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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021


Vassal League - Hero Statistics Analysis

Vassal League - Hero Statistics Analysis

A long term goal of ours has been to establish an online database that allows players to submit the results of their games, and while development of this is well underway, up to this point we have been restricted to gleaning hero statistics from tournaments wherever we can. Hero statistics, their pick rates, ban rates and win/loss percentages, are a large part of the MOBA genre and provide a lot of appeal. Something we are keen to extend that to Judgement. These statistics will not only be of huge benefit to our players, giving them endless talking points and reference material when selecting their Warbands, statistics will also provide an invaluable tool for our design and balance team when putting together errata and future heroes.

As part of an initiative to bring together newly forming meta from around the world, we are running a series of Vassal leagues and are in the midst of season 2. With the play-offs about to begin, I thought it would be a fantastic time to publish, and analyse, the hero statistics from the 3v3 portion of the competition. Players were split into two pools of 7 where they played each other once across both the cobblestone and swamp maps. The league was played using the standard Judgement rules with the only exception being that all monster spawning pits spawned random monsters. We also allowed both Fazeal and Jaegar to be used in the league. 

For those interested in using the awesome Judgement Vassal module, you can download it here.


The league initial phase comprised of: 

  • 42 games
  • 27 heroes (out of 30 available)
  • 14 players
  • 4 countries
  • 3 continents

5 Most Popular Heroes

These heroes appeared in most of the 14 Warbands:

  • Brok (5)
  • Marcus (5)
  • Thorgar (5)
  • Skoll (5)
  • Zhonyja (4)

5 Highest Ban Rates

The most banned champions measured by the ratio of getting banned over appearances. Only champions that were in 2 or more Warbands were considered.

  • Svetlana 55.56%
  • Doenrakkar 46.15%
  • Zhonyja 44.83%
  • Saiyin 33.33%
  • Viktor 25%

5 Highest Pick Rates

Note that champions that were banned a lot would have lower pick rates because they were unable to be picked. Only champions that were in 2 or more Warbands were considered.

  • Allandir 78.26%
  • Haksa 75.00%
  • Gendris 73.33%
  • Fazeal 72.22%
  • Brok 71.88%

5 Highest Not Picked Rates

These are the champions that were not picked once they were available to be picked, i.e. were not banned. Another term for this statistic is "being left on the bench". Only champions that were in 2 or more Warbands were considered.

  • Viktor 33.33%
  • Skye 32%
  • Bastian 30.77%
  • Xyvera 30.77%
  • Zaron 30.77%

5 Highest Number of Games

  • Brok 23
  • Marcus 20
  • Thorgar 19
  • Allandir 18 
  • Skoll 17

5 Highest Win Rates

Only champions that played 5 or more games were considered.

  • Viktor 80% (5 games)
  • Nephenee 80% (5 games)
  • Svetlana 71.43% (7 games)
  • Thorgar 63.16% (19 games)
  • Fazeal 61.54% (13 games)

Full Statistics Table

Below is a table that contains the entire statistics from the 3v3 portion of the league, ordered by highest win %.

Statistics Table


We will be collecting similar statistics for the play-offs which moves to 5v5. We also hope to launch our global results database in the new few weeks.



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Vassal League Season 2 Kicks Off!

Vassal League Season 2 Kicks Off!

The Season 2 Vassal league has kicked off involving 16 players representing the USA, Canada, The Netherlands, England and Australia. It is fantastic to see the league grow and we are really looking forward to some epic battles over the coming weeks.

Season 2 has seen us expand the format with a 7 round group stage, followed by an 8 player play-off series. For the group stage, players are divided into 2 pools of 8 and are scheduled to play each other once using the 3v3 pick & ban format on both the cobblestone and swamp map. Warbands are locked in for the entire group stage forcing the players to pick 5 heroes that can navigate their way through a variety of maps and monsters.

The top 4 from each pool will then progress to the play-offs where the game are stepped up to 5v5 with pick & ban, before the 5v5 final is played using a full 30 hero draft! You can view the standings, entire draw, and each player's Warband on the season 2 page.


We all love statistics so here are some Warband numbers! First of all, 28 of the 30 heroes are represented with only Barnascus and Loribela not getting selected in any player's Warbands.

  1. Skoll (6)
  2. Zhonyja (6)
  3. Brok (5)
  4. Thorgar (5)
  5. Marcus (5)
  6. Skye (4)
  7. Bastian (4)
  8. Jaegar (4)
  9. Saiyin (3)
  10. Haksa (3)
  11. Fazeal (3)
  12. Gendris (3)
  13. Rakkir (3)
  14. Svetlana (3)
  15. Thrommel (2)
  16. Viktor (2)
  17. Xyvera (2)
  18. Doenrakkar (2)
  19. Allandir (2)
  20. Kvarto (2)
  21. Nephenee (2)
  22. Piper (2)
  23. Zaron (2)
  24. Kogan
  25. Kruul
  26. Istariel
  27. Styx
  28. Zaffen

Class Breakdown

Class Breakdown

Race Breakdown

Race Breakdown

The Season 2 Vassal League page will be updated as the results come in and we look forward to seeing who will be crowned the season 2 champion!



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1st Vassal League Champion has been Crowned

1st Vassal League Champion has been Crowned


In an effort to help connect our players from various communities, and to have some fun, we decided to run a Vassal league. Anthony Tortorici has done fantastic work creating the Judgement Vassal module so that it is a joy to use and very easy for players to get a game of Judgement whenever they want. 12 players, from 4 different countries, signed up for the league and they were separated into 3 pools, loosely based on geographical location to alleviate time zone issues.

For the pool round, each player played 3 games incorporating the various game formats, including 3v3 (swamp & cobblestone) pick & ban and 5v5 pick & ban. The winner of each pool advanced to the play-offs which featured Justin Shearer (Aus), Anthony Tortorici (Aus) and Marc-Antoine Leclerc (Can). In the play-offs, the three of them played each other in the 5v5 with 28 hero draft format. You can view the entire league rules and results here.

The league proved to be a huge success so a big shout out to all the players for taking part and playing their games. Congratulations to Justin Shearer who claimed the inaugural title by going through the entire league undefeated!

We will look to running another Vassal League in the new year. 

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