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Judgement Showdown - Rules for 1v1 Battles

Judgement Showdown - Rules for 1v1 Battles

Earlier this year, at the CanCon convention, a bunch of us spent the evenings mucking around playing a series of 1v1 Judgement battles. We have had Showdown rules in draft mode for some time, however seeing how much fun it was to throw down some dice in high-stakes 1v1 combat, we decided to publish them for everyone to enjoy!

The basic premise for Showdown mode is that it follows all the normal rules of Judgement, with the exception that each Effigy has 8 health, and players field a single hero each. Showdown battles are played on the standard 3v3 Cobblestone map (the one in the Two Player Starter Box) with special measurements for where the various component are placed.

In Showdown, pretty much everything is on the table including Magical Artefacts and hero levels, while the players have to contend with neutral monsters, Soul pits and shrines at the same time as trying to kill their opponent's hero. From the games we have played, we were definitely surprised just how many heroes are viable in this format, and look forward to hearing what players come up with on their own.

If you are interested in diving into this fun and challenging format for Judgement, we have added a downloadable PDF to the Print and Play section of our website that contains all the rules and options. Let us know what you think of the Showdown format because we definitely feel it has the potential to become a seriously fun option for Judgement players.

Download the full rules for Judgement Showdown - 1v1 Battles here!

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