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GenCon: Hero Pre-release & Special Guest Shoshie in our Booth!

GenCon: Hero Pre-release & Special Guest Shoshie in our Booth!

GenCon is looming large on the horizon and Judgement will be making its debut there in 2019 since we were fortunate enough to be given a booth in Entrepreneur's Avenue. Jeff and I are super excited to make the trip to Indianapolis, on the 1st weekend in August, and hope to meet as many Judgement fans as we can across the 4 days.

Earlier today, on stream, we made two huge announcements for GenCon.

Shoshie Painting in our Booth


Shoshie, of ShoshiesMinis, one of the most popular miniature gaming streamers in the world, will be painting in our booth on both the Friday and Saturday of GenCon. Shoshie is a renowned artist, and instructor, who held classes at Adepticon earlier in the year. We are very excited to have Shoshie as part of our booth at GenCon where she will be painting the new con pre-release hero!

Shoshie's Gnomes

Shoshie's Gnome bust made the 1st round cut in this year's Crystal Brush which is a fantastic achievement in itself. We are pumped to see what she can do with the new Judgement hero. :)

GenCon Exclusive Hero

That's right folks, we are pre-releasing a Judgement hero at GenCon!  We have been working on the new hero for the last few months, under a veil of secrecy, so the sculpt and rules are completely finished and ready to go. We are manufacturing an initial run that will be available from our GenCon booth, and will not be producing any more casts until 2020. Combined with the imminent release of Jaegar, it means our hero pool will grow to 30 heroes in the next few months!

Shoshie will be in the booth, on both Friday and Saturday, painting the new hero so if you are there, drop by and say hello, pick up a new hero and get some tips from one of the best!

We will be revealing the new hero's illustration, sculpt and rules, on stream this Sunday night (North America time) so tune in to join in on the hype.


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