of her flesh impervious to attempts to apply other ritual markings.

Fortunately, Kruul had always been her witch doctor, and had applied all her markings from the first, so she hadn’t needed to hide the developing marks from him. They had been a source of satisfaction for Kruul, despite the old cultural taboos that other shaman held concerning the shadow plane. He had told Zhonyja that he had been training her to join him as one of the summoned all along, from before her first marking. She had felt proud at her achievement, but doubts had slowly crept in, particularly about her parents, or lack thereof. She had suspicions now that she did not dare voice because, although Kruul treated her like a daughter, she feared him. He had never really given her cause; she had seen him kill on many occasions, but he had rarely even raised his voice at her. Nevertheless, as she grew older, she was coming to fear his intentions; his plans for himself, but also for her. 

Much as she respected him, the treacherous part of her suspected that he would not make a good god.


“You are late, daughter”, his growling voice emerged from the mists in front of her, moments before they parted to reveal him standing on the path. He wore full ceremonial garb, the robes and mask of a witch doctor over the deep black-blue tint that marked his whole body. On his arms and legs where she could see his skin, creatures writhed in brilliant ice-blue and sea-green. The eyes of the creatures were a ruddy red-orange of a banked hearth-fire and when she looked at them, they seemed to blink and stretch languidly as he moved his limbs. Only the witch doctors and shaman bore marks of such potency and of them she had only seen demons on Kruul. No other dared to carry them. She often wondered what that said about him and the state of his soul. She had never dared to ask.

“I am sorry, father. I took time for…. reflection.” she responded quietly, eyes downcast. She rarely played the role of daughter now, but in this context, at the place of marking, tradition demanded certain things.

He nodded as his eyes scrutinised her from behind the mask. “Some reflection is good. Today though we focus on your future, not your past.” She bowed her head in assent and he turned to lead her off the path and out into the mists.

Zhonyja stood for a moment, uncertain. Previously, she had always been marked in the same place, only another two dozen paces down the path. A large tent would be there, waiting. She had never been led elsewhere before, and she was not sure what it meant. A worm of fear twisted in her gut at the thought that perhaps he had seen her doubts, seen her treacherous thoughts and meant to… what? He would not dispose of her, she was far too valuable to him. She had served as an enforcer of his will, a symbol of his power among the tribes. She had never voiced her doubts publicly, and while she was useful, she was confident that he would not wish to lose her. He was nothing if not practical.

“Come, daughter”, his voice drifted back to her, impatient. “Why do you linger?”

“Sorry father”, she muttered, forcing her legs into motion and stepping where she’d seen him step.

In this place, a misstep could cost you the skin on your feet at least, so all orcs learned early to memorise where others stepped without thinking. In a few steps, she could see him again and he strode onwards. She followed and the path fell into the mist behind her. We have literally stepped off the path of spirit, she thought, more than a little troubled. Kruul abandoning tradition was almost unheard of. So much so that she thought it more than likely that he was reinstating another of the lost traditions that he occasionally uncovered in his research of the time before Edarr.

That wasn’t particularly comforting; a lot of those traditions had been… unpleasant. She hissed as a slight misstep put one of her toes onto the bare earth off Kruul’s steps and a searing flash ran up her leg. She steadied herself back into the footprints and paused for a second.

“Careful daughter, this way has been freshly revealed. It is not yet as…tamed as those we have followed in the past.”

“Is it a new way, father? Or is it an old way come again?”

He laughed quietly. “You were ever perceptive, my child. This one, this is a little of both I think.”

They continued on for a while longer, and Zhonyja wondered how he could possibly have found this path. They wound among dozens of small fissures and vents, at one point walking the edge of what must have been a small crater, the rubble and dirt falling steeply away to their right into darkness and mist. She began to lose track of time and felt sure that she would not be able to find her way back, memory or no. They had wound around too many times, jumped too many fissures, landing gingerly on exact footprints, wincing when she slipped a little and the scalding sand bit into her feet. Through this all they moved in silence, Kruul clearly focussed on finding the path, occasionally his staff would spring out to steady him or probe where footprints appeared to split in many directions and she realised those must represent either failed exploration or deliberate false trails. Given the cost to the explorer of each exploratory footstep, she felt sure that this path represented years of work. Judging by the familiar prints, it was work that Kruul had performed alone. In fact, she might be the first orc to walk this path after him. That was a great honour, if true. It seemed extremely unlikely that he would go to these lengths for punishment.

At last, after what must have been several thousand steps, he stopped and she stood behind him as the mists opened on a site unlike any she had seen on Athien. She recognised it immediately, of course. She had seen a hundred variations, just never on this plane.

The Effigy was a dozen feet tall, towering over them. It was hewn of black volcanic rock and she couldn’t recognise which of the gods, old or new, it represented. Nonetheless, she knew it to be an effigy. The glow of power, nowhere near as visible as on the shadow plane, was nonetheless undeniably present. It depicted a creature she didn’t recognise, a giant lizard of sorts with wings of all things. Its eyes glowed ruby red and it was perched atop a giant skull that looked human, though it could easily have been orc or dwarf. The roughness of the sculpture made it distinct from those she had seen in Between. 

She was completely at a loss for words, mind whirling with questions and confusion. This, as far as she had thought she knew, was impossible. She did not pretend to understand how the planes worked, but she knew, or believed, that the energy required to cross the planes was enormous. To place an effigy here from one of the other planes implied projection to this plane from one of the others….

As far as she knew that had only happened for one being. Edarr. Edarr had crossed between the planes first in the direction of ascension and then back in the catastrophe of incarnation.

“Can you feel its power?” Kruul asked quietly and she nodded, feeling a thrum in her chest, beneath the hidden runes that denoted her as one of the summoned.

“I felt it for years before I finally found it. Many years.” There was a slight tinge of bitterness to his tone.

Zhonyja stepped forward, ignoring the prints she could see in the sand, ignoring the spikes of pain in her fascination with the effigy. She circled it slowly. It looked far more real than those Between, the crafting here on Athien was limited by more than just imagination and will. It showed markings where the tools used had hewn the black stone, chipped it steadily into this shape from a massive block of black stone bought here from the gods alone knew where. Its base was fused into the stone of the valley floor somehow, but a string of small vents emerged around its base and she saw there were also small vents in the statue itself. The nostrils of the beast were leaking wisps of mist and each had an accumulation of tiny blue-black crystals. Each of the vents were growing the same crystals and she could see that they had been harvested. Kruul noticed her attention and spoke softly.

“These crystals are the truest pigment I’ve found. They suit both tint and marking.” He gestured to his calves where the blue marks twisted. “The marks show on this tint, but on no other. They are marks of power. I suspect they will only mark the chosen, though I haven’t tested it yet.”

“You shouldn’t,” she felt certainty “This is not for others.”

Kruul nodded “I agree. Those who deserve it, if they exist, will find it.”

Zhonyja shivered with anticipation. Today would be a marking that would stay with her forever, a tinting that would mark her indelibly as aligned with the witch doctors, aligned with this effigy, this power. A small part of her felt trepidation, but it was drowned in the surge of pride that she should be only the second orc to bear this sign! This sign would echo into the future, she could feel it. With this she would change the planes, change the future of her race.

“What marking would you bear, daughter?” Kruul’s tone was formal, ceremonial. A question she had been asked a hundred times. But this time...

“I would bear a mark of our past and of our future, father. A mark of the power of our race and a mark to command respect. I would bear the mark of the fallen one. She who rose in the name of mortals and fell in the fight against the old gods. The one whose fall shattered the world.”

“Speak her name, daughter.” His voice was low and soft but intense.


The entire valley seemed to fall silent, as if holding its breath. She felt the Effigy before her thrum with a power that she now recognised as she breathed out, letting the word fall from her lips.



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Judgement Patch Notes #3

Judgement Patch Notes #3

Herein lies the third clarification and errata document for Judgement. From the very beginning we socialised the fact Judgement would be a regularly "patched" game, in keeping with its MOBA origins and to ensure the game's rules are kept in an optimal state. Our patch schedule is quarterly, with the changes becoming official on the 1st day of the start of the next quarter. Therefore the official date for this patch is the 1st of July 2018.

Remember that all hero, monster, magical artefact and rules can be downloaded from the Print & Play section of this website.

Language Standardisation

All hero, monster and magical artefact cards, have been updated with standardised language, including terms such as True Damage. Therefore all cards have had their version numbers incremented by 1, to reflect this change. Only the heroes, artefacts and monsters listed below have had actual rules errata performed on them.



Knocked Down has become a powerful condition and we felt that Kogan was able to apply that condition a little too easily from range. Therefore we made it slightly more difficult for him to execute that Combat Manoeuvre.


  • Power Shot's cost has been changed from 2S to "1S+1J".


We love Heroic Stand, however it still seemed to have too much of an influence on a battle, particularly in 3v3 games. This change tones down the power a touch more.


  • Heroic Stand's radius reduced to 5", instead of 8, and 4 temporary health, instead of 5.


Thorgar is pretty much universally considered to be the strongest aggressor in the game. He definitely brings a lot to the table and has the advantage of not being Fate hungry. We are very happy with where Thorgar currently sits, in terms of his play style and strengths in the game, however we felt, if anything, his ability to throw, and knock down, an enemy model was too readily available. Similar to Kogan, we decided to make Gore Thrust a little more difficult to execute.


  • Gore Thrust's cost has been changed from 2S to "1S+1J".


Xyvera has been a tough one to get right, which is was always going to be the case designing a hero that performs so differently to the rest. Soul Link, in particular, was having a huge bearing on battles and provided little counter play, therefore we changed it so the Fire condition partially counters it (no healing). We also swapped Soul Link from level 2 to Level 3, moving Diminish Will to level 2. Finally we introduced True Damage into her abilities removing the RES multiplier she was able to utilise in her original kit.

We feel these changes make her more interesting, and challenging, to use, and provide some counter-play by her opponent.


  • Soul Link moved from Level 2 to Level 3
  • Soul Link changed:
    • damage is actually inflicted on the 1st model before it is transferred
    • damage is transferred as True Damage
    • original model heals any damage that was transferred, therefore the Fire condition will prevent this
  • Corrupt Bond now inflicts True Damage on both heroes it affects


Zhonyja was always intended to be a direct damage monster. She does exactly what she says on the tin, however we felt that her kit lacked that little bit of variety to make her interesting, particular at higher levels. Therefore we gave her a new level 3 ability that keeps in line with her aggressive melee persona.


  • New level 3 ability called Counter Strike.


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Updated Rulebook, Wave 2 Hero Tweaks & Barnascus rules officially released

Updated Rulebook, Wave 2 Hero Tweaks & Barnascus rules officially released

The Judgement team continue to work on two streams for the wave 2 Kickstarter, which is to manufacturer the miniatures and ensure the game's rules are in good shape. Today's blog post is about the latter including both a core rulebook update and tweaks to 4 of the wave 2 heroes. The hero changes will be included in the official Patch Notes #3, which will is scheduled for July 1st, however we felt we would release these ones now so that tournament organisers had the option of using them in their tournaments, before patch #3, if they wished. Please note that since the wave 2 models are not actually released, tournament organisers are not obliged to allow them at all, however we are encouraging TOs to allow players to include a single wave 2 hero paper-doll in their Warbands.

Core Rulebook Update

Judgement Core Rulebook Version 1.3

An out of cycle core rulebook update is not something we would normally do, however we have had to prepare it for the wave 2 Two Player Starter Box so we decided to make it available for download immediately. Version 1.3 of the Judgement core rulebook is sporting a new cover and basically includes a number of clarifications, and standardisations, based on player feedback. The core rulebook is downloadable as a PDF from the Print & Play section of our website or you can click this link here

Hero Updates

These rules updates are technically not official until 1st of July, when we publish Patch Notes #3, however we are making them available for players and tournament organisers to use if they wish. Official tournaments, run by the Judgement team, will be using these updated hero rules and they will be added to both the iOS and Android mobile apps in the coming days.

Zhonyja V1.2

 Zhonyja V1.2

We felt that Zhonyja's previous level 3 ability, Last Breath, was underwhelming and did not add anything interesting to her kit considering it only triggered when she died. Zhonyja is meant to represent a frenzied orc warrior, all rage and fury, so after a lot of consideration we decided to give her the more characterful, and potent, ability Counter Strike. This means, at level 3, Zhonyja is a scary proposition to charge particularly if she can apply a Fury token to an enemy out of activation.

Skye V1.4

Skye V1.4

The design team are very happy with where Skye basic kit sits among his defender peers. An AGI based defender provides an interesting counter point to the RES based ones and he has opened up different Warband options for many players. After several months play testing we came to the conclusion that Heroic Stand provided little counter play and could really stifle the flow of a game once it was in play. We have made 3 tweaks to it in an attempt to bring it back in line. It can no longer be cast on defenders, the range has dropped from 8" to 5", and it now grants 4 temporary health instead of 5. 

Xyvera V1.6

Xyvera V1.6

Xyvera was the hero the design team used to push the boundaries. This is an important step in the evolution of any game, opening up opportunities to move into new directions and increasing the variety of tools available with future heroes. It has come as no surprise to us that she has been a difficult one to balance, however after this last batch of changes we are a lot more comfortable with where she currently sits. Corrupt Blood was changed so that both the friendly, and enemy, hero models have to be within 4" of Xyvera. Previously the enemy model only had to be within 4" of the friendly model she damaged, effectively giving this ability a 10" range allowing her to do serious damage from the safety of the backline. This change means she has to be a lot closer to the action to use Corrupt Blood.

 The major change for Xyvera is her Soul Link ability, which was proving to be too easy for her to get into play and once there proved too dominant, with very little counter play. The first change was to swap her level 2 and level 3 abilities around. This moved Soul Link to level 3 meaning she would get access to it later in the game, but it also means that Diminish Will, which we feel is an interesting ability, will get to see more play time. Soul Link's cost has been raised to 1A+1F, from 1A, and finally we removed defender models as valid targets. The design team want to keep Soul Link in Xyvera's kit, and while it is still a strong ability, these changes mean it has the appropriate cost and restrictions in place to ensure the balance is maintained with other level 3 abilities.

Barnascus V1.0

Barnascus V1.0

We are also taking this opportunity to officially release the 1st version of Barnascus' rules, and giving players and tournament organisers the opportunity to allow him in their games. As many of you know, Barnascus was designed as a result of the "Become a Hero!" backer from our wave 2 Kickstarter. The design team are so pleased with the aesthetic he brings to the table and worked hard putting together rules that mirrored the fact he is a dwarf riding a tank-like platform. The one change we made from his beta version was to give him a brand new level 1 Fate ability called Grind. Simulating Barnascus grinding his opponents into the turf under his tank tracks, Grind provides the opportunity to do True Damage to multiple opponents simultaneously which gives Barny's kit a bit more bite.

Download and Mobile Apps

These updated cards are immediately available for download from the Print & Play section of our website and will be available on both our iOS and Android mobile apps within days.

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A Halfling, an Orc and a Minotaur walk into a bar...

A Halfling, an Orc and a Minotaur walk into a bar...

Things are moving so fast for us, at the moment, as we go full throttle towards our wave 2 Kickstarter. Just one month away from launching our Kickstarter page, and 6 weeks to the start, we are all hands to the pump to ensure we get our illustrations, and rules, in order. We are on track to have 6 out of the 12 hero sculpts completed, and 1 out of the 3 monster sculpts done, however most importantly, we will have full illustrations and rules for all 15 models done. 

Recently we have seen 3 new illustrations drop, for 3 very diverse heroes. In today's blog post we touch briefly on all 3, and will expand up on their back stories and tactics in later posts.

Viktor Clerval & Al'garath - Halfling Warlock (Aggressor)

Illustrations by Helge C Balzer;

Viktor introduces a few new concepts to the game, including being a halfling, having a 40mm base, and height 1 (instead of the standard hero height of 2). He is also the 2nd hero, after Zaron, that can summon a familiar to join his Warband. Being a Warlock, Viktor summons demons to fight for him, and as part of the Wave 2 Kickstarter, his pet demon, Al'garath, will be available. Viktor's powers are focused around the manipulation of unbound Souls that float around the battle field, making him a tricksy, and powerful, little Halfling. Al'garath serves as Viktor's bodyguard, and good use of the demon will go a long way to ensuring the halfling's survival.

Kogan - Minotaur Warrior (Aggressor)

Illustration by Helge C Balzer;

Minotaurs have proven to be some of the most popular heroes from wave 1, and the hype has been extended into wave 2. Kogan is our 2nd Minotaur aggressor, after Thorgar, and while he does pack a decent punch in melee, he is actually a very handy ranged hero. If anyone gets too close to this guy's blunderbuss, they are going to get hurt, bad. Kogan is the 3rd World War 1/2 hero, after Allandir and Loribela, and brings a few really interesting tactical choices to a battle. There is more to this guy than meets the eye, and good players will learn to get the best out of him when inherent synergies, with other heroes, are discovered and exploited.

Zhonyja - Orc Warrior (Aggressor)

Illustration by Sarah Bates & Shane L Cook

Zhonyja was one of the 1st heroes ever created for Judgement, however as fate would have it (pun intended) she missed out on getting released in wave 1. This time around we are determined to get her out there, she is just such an awesome hero. Owners of the 2 player starter box will know there was a Zhonyja card included in the card deck, however we have made a few slight changes to bring her in line with the other wave 2 heroes. With Zhonyja, she does exactly what it says on the tin, she deals out damage in a spectacular way, in fact, she is pretty much the highest direct damage dealer in the game. The key is keeping her alive so you don't lose the Souls she will inevitably collect. Point her in the direction of the enemy, and unleash her fury.

There are just 3 wave 2 heroes left for us to reveal, Skye (male elf monk defender), Gendris (female minotaur druid supporter) and Svetlana Oaklost (female dwarf druid soulgazer). We cannot wait to get them out there!

On the sculpting front, Nephenee, Styx and Inferno are currently under way and should all be done within the next few weeks. 

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