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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021


A Halfling, an Orc and a Minotaur walk into a bar...

A Halfling, an Orc and a Minotaur walk into a bar...

Things are moving so fast for us, at the moment, as we go full throttle towards our wave 2 Kickstarter. Just one month away from launching our Kickstarter page, and 6 weeks to the start, we are all hands to the pump to ensure we get our illustrations, and rules, in order. We are on track to have 6 out of the 12 hero sculpts completed, and 1 out of the 3 monster sculpts done, however most importantly, we will have full illustrations and rules for all 15 models done. 

Recently we have seen 3 new illustrations drop, for 3 very diverse heroes. In today's blog post we touch briefly on all 3, and will expand up on their back stories and tactics in later posts.

Viktor Clerval & Al'garath - Halfling Warlock (Aggressor)

Illustrations by Helge C Balzer;

Viktor introduces a few new concepts to the game, including being a halfling, having a 40mm base, and height 1 (instead of the standard hero height of 2). He is also the 2nd hero, after Zaron, that can summon a familiar to join his Warband. Being a Warlock, Viktor summons demons to fight for him, and as part of the Wave 2 Kickstarter, his pet demon, Al'garath, will be available. Viktor's powers are focused around the manipulation of unbound Souls that float around the battle field, making him a tricksy, and powerful, little Halfling. Al'garath serves as Viktor's bodyguard, and good use of the demon will go a long way to ensuring the halfling's survival.

Kogan - Minotaur Warrior (Aggressor)

Illustration by Helge C Balzer;

Minotaurs have proven to be some of the most popular heroes from wave 1, and the hype has been extended into wave 2. Kogan is our 2nd Minotaur aggressor, after Thorgar, and while he does pack a decent punch in melee, he is actually a very handy ranged hero. If anyone gets too close to this guy's blunderbuss, they are going to get hurt, bad. Kogan is the 3rd World War 1/2 hero, after Allandir and Loribela, and brings a few really interesting tactical choices to a battle. There is more to this guy than meets the eye, and good players will learn to get the best out of him when inherent synergies, with other heroes, are discovered and exploited.

Zhonyja - Orc Warrior (Aggressor)

Illustration by Sarah Bates & Shane L Cook

Zhonyja was one of the 1st heroes ever created for Judgement, however as fate would have it (pun intended) she missed out on getting released in wave 1. This time around we are determined to get her out there, she is just such an awesome hero. Owners of the 2 player starter box will know there was a Zhonyja card included in the card deck, however we have made a few slight changes to bring her in line with the other wave 2 heroes. With Zhonyja, she does exactly what it says on the tin, she deals out damage in a spectacular way, in fact, she is pretty much the highest direct damage dealer in the game. The key is keeping her alive so you don't lose the Souls she will inevitably collect. Point her in the direction of the enemy, and unleash her fury.

There are just 3 wave 2 heroes left for us to reveal, Skye (male elf monk defender), Gendris (female minotaur druid supporter) and Svetlana Oaklost (female dwarf druid soulgazer). We cannot wait to get them out there!

On the sculpting front, Nephenee, Styx and Inferno are currently under way and should all be done within the next few weeks. 

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