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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021


GenCon Pre-Orders Available

GenCon Pre-Orders Available
Late in 2018, we announced our successful application to secure a booth in the Entrepreneur's Avenue, which was a massive boon for us. GenCon is now only two weeks away, and we have been feverishly working behind the scenes to make sure everything is good to go. Today's announcement is twofold. First, we reveal the "con specials" that are available, and secondly, we open up for pre-orders which can be picked up in person at our booth #2861.

GenCon Specials

We have set up several exclusive deals for GenCon that will be available all weekend and for any pre-orders that are purchasable via our online store now. Note you must collect pre-orders in person from GenCon.

Sharn - Orc Guardian

The 30th hero to join the Judgement ranks is Sharn, the Orc Guardian. Sharn has been a massive hit with the community, and she will be available for the 1st time at GenCon. There is a limited run of Shan so she will be available until sold out. Sharn can combine with other deals below.

Two Player Starter Boxes

Our starter boxes are reduced from $115 to $99, and this special can combine with other deals below.

Free Monster Model

You will be eligible to receive a free Ashtooth, Vujasha, Inferno or Gloom whenever you purchase either of the two following options:
  1. Starter Box + any three heroes
  2. Any five heroes

Pick up from Booth #2861

The Judgement booth, #2861, is situated in Hall G. Pre-orders will be packaged and ready to collect on the 1st morning of the convention.

You can view all the available GenCon specials here.

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Dor'gokaan Sculpt Reveal

Dor'gokaan Sculpt Reveal

It took a lot of convincing the early playtesters that neutral monsters were an essential element of the game. Over time, the task of convincing players that monsters are more than a gimmick became a lot easier. Now, they usually are singing the praises of monsters to us. Our monster designs have come a long way since Gloom. The shadow hound was the equivalent of the designers dipping their toe in the water, in terms of monster board presence. From Gloom we moved to Ashtooth, then Inferno, the first monster with a ranged attack and then, boldly, we introduced Vujasha into the game.

At that point, we all took a collective breath and gave the game some time to breathe. The last 12 months have seen unprecedented growth in Judgement's player base and the introduction of new heroes and a new 5v5 Scorched Earth map. Dor'gokaan represents a natural progression in the evolution of Judgement monsters. He has the most rules, the highest potential damage output and being a demon, can be summoned by Warlock heroes! 

Something that Jeff and I keep in mind when designing new heroes or monsters is to make sure we maintain the Judgement model range's variety. Of the three official Judgement illustrators, Helge C Balzer is the one who pushes character design into areas we would not usually go. Vujasha is the most obvious; however, his Styx, Loribela and Nephenee illustrations have all introduced unique elements. Safe to say that Helge's Dor'gokaan tops them all. From the outset, Helge had a vision for the demon that none of us would have taken from the design brief. Before too long, Dor'gokaan had a life of his own, and the final product became a fusion of various archetypes and genres.

Dor'gokaan Illustration

Dave Whitaker, the sculptor who recently sculpted Sharn for us, was commissioned to turn Helge's vision of Dor'gokaan into a 3D sculpt and he nailed it. We are itching to produce Dor'gokaan and get him onto the battlefields of Judgement players everywhere, as a neutral monster and a summoned minion of Viktor Clerval.

Dor'gokaan Sculpt 1

Dor'gokaan Sculpt 2

Dor'gokaan Sculpt 3

Dor'gokaan Sculpt 4

Dor'gokaan Pre-Release at Warfaire Weekend

If launching the Judgement North American Championship at Warfaire Weekend was not enough, we are also going to pre-release both Dor'gokaan and Fazeal at the convention. Both models will be available to pick up on the Friday, and they will be legal for all the Judgement events, including the JNAC. 

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Recruiting Allies - Vujasha, Sea Witch

Recruiting Allies - Vujasha, Sea Witch

Summoned heroes, who were victorious, are able to remain on Between for a short time after the end of a battle. For the most recent battle, the battlefield was adjacent to a region of the shadow plane covered by swamp lands. Bastian did not want to give up an opportunity, so immediately after the enemy's Effigy exploded, he made haste towards an are deep within the murky waters.

Bastian held his staff before him, pulsing magic through it to warn him of treacherous ground as he trudged through the swamp, an area of Between he had seldom walked since being trapped on Athien. No doubt the sea witch was already aware of his presence and observing him from afar, no one entered so far into her domain without her knowing, however, up to this point, she had not revealed herself. 

Only moments earlier, Bastian had sensed an intruder had entered his tower, back on Athien. It seems the pesky halfling did not give up easily. Viktor was no fool, and with Al'garath by his side, he would be a dangerous adversary, however Bastian's current task was far more pressing, he could deal with Viktor's theft at a later date. Despite the irritation of having a book stolen from his personal library, there was definitely potential good to come out of it. The tome contained the true names of several powerful demons, which would enable the possessor of that knowledge to summon them to do their bidding. If Viktor planned on summoning a demon, such as Al'garath, on the plane of shadow, then that would certainly stir things up, and Bastian hoped it would awaken the old gods even further to the dangers the new gods now posed. They had lay dormant for far too long, relying on the god of time to deal with the demi-gods, since up to this point the threat was confined to the time god's home shadow plane.

Bastian stopped suddenly. He listened intently as his vision was quickly limited to a few feet by the emergence of a deep set fog.

"Why are you here, timeless one?", a voice whispered inside Bastian's head.

"I come to forewarn you, mistress of the sea, and beseech your help.", he responded. "The demigod's gaze has turned towards your home, and the mortal heroes will be waging battle here before too long, it is your souls they seek."

"Let them come, I will feed their souls to my children.", she hissed.

"The demigods have grown powerful, mistress, and their heroes are growing in number. It seems we are heading towards a cataclysmic event, I feel it is inevitable, however I ask you to thwart them as much as you can and delay their rise. I need more time."

"We serve the same master, timeless one, I will do as you ask.", she responded without a hint of mockery. 

"I knew I could count on you Vujasha", Bastian said, using her true name.

Bastian turned back towards the way he came, shortly afterwards feeling the pull of his ethereal chord as his time on Between was drawing to a close. The conversation was short, however he knew things would go smoother if he took the time to meet Vujasha in person. She was a powerful ally and one he would increasingly rely upon in the days ahead. Now to deal with that pesky halfling...

Vujasha, Sea Witch

Vujasha is the 3rd, and final, wave 2 monster and the final sculpt from the core wave 2 heroes, leaving just Barnascus to go. Vujasha's sculpt continues the trend of the Judgement team pushing the boundaries of the fantasy genre. As soon as Helge's illustration was completed, we knew she would be challenging to sculpt, however, if we did it well, the result would be phenomenal. The challenge fell to Tom Lishman and he once again came through with the goods. We are so proud to have such a thought provoking and multi-faceted sculpt, as Vujasha is, in the Judgement ranks.

Vujasha, Sea Witch

The monsters of Judgement are one of the unique aspects of the system, and we, as the game's creators, take them very seriously. We want to have the very best sculpts, rules and back stories for the monsters, just as if they were heroes, and over time some of them may just evolve into heroes, as the Judgement story unfolds.

Vujasha, Sea Witch

All the wave 2 sculpts, including Vujasha, are still available via late pledges for our wave 2 Kickstarter.

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Kickstarter Success, Sculpt Update & Andrew's UK Tour

Kickstarter Success, Sculpt Update & Andrew's UK Tour

Kickstarter Success

The dust has settled on our 2nd successful Kickstarter campaign which will see the Judgement range expand to 28 heroes and 4 monsters. A hero pool of that size provides tremendous variety in Warband design, and we are looking forward to an exciting tournament season in 2019 once the Kickstarter ships and the new models hit retail. 

Sculpt Update

We are working on getting the wave 2 sculpts complete with Svetlana Oaklost, Skye, Gendris, Viktor/Al'garath and Vujasha yet to be done. Svetlana will be completed in a few days time while the sculpting of Viktor & Al'garath is underway. Here is a few more sneaky images of the Svetlana sculpt WiP.

Pledge Manager and Late Pledges

We will be running the pledge manager once all the sculpts are complete and will also open up for late pledges at that time. We hope to have the sculpts completed by the end of May so will launch the pledge manager around the 1st of June. We will keep everyone informed with regular updates so you can sit back and relax until  then and enjoy the sculpts as they run off the production line!

Kickstarter Payment Errors

There were a decent number of backers whose Kickstarter payments were rejected by their credit card companies. Thank you to the backers that have resubmitted their payments, for those that have not yet it would really help us out if you could see to clearing the payment sooner rather than later. :)

Andrew's UK Tour

Judgement creator, Andrew Galea, is going to be in the UK during the month of June and will be spending time meeting existing Judgement players and promoting the game to new ones! There are currently three events scheduled for Andrew's trip:

Promises to be a lot of fun and a fantastic opportunity for those interested in learning more about Judgement to learn it from the game's creator, and for existing players to challenge him!

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