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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021


Scorched Earth Neoprene Mats Ready to Ship!

Scorched Earth Neoprene Mats Ready to Ship!

The all new Scorched Earth neoprene mats have arrived and will be shipping out to pre-order customers from Monday. The bulk manufactured mats are even better than the prototype, making Scorched Earth our best mat to date. Not only is Shane L Cook's illustration amazing, we have spent more time designing, and play testing, this map than any other. It includes 6 challenging scenarios which include the elemental character shrines Forin (fire) and Eldir (earth), the new demon monster Dor'gokaan as well as introducing a brand new terrain mechanic with the teleportation circles. 

Scorched Earth neoprene mats

Re-engineered Scenario Circles

We have re-engineered the scenario circles which enables us to include as much variety as possible in various locations. For example, the circle below contains the following scenario legend:

  • Map 1 Shrine
  • Map 2 Random Monster
  • Map 3 Shrine to Eldir
  • Map 4 Shrine to Forin
  • Maps 5 & 6 Soul Pit

New Scenario Circles

Shrines to Forin and Eldir

Scorched Earth includes the much anticipated elemental character shrines for fire (Forin) and earth (Eldir), the latter coming to life in the form of Terra, the earth elemental, whenever a Warband controls it. These two shrines provide an incredible amount of depth to the game and become dominant objectives that players will fight over continually throughout a battle.

Shrine to Eldir

Shrine to Forin

Last 24 Hours for Pre-orders

There is still 24 hours left to pre-order your own Scorched Earth map and claim free shipping to anywhere in the world. Use the code "ScorchedEarthFreeShipping" to activate the free shipping during checkout. 

You can see the Scorched Earth map in action on this re-broadcast from out twitch stream.


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Scorched Earth Neoprene Available for Pre-Order (Free Shipping)

Scorched Earth Neoprene Available for Pre-Order (Free Shipping)

The highly anticipated Scorched Earth neoprene mat is available for pre-order. The new map is the best quality neoprene we have produced so far and features a number of new features that take your Judgement games to a new level.

  • Pre-marked terrain
  • Six dynamic and challenging scenarios
  • Teleportation stones
  • Shrines to Eldir (Earth) and Forin (Fire)
  • New neutral monster (Dor'gokaan the demon)

We estimate the mats will ship within 2 weeks and are offering free shipping on pre-orders. Use the code "ScorchedEarthFreeShipping" to receive free shipping for pre-orders. We have ordered a limited initial run of these so make sure to pre-order if you want to secure one from our first batch.


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