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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021


Judgement to be live streamed on Gen Con Twitch channel!

Judgement to be live streamed on Gen Con Twitch channel!

We found out today that our application to demonstrate Judgement on the Gen Con official Twitch stream, during the convention, was successful. Game creator, Andrew "Guns" Galea and "Chain Attack" Jay Larsen will be hosting the show where they will discuss the game in general before diving into a game! Streaming Judgement on the official Gen Con Twitch channel will get the game in front of thousands of new players and enable us to continue to grow our burgeoning player base.



When: 6 pm, Thursday 1st August (GMT -4)


Remember to follow the Gen Con Twitch channel to be reminded whenever it goes live and make sure you don't miss the stream.

Gen Con Pre-Orders Still Available

Friendly reminder that our excellent pre-order deals are still available right now for those attending Gen Con or having a friendly ninja who is visiting for you.

  • Buy 5 heroes and get a FREE monster
  • Buy a Starter Box and 3 heroes to get a FREE monster
  • 15% off the Judgement Two Player Starter Box (can be combined with the above deals)

Find out more!


The Sharn, Orc Guardian, hero model is being launched at Gen Con and is available for pre-order now!

The Judgement crew cannot wait to get to the convention and remember to stop by and say hello, have a demo, and pick up some of the best miniatures on the market at booth #2861!

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New North America Friendly Streaming Schedule Announced!

New North America Friendly Streaming Schedule Announced!

We are excited to announce a brand new, North America friendly, streaming schedule via the Judgement Twitch channel.

Sunday Nights - The Judgement Show

The Judgement Show will feature game creator, Andrew Galea, talking about the latest news, his thoughts on various aspects of the game and general chat with viewers. Andrew will get guests on the show from time to time however the focus will be interacting with viewers and talking about the hottest topics of the week including sneaky reveals!

Sunday Night - Stream Times

  • Los Angeles 7pm
  • Chicago 9pm
  • New York 10 pm
  • Sydney 2pm (Monday)

Thursday Nights - Battle Reports

Each Thursday night, we will stream a mixture of both 3v3 and 5v5 battles with various pick 'n' ban formats, and on different Judgement maps. This stream will normally feature Andrew vs Jeff, however we will get other people on the show to battle it out where possible. We will also play battles using user suggested Warbands so get in your requests!

Thursday Night - Stream Times

  • Los Angeles 3pm
  • Chicago 5pm
  • New York 6 pm
  • Sydney 10am (Friday)

Re-Broadcast on YouTube

Can't quite make the live stream? Don't fret! All our streams are re-broadcast on our YouTube channel 1 to 2 days later. 


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Judgemental podcast launched!

Judgemental podcast launched!

We have launched a new podcast dedicated to Judgement, hosted by the game's creator, Andrew Galea, and the main background writer, Colin Hill. Each episode, the guys will discuss various aspects of the game rules, heroes, tournaments, background material and anything else that comes to mind. The recording of the podcast will be streamed live to the PlayJudgement Twitch channel and also available for download from Audioboom.

Episode 1 was streamed on the 5th of January and is available below.

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